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July 16, 2019

Meet The Deranged And Crazed Leftists Protesting At Colorado Ice Facility Where Protesters Raised Mexican Flag In Place Of American Flag

(Deranged and crazed leftists protesting at ICE detention facility in CO)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When in a war, one must always know who the enemy is. Every once in a while (although it is happening more frequently lately) we run across an example of outright liberal craziness and literal derangement captured on camera.

Today is that day.......

To set the scene, citizen journalist Ashley StClair, described on her bio as a Freedom Fighter and Patriot, located in Denver Colorado, decided to show up at the Aurora, CO, ICE detention facility which recently made headlines after protesters removed the American flag and replaced it the Mexican flag, and she was confronted with a complete freak show.

StClair has been very vocal on social media over the protesters being allowed to take the American flag down and it being replaced with the Mexican flag, and she went to Aurora with her own sign, showing support for the American flag, our U.S. troops and the workers of the facility.

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The freak show that confronted her included one screeching, screaming leftist dropping so many F-bombs, like F**k the flag, F**k the troops, before she decides to continue screaming while climbing a sign pole and actually dancing on it like a stripper, another overweight man that leans into the camera to say F**k the troops, and the freakiest of them all, some guy, wearing a purple dress with gigantic fake breasts. (Seen in the image at the top of this article)

I kid you not. 

When StClair was asked by what the craziest thing she witnessed was, she responded "When the girl started pole dancing and saying ‘f**k the troops’ because you see videos of how crazy the Left can be online but seeing that in person was surreal. They truly hate America and our flag and everything it stands for."

Before moving on with this article, the short 2:20 minute video. (LANGUAGE WARNING)

About the only one shown in the clip above that appeared to have any semblance of sanity, was the guy telling the screaming Mimi "optics," apparently understanding exactly how bad the optics of her complete meltdown was and how it would reflect badly on the group as a whole.

It gets worse though because according to StClair, via her rundown of the events, elected officials were present when the American flag was removed, dragged on the ground by some masked protester, then defiled before being raised again upside down.

StClair states "As if the situation at Aurora ICE couldn’t get any worse, members of Aurora City Council were in attendance while the US flag was being replaced with the Mexico flag. These elected officials watched silently as deranged protestors disrespected our flag, troops, & law enforcement."

She also provided a set of images showing the elected officials, the person running to the flag poll to raise the Mexican flag and then an image of that flag raised on American soil at the Aurora ICE facility.



The video above, along with the backstory of protesters that have no problem expressing their hatred of America, the troops, the flag and everything good about this nation, is not an isolated incident, this is what the American radical left has become, which is why the latest dustup between President Trump and the "Squad" of four socialist American-hating, liberals in Congress, resonates with patriotic Americans.

Their talking points are the exact same as the screaming Mimi in the video above and her freakish cohorts.

Any time a free speech rally is scheduled leftists freaks like Antifa and like those shown above, show up to attack those promoting free speech, sometimes violently. 

Show support for the flag in public and one of these deranged and unhinged lunatics will confront you. Show support for our border patrol agents and you will have people screaming about how you are some sort of white supremacist. Show support for the President and some deranged fools will come attack you for it, verbally online, and physically offline.

They are trying to intimidate people like StClair and anyone else that is not willing to "self-censor" our support for America out of fear of some unhinged lunatics.


We often report on the some of the worst in humanity, but every once in a while (not as often as we should see it) we run across a different type of viral video, which shows that there is still much light within the darkness, unity, no matter the color of the skin, nor age or gender.

It isn't often when reporting on the news that we can leave readers with a huge enjoy this clip which has received over 600K views on Twitter in less than 24 hours, and many more on other platforms.

The short video below shows an acapella group breaking out in a sing-a-long of "Lean on Me" at a Nashville Chick-fil-A, where employees and customers join in too!

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