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June 3, 2019

Journalism 2019: Target And Destroy Trump Supporters - Daily Beast Stalks, Harasses And Doxxes Black Trump Supporter Over Silly 'Drunk' Nancy Pelosi Viral Video


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Liberal media in the year 2019 has become nothing more than "do everything in your power to destroy President Trump and his supporters."

We have seen this pattern time and time again from the Covington Catholic students demonized and targeted for harassment and death threats by the mainstream media, because they pushed a fake news narrative that sent unhinged liberals into homicidal rages, sending the students death threats, threatening to burn them in their school, and much more.

Because of the liberal media's war against half the population in the United States, we have seen and documented violence against Trump supporters, threats, censorship, harassment, stalking and doxxing of random intenet users.

Doxxing: Search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.


Two days ago The Daily Beast headlined a piece, written by Kevin Poulson, with "We Found the Guy Behind the Viral 'Drunk Pelosi' Video."  The Daily Beast promoted it heavily on their Twitter account, as well as their editor-in-chief Noah Shachtman,pushing it more with commentary like "Shawn Brooks is a day laborer, sports blogger, and Trump superfan from the Bronx. He's currently on probation for domestic battery."

Via the report:

[Shawn] Brooks, a 34-year-old day laborer currently on probation after pleading guilty to domestic battery, claims that his “drunk” commentary on an unaltered Pelosi video had no connection to the now-infamous fake clip that premiered less than 15 minutes later. “I wasn’t the individual who created that Pelosi video,” he insisted in a telephone interview.

It’s conceivable that someone else actually edited the clip. But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics WatchDog directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account.

So, the Daily Beast has joined with the likes of CNN in determining that a silly video, slowed down to make Pelosi's normal slurred and stuttering sound even worse, was worthy of time, energy and money being spent to hunt down the man who may, or may not have created the slowed down version, because he dared share it, and Oh, yeah, he is a Donald Trump supporter.

In their piece they also admitted to harassing and stalking the man, saying they called, emailed, over and over until he finally responded.

The online liberal Twitter mob, seeing nothing wrong with a publication doxxing a private citizen, took it and ran with it, sharing information to the others in the online lynch mob, such as "A review of Brooks’ personal fan page reveals him as an avowed conservative and a proud member of Trump’s razor-thin African American support base. A couple of Brooks’ Instagram posts feature misogyny."

Another user declared "This ought to be a criminal offense.  He's so typical of the usual suspect-a knuckle-dragging trump lover.  Worst of all, every bit of subsequent reporting can't undo what's been done.  There really ought to be a law."

Others took the writer and The Daily Beast to task for targeting Brooks for harassment.

Next thing you know, the threats began against Brooks, with Twitter users such as Hokie NYC posting "Shawn Brooks .. NYC peeps. Go do your thing," as just one example.

To their credit, some other outlets, left and right, spoke up against what Poulson and The Daily Beast did, with Huffington Post and New York magazine contributor Yashar Ali tweeting "[I]t sets a really bad precedent when a private citizen, particularly someone who is working a blue collar job, has their identity publicly revealed simply because they made a video of a politician appearing to be drunk. His identity offers nothing to this story."

More via Fox News:

The Wrap media editor Jon Levine described the story as "[a] hit job on a completely private citizen ... over a joke video of Pelosi that happened to go viral."

Fox Business Network's Charlie Gasparino tweeted: "The @thedailybeast spends a lot of time telling us everything we don't need to know about the guy behind the dopey Pelosi video, which is so far from the real story of our shoot-first, facts later social media culture (see covington boys and a lot more)."

Former opinion contributor Stephen Miller mocked Poulsen's tweet about "looking for the Russian troll" behind the Pelosi video.

"[L]iterally no one thought that [Russians created the Pelosi video]," Miller tweeted. "Media using their bylines to go after and intimidate private citizens for internet videos they don’t like is literally enemy of the people s--t."

Kudos to the journalists that are speaking out against the tactics utilized by the Daily Beast and CNN.

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CNN's Brian Stelter on the other hand actually promoted the Daily Beast's story, which really isn't surprising since CNN themselves have a reputation for doxxing private citizens, as they did by stalking an elderly female Trump supporter who shared an event on Facebook that happened to be promoted by Russians. They showed up at her home, showed her actual address in their video, confronted her and accused her of being a Russian puppet.

That poor woman was harassed and threatened online and offline afterwards.

CNN also hunted down a random internet users that created a funny meme GIF that President Trump shared, showing the President body slamming a figure with the CNN logo super-imposed on the figure's head, and threatened to expose him if they didn't like his future online "behavior." That scandal ended up with a #CNN Blackmail trending hashtag.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald tore into the Daily Beast, and reporters from other liberal outlets that were defending the Daily Beast, in a series of Tweets, which is perhaps the best takedown out there over the liberal medias' growing habit of doxxing private citizens.

Drag an African-American day laborer into the spotlight and try to ruin his life because he made a trivial video about Nancy Pelosi. The only worse part is how you're celebrating yourselves like you did something brave and important. Nauseating

The justifications being offered by rank-closing journalists to justify a major media outlet having investigated, doxxed and exposed an anonymous day labourer for the crime of posting a mocking video of Nancy Pelosi are almost more repugnant than the journalistic bullying itself.

Can't believe (honestly) that journalists don't see why it's so repellent to unleash the resources of a major news outlet on an obscure, anonymous, powerless, quasi-unemployed citizen for the crime of trivially mocking the most powerful political leaders

This peasant made a full $1,000 from his irreverent video about the Speaker of the House! The NYT should partner with the Daily Beast and assign a full-time team to tail him 24 hours a day and report on all the places where he finds day labor. Democracy dies in darkness.

There are multiple instances of massive media corporations turning their huge megaphones & investigative powers onto ordinary citizens - exposing their identity, holding them up for vilification, trying to ruin their lives - because they have the wrong politics. It's power abuse.

CNN has done this twice: it investigated an anonymous Reddit user who made an anti-CNN meme & *threatened him with public exposure* if he ever spoke out again. Then a CNN reporter confronted a Florida woman on TV for unwittingly posting a "Russian FB ad"

Anyway, I would offer my heartfelt congratulations to the the super-brave, intrepid, speaking-truth-to-power journalistic warriors of the Daily Beast for finally exposing this African-American day laborer/Pelosi Facebook critic but they're so endlessly congratulating themselves.

Worse: the previously anonymous laborer whom the Daily Beast maliciously exposed - as punishment for having bad politics - denies he even committed the Thought Crime of making the Pelosi-mocking video, insisting he just posted it. Who cares? His politics are wrong: ruin his life.

Journalism principles aren't complex: go report on people, agencies and corporations that wield actual power and leave ordinary, powerless citizens alone unless they engage in serious wrongdoing. Anonymously mocking Dem politicians you revere doesn't count as serious wrongdoing.

This is the new normal for liberal media outlets. This is journalism in the year 2019.

ABOUT THAT DAILY BEAST WRITER.............................

Tom Pappert over at Big League Politics gave the Daily Beast writer, Kevin Poulson, a taste of his own medicine by reporting a bit on his own history, which included being indicted for 19 counts of conspiracy, fraud, wiretapping and money laundering, back in 1989. He was later convicted, imprisoned five years for his crimes, then banned from the internet until 2004 after convincing his probation officer to give him back his internet privileges.


The media has not gotten over the fact that they lost control of the masses and Donald Trump won the 2016 election. They have made it their mission to not only try to destroy the president, but to target his supporters for harassment and destruction. They have failed over the last three years to take down the President, so they are literally stalking, harassing and doxxing his supporters.

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