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January 28, 2015

'We Are Living On Borrowed Time' - End Of The World As We Know It Event Is 'Guaranteed' 

By Susan Duclos


Every once in a while we run across something that has slipped through the cracks, gone unnoticed, but which is critical to our very survival. The video interview below is one of those critical, perhaps even life-altering reports, where we are clearly warned that we are living on "borrowed time" and are "gurarnteed" to witness an event that will literally be the end of the world as we know it.

Below Arnie Gunderson interviews Matthew Stein, who is a MIT trained engineer and author, and who explains as succinctly as possible how the more advanced our technology becomes, also has made the world more susceptible to natural and man-made attacks, via an EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse). As Stein explains, this is not mere speculation... his assertions are backed up by documentation and historical data.

From a possible terror attack using EMP's to a natural solar event, such as the 1859 Carrington Event or the 1921 geomagnetic storm, both occurring "before extensive interconnectivity of electrical systems and the general electrical dependency across infrastructures in the developed world," it is common knowledge wthin the scientific community that this type of event, which historically speaking is guaranteed to happen again, "would likely cause widespread problems for modern civilization," and in effect "end the world as we know it."

Via the video details:

Arnie Gundersen and Mat discuss EMPs (electromagnetic pulses), and Mat explains the three different levels of EMPs, clarifying misconceptions. Arnie and Mat also explore the devastating damage such an attack would have on the world’s nuclear power plants.

From economic collapse to the possibility of a world war, many have encouraged that people prepare, stock up on survival supplies, but when we think of how much technology is dependent on the Internet on the power grids, and how easily they could be shut down in a domino effect from an EMP, it seems almost a no-brainer that people take steps to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

One of the most important points made at around the three minute mark in the interview below, is that these giant transformers, weigh roughly 100 tons each, cost approximately 10 million each, are custom built and designed, and there is a three year waiting list to just obtain ONE. In an emergency situation, some can be obtained in a year, but a solar storm will knock out as many as two to three dozen Stein explains, leaving us with the very real probability of being sent back to the dark ages for at least three years.

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