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March 12, 2020

Due To An 'Outbreak Of Stupidity' People Will Die Of Starvation Surrounded By Toilet Paper 

- People Should Think About Eating As Much As They Are About Wiping Their Butts

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While it is good to see people finally coming to the conclusion that it is a good idea to prepare and stock up on items during the outbreak of the new COVID-19 coronavirus across the globe, the items being emptied on store shelves make it very clear that it is not experienced or advanced "preppers" that are emptying the shelves, but rather panicked individuals letting fear do their "thinking" for them.

We have people fighting over toilet paper, stabbing folks over hand sanitizer, and generally  allowing fear to get the best of them, yet the images sent to us at ANP, along with the testimonials, via email and in the comment section, tell us quite a bit about what is flying off the shelves, but more importantly, what is not flying off the shelves nearly as quickly...... food.

This was a topic of discussion in the comment section here at ANP recently, as we noted the disconnect between what is being seen across the globe due to coronavirus, and the items people are choosing to stockpile while ignoring  the basic necessities critical to staying alive. 

Emergency survival food companies are severely low on stock, and that is just those that still have any left, with "unavailable" or "sold out" messages on an ever-growing list of foods, but grocery stores are not seeing that same level of shoppers preparing for an extended stay within their homes.

Except of course they are preparing for going to the bathroom, A LOT.

Long-time reader Deplorable Susie offered up an image she was sent, which perfectly captures the ridiculousness of the disconnect being seen throughout the nation.

Being the image is small and zooming in too close makes it almost impossible to read, below is the exact message:

"Due to the recent outbreak of stupidity and panic-purchasing by complete idiots, the nation is currently experiencing a shortage of toilet paper and common sense.

We expect supplies to be replenished once these sheep-minded morons have all starved to death in their homes, surrounded by toilet paper but without anything to eat.

Thank you for your patience."

With Germany estimating the 70 percent of their population will be infected, Italy expanding their shut down to almost all stores other than grocery stores, while announcing that in a 24 hour period more than 200 people have  died, and many other stories which detail exactly how serious this issue is now that we know the original estimates on how long people are contagious were way off,  we truly understand why folks are a little freaked out.

With that said, panic, despair, and fear will not keep you safe, but basic common sense will give you a good chance of 1) Not becoming infected, and: 2) Surviving the craziness of those driven by fear and panic. 

Stay home if at all possible. Order items via the mail, again if possible, then wait a few days before opening them now that we know the virus can live on certain surfaces for days, then sanitize  them before opening, toss the packaging and sanitize your hands. Stay away from groups of people. If you must leave to shop, find smaller stores with very little traffic.

The point here is people need to worry more about food and nutrients than they seem to be about wiping their butts.

Don't get me wrong, we have provided links ourselves so people can get toilet paper without having to fight the masses at the local store, but preppers never forget that they must eat to survive.

Whether it is a stock of protein powder, freeze dried foods, or since many of those are now unavailable or out of stock, canned goods, rice, beans, pasta, and just use freeze dried for things like powered butter, eggs, and milk.

Also, we have discussed this before, but for the newer readers, sprouts. In some places called a "miracle food," can provide nutrients to add to stews, soups, salads or sandwiches, and the best part about them is they can be ready in just a matter of days.

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Foods & Protein Powder: First and foremost, while we are linking to items that can be delivered, if readers know of another that costs less, please link to it in comment section. The links provided below are items that at the time of this posting are still available and the estimated delivery date is within a week.

Protein powders - More expensive from Amazon than at the grocery store, but also more of a variety to choose from and can be delivered.

Canned meats - Chicken, Vienna Sausage,  ground beef, porkSpam, fish, sardines, turkey, ham and more. All in stock as of publication of this article.

Canned  Fruits & Vegetables - While experienced preppers try not to set up a main diet of canned foods because most have a high salt content, in a jam, or an emergency situation, it does provide quick, easy-to-prepare nutrition. There are too many fruits and vegetables to link to them all separately, so here is the search results page.

Sprouting - Sprouting is very easy, whole kits are available, trays to sprout a number of different types of seeds at one time, or for some a few mason jars with a piece of cloth and a rubber band, and  BAM, days later, nutrients to add to foods.

As always readers are encouraged to share ideas, tips, news, resources and videos in the comment section below.


Many, in fact most Americans, have waited until this pandemic to get serious about "prepping," but have done little to no research on where to begin, so we are seeing hand sanitizers, toilet paper and disinfectants just fly off the shelves, while the food aisles are mostly stocked.

You can make your own hand sanitizer with some alcohol and aloe vera, and you can use a number of other products already in or around your home as toilet paper, but without the ability to feed yourself, you will die of starvation while surrounded by a ton of toilet paper.

Be safe out there people. God bless.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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