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December 11, 2015

'Total Confrontation' Promised In 2016 As Mile-Long Military Train Videotaped In Texas! The Trend Is Towards 'Weird And Creepy' As Americans And Government Prepare For Something Huge To Happen!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

All News Pipeline was recently sent a video by Suzanne, an ANP reader who told us she lives right by railroad tracks in San Marcos, Texas and always notices when things become 'abnormal'. Telling us that "normally, 1 mile of tanks and military assault vehicles DO NOT pass by their house", she also tells us the trend lately is towards 'weird and creepy'. You can see this massive mile long military train heading north near the I-35 corridor in the 1st video below. 

One 'very weird and creepy' event going on right now is the Obama administrations attempts to block an Iraqi Nun from describing Christian persecution in Iraq. Why would Obama attempt to block TRUE history from being reported? With mass attempts being made right now by the establishment to 'rewrite history', we have to ask if we have suddenly reached a point in time when only a military coup of Barack Obama will be able to save Christians across the world from genocide while rescuing the US Constitution and America from complete destruction? In the final video below, we see the Islamic State's latest video 'end of the world' video warning to infidels.


With a group in Washington DC who obviously hate America and Americans and the growing possibility that the 2016 election may be cancelled as long as they believe Donald Trump will be the winner, we see things getting more and more strange every day with Facebook both attempting to change history while also PROVING that some Syrian refugees are BRUTAL AND BARBARIC MURDERERS who SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED into this country or any 'civilized' Western nations under ANY conditions at all as seen in the photo at the bottom of this story.

Despite the fact that Muslims holding signs advocating the deaths of those who insult Islam DID HAPPEN in 2006 in London, England as seen in the photograph below, the apparently genocide-supporting Facebook is attempting to change history by censoring a Facebook post by Michael Savage with this exact same image. Calling it a 'violation of Facebook's community standards" (despite the fact that this event DID HAPPEN), we see more clearly every day that there are millions of terroristic Muslims all across the world who will stop at nothing to get an 'Islamic state' including the barbaric murdering of Christians and Jews.

Facebook has not explained why it deleted the post, but it provided a link to its “Community Standards” page, which lists “hate speech” as one of its prohibitions, along with “violence and graphic content,” and nudity.

Messages in placards held up by the London demonstrators included “Behead those who insult Islam,” “Freedom go to hell,” “Europe. Take some lessons from 9/11″ and “Be prepared for the real Holocaust.”

The Facebook post on Savage’s page included text from an email that has circulated for many years:

Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Muslims?! You need to forward this one to everyone! These pictures tell it all! Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they take over! These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American Newspapers – WHY?! They were forwarded by a Canadian friend who thought ALL Americans ought to know!

The question is whether the Facebook violation was because of the hate speech exhibited by the Muslim protesters in the photographs or because of the act of posting the photographs and the text.

Savage suspects it was the latter.


When did it become ok for anyone to legally advocate the chopping off of heads and for such advocation to NOT be considered 'hate speech' while REPORTING upon this obvious HATRED became unacceptable?

We have to ask Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg WHY he is suddenly attempting to change history and, in so doing, playing advocate for the millions of terroristic Muslims spread throughout the globe who will stop at nothing to get an 'Islamic state' while spreading hatred of Christians and Jews everywhere they go?

In light of today's announcement that ISIS may have obtained a passport printing machine and blank passports allowing Islamic terrorists an even greater opportunity to get into the country undiscovered, we see more proof to us that there is a globalist agenda bent towards genocide for whites, Christians and Jews. The photograph at the bottom of this story, also sent to ANP showing a Facebook post screenshot, helps to show things much more clearly - ISIS is here in the West and they will stop at nothing to kill Christians and Jews.

When will this administration stand up and denounce this Muslim drive towards genocide? Staying silent on this matter is simply advocating their deeds. Why did Obama SHUT DOWN a DHS investigation that may have prevented the San Bernardino massacre? Allegedly this investigation was shut down so the govt wouldn't appear to be 'racist'. In other words, we now have more proof 14 innocent Americans may have died due to 'political correctness'. Will the US Military put up with Christians being slaughtered across the world and a president who is clearly working towards destroying America? Is a military coup of Obama now in the works?

We know for a fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government, obviously with the approval of the 'commander in chief'; is America only a year away from being completely overthrown by an Islamic caliphate which has promised to raise the Islamic State flag above the White House and murder Christians and Jews?


The Islamic State has promised 'total confrontation' in 2016 and onwards, the last step away from their 7 phase plan to take over the entire world in the end phase they call "Victory and Global Islamization". This way of thinking is expressed well in the words of one Muslim college professor and Imam in Tennessee who says Christians are 'evil' and Muslims can legally take away their property. How can a Muslim Imam legally preach rape, theft and murder in America and get away with it? You can see for yourself in the 3rd video below.

While there may be many in Washington DC who approve of such a plan and sentiment, there are obviously plenty of Americans who don't and history has proven Americans won't allow themselves to be terrorized, even if from within.
With 300 million guns in America ready to take on ISIS terrorists and their plans for 'global Islamization', we see that 2016 could be the year it all falls apart, or it could be a year that the US military and the American people finally says 'enough is enough' and put a stop to this madness before this madness puts a stop to America.

In the 2nd video below we hear from Clare M. Lopez who is the VP for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and she tells us all about the links between Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood and their plan to overthrow America and their connection to Barack Obama. We also learn here that the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the US government runs very deep thanks to Mr. Obama. In the final video we see ISIS' threats to Christians and Jews in their latest 'end of the world' video. 

An Explanatory Memorandum explains that the Muslim Brotherhood-organized “Islamic Movement” in the US is a “settlement process” to establish itself in the United States and, once entrenched, to undertake a “grand jihad” characterized as a “civilization jihadist” mission under Muslim Brotherhood directionThe Muslim Brotherhood is relying on non-Muslims in America to aid it, usually inadvertently, to destroy America from within.


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