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July 10, 2020

Current Day Events Hint America Already Lost The War And The Globalists Are Divvying Up The Spoils

- Globalists Are Steam-rolling Their 'New World Order' Down Our Throats Whether We Like It Or Not

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Two stories over at USA Today and CNBC published on Thursday help to illustrate a somewhat controversial theory that we'll be presenting within this story in a way that hits straight to home.

As USA Today reported Thursday, following one of the latest US Supreme Court decisions showing exactly where America is headed under 'globalism' and the alleged 'righting of historical wrongs' in the eyes of Democrats in 2020 America, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Eastern half of the state of Oklahoma is Native American land, and remains Native American territory despite Oklahoma officially joining the Union and becoming a US state on November 16th of 1907

With the case springing from the conviction of a Creek tribe member by the name of Jimcy McGirt who had been convicted in an Oklahoma court of raping a 4-year-old child on land whose ownership was in dispute in the case, the Supreme Court sided with child-rapist McGirt, a decision the state of Oklahoma warned could create "civil, criminal and regulatory turmoil."

And while that decision alone in any other year might be looked at as a 'one-off' which didn't hint of anything ahead, in 2020, a year in which Democrats are trying to erase American history while replacing it with an idea of history of their own, one could easily look at this decision as another confirming what we've long been warned of: the globalists are steam-rolling their 'new world order' down our throats whether we like it or not, tearing down historical national monuments while attempting to re-write true US history in their own demented ways.

With that US Supreme Court decision also hinting of something that may be ahead for the Clinton's and global elite on Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island, we're going to take a look right here before we continue at an eye-opening comment recently left in this ANP comment thread by reader OkyDoky who had found the comment on another website story thread and thought it worth repeating.:

Is it possible China already won this "war" and the One World Order has already been established globally, and we're just seeing it executed in the west like a slow-boiling frog to ease the transition? An idea I've been kicking around. The worlds production in many respects is now under Chinese control (goods, drug manufacturing, food, etc.). Their only downside is oil, which reports have indicated they have been hoarding in "preparation." 

The US was a major funder of WHO and sent billions of dollars to research at the Wuhan lab that allegedly is where the virus originated (I.e. cooperation in large part with China's own internal research...if we make a massive discovery, you don't think they'll just walk down the street and keep secrets like "a cure" to themselves?) 

Massive Surveillance/social scores/ramped up censorship already exists there and the screws are rapidly turning here towards a direction they've already firmly established and "Beta tested" for years/decades. Rapid movement away from physical American currency and drives towards digital currency. Current social/cultural internal revolutions seem like they take not only from Marx but Mao-ist principles. 

China owns a massive portion of our debt, and likely will be buying another hefty chunk in upcoming months, leading to an amount that is insurmountable for us to re-pay. Especially since all signs point to a massive "come to Jesus" moment with the economy showing its post-covid wear this fall after the stimulus bailouts wear out and desperation takes hold. 

Despite the rhetoric indicating otherwise, it's fascinating how closely tied/reliant on China the U.S. has become. Is this indicative that the One World Order has already been operating, but we have the illusion domestically we're still sovereign/in control of our destiny? Or is it the slow-boiling frog, where it more or less is a done deal and we're fed the idea the feel good American concept we're still "free"?

With the total warping of reality requiring insanity on a massive scale in America, if you are like Susan Duclos and I, the insanity we've been witnessing unfolding all across America in recent months has absolutely dwarfed the liberal lunacy that we'd been witnessing over the past 4 years, with leftists suffering from 'Trump derangement syndrome' nationwide ever since the 2016 election and now a major 'disconnect' in progress.

And the covid-19 'planned-demic' is also wreaking havoc upon people's mental health all across America with this story over at the US News & World Report arguing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone's mental health in ways small and large, and experts are concerned that for many, today's anxiety will become a tidal wave of mental health problems in the years ahead.

The pandemic is adding to what already was an underrecognized mental health crisis in the United States, according to Dr. Don Mordecai, national mental health and wellness lead at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif. 

Rates of anxiety and depression have steadily risen for years, as have deaths of despair related to suicide and drug overdose, he said during a HD Live! interview. 

"All those things have been going up for decades, really, and now you bring the pandemic in," Mordecai said. "It's not like we were in good shape in terms of our mental health and now it's getting worse. It's more like we were not in good shape, and then you bring in another big stressor." 

Clinical psychologist Jelena Kecmanovic also is concerned about the toll of the anxiety-provoking changes to everyday life that people are enduring. "Anxiety is exhausting and terrifying," said Kecmanovic, director of the Arlington/DC Behavior Therapy Institute in Arlington, Va. 

"If it is happening long enough, you're going to get depressed about it. You're going to get hopeless and maybe even suicidal." She expects some long-lasting emotional scars. 

