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September 1, 2019

Communist Deep State Kingpin Makes Veiled Twitter Threat Towards President Trump As Radical Leftists Push For Disarmament & A UN Takeover Of Our Southern Border 

- IMAGINE What America May Look Like Soon Should A Democrat Win In 2020!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We are sometimes asked "what might America look like should the globalists have their way?" and the Democrats win the 2020 presidential election so we'll take a look within this story at where America could be headed under Democrat rule in 2021 by looking at some important current events as well as taking a look at a recent tweet made by America-hating Communist John Brennan (shown above) while also taking a look at where other 'global nations' are now, with America waiting in the wings, via a recent comment made by an ANP troll. 

With radical Islamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar now pushing for the United Nations to come into America to handle the 'problems' at our Southern border, with such a move further diminishing our national sovereignty and giving us a look at what our southern border might look like with a Democratic president in 2021, the Democrat party has officially and completely abandoned God. And its even become 'un-American' to be a 'patriotic American' in leftists insane eyes. So we'll 1st take a look at a comment made by ANP troll 'Hans' whose comment on this August 23rd ANP story gives us a perfect look at what the Commie-Dem-globalists have in store for America should they get their way in the future. 'Hans' comment: 

"It's the so-called "Squad," however, that represents the real future. Expect to pay federal carbon taxes in ten years and have your assault weapons confiscated when those gals take over.

Actually, they represent a movement embracing most of the Millennials and newly enfranchised Muslim immigrants. Yes, you will be locked up if you violate hate speech laws and won't pay reparations. But that will be your choice. You will have been told and told. You will have been given ample time to comply with all the new laws and regulations; but despite all the warnings you will have persisted in resisting the new constitutional authority, who have more in common with Marat and Trotsky than Jefferson and Madison.

And they won't be in any mood for talk or compromise. Not with you. You've already earned your crosshairs. And well deserved, I might add. As for me, I don't want any trouble. I've already sold my assault weapons. I know what's coming. And I've learned to keep my big mouth shut as well. You righteous conservatives are going to take some very serious hits by 2030 at the latest. In for a penny, in for a pounding. Tough times for you. Live and learn, you'd think. But not you."

So, how many ANP readers are ready to follow 'Hans' and give up their so-called 'assault weapons' (Hans was clearly using his demoncratic talking points), pay reparations, follow so-called 'hate speech laws', and 'comply with new laws and regulations and Constitutional authority' as Hans insanely babbles? All we need to do is to look at Europe to see this Islamo-fascist-communist insanity playing out now where so-called 'trolls' mocking a fugitive's receding hairline picture may be charged with hate crimes according to police there. 'Truth is treason in the European empire of lies' and if Democrats have their way, that may one day be the law of the land in America. 

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In this August 29th story at The Washington Examiner that ANP reader 'NoChip4Me' linked to in our breaking news comment section this morning, they report upon some recent remarks made by 'Deep State Kingpin' John Brennan who took the time to tweet out a response to President Donald Trump about James Comey as seen in the screenshot of Brennan's tweet at the top of this story.

As the Examiner story reported, after Trump tweeted, "Perhaps never in the history of our Country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than James Comey in the just released Inspector General’s Report," Brennan responded with "Jim Comey is far more decent, ethical, honest, competent, & patriotic than [Trump] could ever hope to be" before dropping "it is only because of Attorney General William Barr and Senate Republicans you are not in a world of 'trouble & hurt'. But their 'protective cocoon' is only temporary"

While as Susan Duclos pointed out to me in talking about Brennan's tweet, Brennan has a long history of inaccurate and inflamatory tweets, his arrogance and obnoxiousness completely sicken most American patriots who've been witnessing what has been going on. And as this December of 2018 story at Modern Diplomacy pointed out, before entering the CIA back in 1980, John Brennan voted Communist in 1976. And the infiltration of US intelligence services of Commies continued.  As this August of 2018 story at the Mises Institute reported, "forget security clearance, John Brennan should be prosecuted.

