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December 29, 2015

Experts Warn Of Doomsday And The End Of Humanity


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

"Are we fully in control of our technology?"

That is the question asked in a Washington Post article titled "The A.I Anxiety," where the writer Joel Achenbach covers the wide range of opinions, including some of the most brilliant minds alive today who are worried about "runaway arificial intelligence, and killer robots, and the possibility of a technological doomsday."

We live in an age in which machine intelligence has become a part of daily life. Computers fly planes and soon will drive cars. Computer algorithms anticipate our needs and decide which advertisements to show us. Machines create news stories without human intervention. Machines can recognize your face in a crowd.

New technologies — including genetic engineering and nanotechnology — are cascading upon one another and converging. We don’t know how this will play out. But some of the most serious thinkers on Earth worry about potential hazards — and wonder whether we remain fully in control of our inventions.

With stories about the "chatbox revolution where AI bots are replacing human interaction and countries developing killer combat robots," the warnings of some of experts that see the dangers of AI technology and warn it could mean the end of humanity, should be taken very seriously.

As Business Insider reported in May 2015, Elon Musk compared AI (Artificial Intelligence) to "summoning the demon," while Stephen Hawking said that theoretically AI could "end humanity.


Via the Wapo article quoted and linked to above:

In April 2014, 33 people gathered in Tegmark’s home to discuss existential threats from technology. They decided to form the Future of Life Institute. It would have no paid staff members. Tegmark persuaded numerous luminaries in worlds of science, technology and entertainment to add their names to the cause. Skype founder Jaan Tallinn signed on as a co-founder. Actors Morgan Freeman and Alan Alda joined the governing board.

Tegmark put together an op-ed about the potential dangers of machine intelligence, lining up three illustrious co-authors: Nobel laureate physicist Frank Wilczek, artificial intelligence researcher Stuart Russell, and the biggest name in science, Stephen Hawking. Hawking’s fame is like the midday sun washing out every other star in the sky, and Tegmark knew that the op-ed would be viewed as an oracular pronouncement from the physicist.

The piece, which ran in the Huffington Post and in the Independent in Britain, was a brief, breezy tract that included a tutorial on the idea of the Singularity and a dismayed conclusion that experts weren’t taking the threat of runaway A.I. seriously. A.I., the authors wrote, is “potentially the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity.” 

We see quotes like that and are reminded of recent reports showing that a robot killed a factory worker at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, which was downplayed as an accident in the MSM, or how an Artificial Intelligence machines informed a programmer trying to gauge it's reactions that it wasn't "in the mood for a philosophical debate" when quizzed on morality and ethics."

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“What we’re doing every day today is producing super stupid entities that make mistakes,” argues Boris Katz, another artificial intelligence researcher at MIT.

“Machines are dangerous because we are giving them too much power, and we give them power to act in response to sensory input. But these rules are not fully thought through, and then sometimes the machine will act in the wrong way,” he said.

In researching this article I ran across two Quayle alerts, pointing out the "terminator" theme in the headlines lately.

Why is the US Government and Military and other major world super powers to include NATO pushing this killer robot army plan???

WTF? Did no one else catch the SKYNET reference to this??? There's a huge terror threat, the government's ultra secret weapons development group creates a program that can track down "POTENTIAL THREATS" TO THE GRID!!!!???? Somebody please play the Terminator people not understand that an AI system will be created to try and stop an EMP style attack or Cyber attack, and that it will take freaking EMP or Cyber attack to stop this very same DARPA designed human hunter killer "program" that was supposed to save us in the beginning??? Don't believe me? Then why is the US Government and Military and other major world super powers to include NATO pushing this killer robot army plan??? Wake the hell up America..oh and by the way, it's gonna take alot more than 5.56 to stop these things.

Also terminator salvation the movie shows the peak war with robots in 2018. Is anybody catching the timeframe in all this, including real life projections of 2016 economic turmoil and ww3?

This is a response to most recent alert on terminator. I have this video which I filmed of an over the top clip which pops up in the credits of call of duty black ops 2, which shows America completing collapsing and has absolute no correlation to the story line and plot of this actual game. Black ops 2 takes place in 2025 and you are fighting almost all robots and highly advanced armed drones in an absolute terminator nightmare with a world population of 2 billion, both of which are on point with with the deagle forecast and the military reports of how by 2020-2025 the military will be comprised of 90-95% autonomous weaponry. This takes place after call of duty ghosts which takes place in 2023 and shows our rods of god-space based tactical kinetic nuclear weapons being hijacked by "the federation" and used against us, absolutely obliterating America and paving the way for full invasion through the southern border and space firefights to reclaim our hijacked weapons--the first level in this game is titled "brave new world" too, just ridiculous. Just thought I'd point this out since call of duty is the ultimate kick in the groin of the elite showing you there sick plans and showing us there wet dreams about where they actually plan on there technology being in a decade based off current progress. So I encourage everyone to play call of duty black ops 2 for a true view of what the future holds, nothing short of pure terminator. Also terminator salvation the movie shows the peak war with robots in 2018. Is anybody catching the timeframe in all this, including real life projections of 2016 economic turmoil and ww3? 2015-2025 is undoubtedly the decade of our demise.

Whether movie scripts and video games are programming people to expect and accept the increasing power of Artificial Intelligence, or whether the writers and creators "see" the patterns and are projecting their fears onto the big screen or game screen, doesn't really matter, as the top minds, the smartest researchers and scientists today are warning us of the dangers, yet the technology is moving forward despite the fact that the said technology could literally end the human race.

Researchers are risking the end of all life as we know it with their experimentation and creation of AI that could, and quite possibly might, turn against the very people that created it.

Via the video details:

In INHUMAN KIND, Motherboard gains exclusive access to a small fleet of US Army bomb disposal robots—the same platforms the military has weaponized—and to a pair of DARPA’s six-foot-tall bipedal humanoid robots. We also meet Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, renowned physicist Max Tegmark, and others who grapple with the specter of artificial intelligence, killer robots, and a technological precedent forged in the atomic age. It’s a story about the evolving relationship between humans and robots, and what AI in machines bodes for the future of war and the human race.


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