"This is going to go on long enough and it's going to be traumatic enough for enough people that it's not realistic to expect we'll spring back to normal," Kecmanovic said.

Yet with tens of millions of Americans already suffering from 'Trump derangement syndrome' while leftists are actually pushing mental illness upon millions of others by their 'warping of reality' perfectly seen in both of the first two videos below from Mike Adams Brighteon channel, many of these people who are truly mentally ill are not getting the help that they need because their own belief system is being confirmed by the mainstream media and Democrat politicians.

And this utter dumbing down of America to reality can also be seen in this new story over at PJ Media which reports that according to a tweet by doctoral student Brittany Marshall, "the idea of 2+2 = 4 is cultural and because of western imperialism/colonization". And here we've long thought that 2+2 equaling 4 was a pre-grade-school math problem which had long ago been answered correctly by most children in America, going back decades and decades. From the PJ Media story.:

Marshall’s tweet brings to mind George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, where protagonist Winston is sent to “Room 101” to be convinced that two plus two equals five, not four. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four,” the defiant Winston declares. “If that is granted, all else follows.”

Winson’s point, of course, is that there is objective truth and we can only experience true freedom when we are permitted to pursue that truth, wherever it may lead. But to the woke crowd, which is flying through our institutions like a swarm of starving locusts, objective truth is oppressive, the product of evil Western imperialism. Pity the poor soul who crosses a bridge built by the anti-objective-truth crowd.

So let's think about it for a moment. With the left trying to say that 2+2 doesn't equal 4 and it's only 'white supremacy' that makes it that way, where is this all headed next in the 'post-truth age' we're now living in? Please feel free to share your thoughts on that in the comment section below.

And now we learn from this new story over at Yahoo News that twitter ceo/billionaire Jack Dorsey will be working with 14 mayors and cities across the country to fund a 'universal basic income experiment' that could provide 'free money' to over 7 million Americans.

Just the latest 'slow dive' into all-out socialism in America, what happens when that program spreads across the nation like wildfire should Joe Biden win the presidency in November, leaving even more Americans out of work but collecting 'free government paychecks' weekly or monthly, and no desire for the 'fattened up and slowly boiling frogs' to return to work!

And the rapid move away from our current 'cash system' can be seen exploding all around us as well with a nationwide coin shortage already hitting US stores which are now requiring exact change on purchases made, and that coin shortage being blamed upon covid-19 likely just the 'tip of the iceberg' with the globalists long working to bring in their cashless, mark of the beast system.

As this must-read story over at Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog recently warned, "the choice is nothing less than Freedom or Slavery. "You are talking about an all-digital system where they can turn your money off and on. For the Christian, it’s called ‘Mark of the Beast'".

How long until the US completely falls to the same kind of system now in China, where government can turn off one's ability to purchase food or travel with an all-encompassing surveillance system already unveiled there and China clearly the globalists 'role model' when it comes to unveiling tyranny here in America? From the USA Watchdog story featuring an interview with investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts.:

"They want to go to a new currency system. They want to go to a new system where 7 billion people around the planet are literally integrated into the cloud and can operate with an all-digital system that is the equivalent to a credit on the company store. It’s a control system, and if you look at what they are talking about putting into these injections or doing with them, you are basically talking about a slavery system. You are talking about integrating this into your body."

"I always tell people Bill Gates put an operating system on your computer that gave somebody a back door and made you update it constantly, and the excuse was there’s a new virus. Well, they are going to play the same game with your body. . . . You are talking about an all-digital system where they can turn your money off and on. You know what this is called if you are a Christian. It’s called ‘Mark of the Beast.’ That’s what they are trying to do here. They are trying to extend the life of the dollar . . . and hook everybody up into the cloud.” 

Fitts says the Covid-19 crisis is really more of a so-called “Plandemic.” Fitts says, “What we are seeing is a reengineering of the global financial system on the just-do-it method. We saw a lot of smart money get out of the market at the top in January and February. Then, we saw a push to use police powers in the healthcare system to shut down a huge part of the independent economy globally. So, small business and small farms shut down across the board throwing the emerging markets and many small businesses into debt traps. So, we are watching the mother of all debt entrapments going on globally, and that means we are in for a radical reengineering. That’s what we are seeing in the U.S.”

With the mainstream media and Democrat politicians in America actually 'gaslighting' all of the violence across America that we're now witnessing, with murders and violence exploding all across Democrat-run cities in America, everybody should absolutely get themselves fully prepared for 4 to 8 months of total insanity in America. Especially with an election in just months that will leave us either with 4 more years of President Trump (enough to push the rapidly maddening left completely over the cliff) or a Joe Biden (or Hillary Clinton) presidency that pushes America even further into socialism and utter madness and possibly towards civil war in the months ahead.

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