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September 7, 2021

Escape From The Cities While You Still Can!! Another Liberal Hellhole Shows Once Again Why Americans Need To Get Out Of Urban Cities  

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have seen the images, the reports and documented the conditions in places like San Francisco California, where drugs and homelessness are a a critical problem, with needles and actual piles of feces on the streets.

Both the Mayor of San Fran. London Breed, and the Governor of California Gavin Newsom, are liberal Democrats. 

Chicago, Illinois, dozens of shootings each week, many of the victims children in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Lori Lightfoot is the Mayor of Chicago, and  J. B. Pritzker the Governor of Illinois, both Democrats.

Baltimore, Maryland, Indianapolis, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Stockton, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Missouri, Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Maryland, Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, all listed as the top ten dangerous cities in America. 

Every single on of the states listed as the most dangerous, have Democrats as Mayors, and almost all of them have Democrats as Governors.

Today we are going to focus on yet another liberal hellhole, where drugs use is rampant and videos taken and published over the last months, especially the last week, and looks like the set of The Walking Dead.   

We are going to highlight Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave, where drugs are openly taken and sold, the streets are littered with all types of garbage and needles, and the people are so high on heroine they can barely stand up in some of the scenes.

I am only going to post a couple of the videos to prove my point, but the YouTube channel SBC News has dozens more going back months as does the channel that belongs to KimGary.

We'll get into the reasons large urban cities run by liberal mayors have become something seen in nightmares, and more importantly, why they continue to stay that way.

First, the proof and while we are not fans of trigger warnings we do feel the need to offer a warning on how very sad, upsetting and inexcusable it is to allow this to continue and it has been a problem for over a decade as can be seen from reports dating back to at least 2011 about the very street shown below in September 2021.

Please understand, we are in no way making fun of, nor mocking the people in these videos. Rather we showing them to clearly demonstrate how liberals leaders spend a fortune on welfare, healthcare for illegal aliens, and many other items on their liberal agendas, yet they cannot manage to help the people shown below.

The videos below was uploaded on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

Heartbreaking, and I didn't even choose the worst of them.

For the record, both the mayor of Philadelphia and the Governor of Pennsylvania are liberal Democrats. 

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In a 2011 Daily Beast story that was updated in 2017, we see that Kensington Avenue has along history of existing "outside the law."

It’s the hottest night of the summer, and on Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue, underneath the elevated train tracks at Somerset Street, mills a crowd of addicts nearly 100 strong, the biggest ever to flock to this well-known drug corner. The city’s unrelenting heat wave has left them worse for wear, their exposed skin coated in a glaze of sweat, their tank tops and shorts smeared with street grime. These self-described “low-bottom dope fiends” haven’t bathed recently, and many have been “running and gunning” around the clock for days, selling needles and prescription pills, or prostituting on the Avenue to hustle up enough money for another bag of heroin.

“Ever since the strangler,” addict Will Sims says, “we do everything out in the open and the cops are cool with it.” Several other addicts out here concur: The reason for all the bustle is that Kensington Avenue has become a drug-bust-free zone.

August 18, 2021, the same street, in the same city and state, continues to deteriorate, while the media and the city leaders claim they are cleaning it up.  

BillyPen headlines with "‘There still is no answer’: Philly cracks down on Kensington encampments again as homelessness crisis intensifies." Sub-header: "Many have been pushing Mayor Kenney’s administration to fix the untenable living conditions in the neighborhood."

Now, look at the date of that article, the 18th of August and the date of the video above, September 7, 2021, and we see that their "clean up" job, hasn't worked at all.


Well lets look at some of the policies in Philadelphia.

It is a "sanctuary city," where illegal aliens are welcome and social services offer free stuff, welfare, healthcare, food stamps, etc....

According to a 2010 study, illegal aliens cost Pennsylvania taxpayers "about $1.3 billion per year. That burden would increase if the taxpayer's share of their federal taxes that go for programs used by illegal aliens were included."

In 2017 it was reported by Pew that Philadelphia alone had approximately 50,000 illegal aliens.

Forget all the other social service "free stuff," provided by the city of Philly, and just imagine how many of the approximately 100-200 regular "residents" of Kensington Avenue, could be helped with rehab, a place to live, medical services and the cleanup of the entire area with that $1.3 billion per year.


Not everyone can afford to just pick up and move, we do understand that, so those living in or near urban cities like all those mentioned above, may not have the option of escaping the hellholes that urban cities are becoming, but for those that do have the means and desire.... now would be a good time.

These places are guaranteed to devolve and see these problems spread if disaster hits. 

For those that cannot get out, they can at the very least arm themselves with whatever weapon they are comfortable with, bats, tasers, guns, etc.... 

With the country rapidly heading towards civil war, personal defense should be high on the priority list.

The bottom line here is that the last place you want to be when all everything explodes, is where a lot of other people are, and you definitely do not want to be near any liberal hellhole.

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