And while anyone paying attention to 'real news' and not the lies and propaganda of the deep state/msm apparatus knows that it should be Brennan, Comey, and the rest of the 'deep state traitors' who are 'in a world of trouble and hurt' and who should have lost their 'protective cocoon' the very moment they themselves put Hillary Clinton, the Demoncrat party and the 'globalists' ahead of the 2016 election vote by the American people, Brennan's words are just the latest indication that should these traitors sail through unscathed and unprosecuted to help the 'demon-rats' steal the 2020 election, anyone who has supported President Trump or 'America-first' will be treated like 'enemies of the globalist state', the true 'dictatorship' that has long been looming over America

Yet with Democrats pushing for 'already tried and already failed' socialism, should Mike Adams be correct in this August 29th story titled "It’s now obvious: We are living under a lawless deep state dictatorship where treasonous criminals like James Comey will never be prosecuted", we'll totally and completely agree with the words of Thomas Jefferson who long ago allegedly stated: "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." From Mike Adams important story.:

When it comes to prosecuting these deep state dictators, we’ll believe it when we see it. It seems like these corrupt, treasonous traitors get away with everything, while anyone affiliated with Trump gets the book thrown at them for extremely minor offenses such as forgetting some small detail that qualified them for “lying to the government.”

James Comey lied to everyone. Why is he still walking around as a free man?

And if the laws of this nation don’t apply to those who wield the most power, then why should any citizen obey any law at all? We are witnessing the complete collapse of the rule of law in America, all because the power elite refuse to prosecute their own kind. Thus, we don’t have a nation of equal justice at all. What we really have is a deep state dictatorship that’s pretending to be a law-and-order republic.


And make no mistake about it. The total arrogance that we've been witnessing from Comey and Brennan is the exact same arrogance and obnoxious 'self importance' and 'above thou' attitude that we've been witnessing from much of the Demoncrat party over the past several years who somehow insanely believe themselves to be 'above the rest of us' as seen in their hatred towards President Trump, Conservatives, Christians and all of the 'deplorables' across America who Hillary Clinton was happy to speak down to.  

Yet while they call President Trump and his supporters 'Nazis', as William Stoecker had reported in this August 29th story titled "As America-Hating Democrats Make Their Final Descent Into Evil Madness, Totally Out In The Open Revealing Their True Communist Selves, Americans Better Be Prepared For What's To Come!", it's been Democrats like John Brennan, James Comey and the rest of the 'globalists' here in America who have been retracing the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany.  

As Mike Adams had also mentioned in this July 25th story, prior to the recent announcement that James Comey wouldn't be prosecuted for leaking to the media, should these 'deep state traitors' remain unprosecuted even though they attempted to overthrow the results of the 2016 election, the American people might never regain faith in our justice system and the electoral process in America.

With the completely insane comment made by Hans that we referenced at the top of this story giving Americans even more reasons to prepare to defend our families and loved ones now while we still can, should those who committed treason in attempting to take down the Presidency of President Trump walk freely into the future, as Mike Adams clearly pointed out, America as 'a nation under the rule of law' will be dead and gone and we'll officially all be living under a 'deep state dictatorship' that will bring to America much of what 'Hans' is insanely looking forward to in his comment in the first section of this story. 


With the 'deep state' targeting Donald Trump even before he became President with Barack Obama's full knowledge and approval as heard from Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, why is Barack Obama himself still walking free in America without having to be hauled in before Congress or the Justice Department to explain what took place prior to the 2016 election in his own words? As we've previously reported on ANP, none of us should be the least bit surprised about what we've been witnessing unfolding over the last several years with the demoncrat party believing themselves to be 'above the rule of law' while they go after anything and everything President Trump says or does. 

And with the increasingly more insane liberals screaming about 'white supremacy' in America being a problem but the Department of Justice confirming that 64% of all federal arrests made in 2018 were of non-US-citizens according to this August 23rd story over at the Epoch Times blowing the liberals arguments out of the water, we should be pushing back upon every report the msm does about 'white supremacy' being a threat to America while pointing out the true and lasting threats to freedom in America, Communism and Islamo-fascist-globalism. 

With some radical leftist having put out 'death camps for Trump supporters' flyers back in August as Susan Duclos had reported in this ANP story while Hollywood 'stars' are now calling for President Trump supporters there to be named and doxed, following a pattern we've seen coming from the mainstream media attempting to 'dox' Trump supporters as Susan had also reported in this June ANP story, Christians, Conservatives, and any other President Trump supporters should be fully prepared for whatever insanity unfolds ahead with 'deep state kingpin' Brennan hinting big trouble ahead should President Trump lose in 2020.  

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