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May 10, 2020

Ominous Signs This Pandemic Is The 'New 9/11' We've Long Been Warned Was Coming To America To Usher In The Globalists End Game

- Does Anyone Believe These Devils Wouldn't Plan Something Like This Out For Their Gain?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While on Saturday in this ANP story calling for the 're-opening of America', US Navy Veteran John C. Velisek wrote covid-19 "could not have been foreseen", as one ANP reader pointed out to us in a thought provoking email this morning, there were actually many signs that 'they' were planning for this 'event' for several years.

With Congress wasting no time to turn this mess into an opportunity to create America's new medical gestapo while re-opened US businesses and offices will look something like China's 'social credit systems', where every move of US workers will be watched as the Wall Street Journal pointed out in this new story, as R.X. Kendrick pointed out in this May 9th ANP story, the globalists 'brave new world' is now coming into sharp, clear focus.

As Susan Duclos had mentioned in this May 5th ANP story, there are so many oddities and bizarre things surrounding this 'virus' and with a seemingly endless list of symptoms that could make a person simply suffering a sneezing attack or a cough make themselves or those around them believe they had been struck by covid-19, millions of Americans are being transformed into hypochondriacs.

So we'll be taking a look within this ANP story at some of the latest 'oddities' surrounding this 'pandemic', including what may be a new disease outbreak happening now in Hong Kong where people are becoming ill with rat hepatitis for the 1st time ever and doctors have no idea how, but first, no one can argue that this pandemic ISN'T being used to bring in tyranny and a notched up 'surveillance state' to America. From this Wall Street Journal story titled "Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move Will Be Watched."

Many Americans heading back to the factory and the office as the coronavirus pandemic eases will soon begin to notice that their every move is being watched or recorded. 

In Midtown Manhattan, thermal cameras will measure body temperatures as employees file into a 32-story office tower at Rockefeller Center. The building’s owner, RXR Realty, said it is also developing a mobile app for tenants to monitor—and score—how closely their workers are complying with social distancing. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said it is preparing to launch this month a phone app for employers that traces contacts by analyzing workers’ interactions in the office. More than 50 clients have expressed interest, including some of the nation’s biggest banks, manufacturers and energy companies.

Many office workers have become used to widespread security cameras and keycards that register entries and exits. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, buildings installed enhanced security measures, including logging in visitors and X-raying briefcases. 

The arrival of Covid-19 is taking surveillance to a higher level, with some employers planning to track movements and gather personal information like never before in Western democracies. It marks a new chapter in the debate over privacy, and the trade-offs people are willing to make for safety. 

Some companies now see the measures as perhaps the only way to reopen offices without risking a spike in infections, at least until a vaccine becomes available. Building owners said the systems—similar to measures used in China that helped slow the spread of the virus—promote health and safety, so that employers can better monitor and enforce separation between workers, and quickly determine which employees could have come in contact with an infected colleague. 

The pandemic’s “consequences are far-reaching, and it is going to change the way all these places work,” said Amol Sarva, chief executive of flexible-office company Knotel, which is adding features to its app that would allow its customers to track the movements of employees. “When you design a workplace, it’s no longer going to be like ‘Hey, is it cool and fun for my people?’ A major criterion is going to be: ‘Is this place safe and resilient?’ ”

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Before we continue with some  new oddities surrounding this 'event', let's take a look at a recent comment thread from this ANP story written by John Velisek. As ANP reader 'Mune Shadowe' pointed out, "Can you imagine if a real pandemic hit? If they tried to get people to listen they will not and it will be their fault that they started this mess." While we've never argued in our stories that this isn't a 'real pandemic', and the signs we'll explore more below point more to this being a 'planned-demic', as the responses to 'Mune Shadowe' pointed out, maybe something even more sinister is going on.

First was this comment from 'Peace2u': "Maybe that is the plan - Put out a fake or somewhat weak virus, use a hard hand so people get it in an uproar, refuse to listen (fake news/fake virus BS) and then let loose the real killer virus".

Then 'Patricat' responded to 'Peace2u': "I have heard several people theorize that. Or that the virus is the 1st half of a binary agent, and the vaccine is the 2nd half that puts the kill in to everyone who got exposed to the virus. Maybe that is why they are so adamant that everyone gets vaccinated."

In fact, as we had pointed out within this January 27th ANP story, all of the 'oddities' surrounding what we knew about this virus even back then led us to ask if more than one 'bioweapon' had been unleashed upon the world, one much more deadly and contagious than the other, in order for the globalists to throw doctors and medical workers off track.

As Jon Rappoport recently argued in this story titled "Lockdowns: looks like an op, smells like an op, walks six feet apart like an op", "we don’t need Rahm Emanuel to tell us a crisis shouldn’t go to waste. It’s a strategy that probably got off the ground a hundred thousand years ago. The other half of it is, create the crisis to begin with. Then don’t waste it." From Rappoport's story

The Bill Gates plan involves a mother of all vaccines for COVID, mandated across the globe, before the lockdowns end. That’s his psychopathic wet dream. Then, coming in behind that, his lackey, the World Health Organization, along with the professional liars at the CDC, will add—“we must mandate EVERY vaccine…”

To pull off a mandated global vaccine for eight billion people takes a manufactured crisis. Fake virus plus real lockdown is the crisis. You don’t think that one up overnight. You plan. You drill, and you organize. You put all your ducks in a row. You prepare, in order to become Stalin and Mao.

Then somebody has to break the ice.

With China and their push for a global government with them at the helm having 'broken the ice' that Rappoport warned of of and democrats/globalists/traitors here in America wasting no time to 'go with the flow', the goals of this latest globalist crisis can be seen in the results we're now witnessing. With America and much of the world 'locked down' and a full-blown economic crisis about to 'finish the job' that the pandemic started, as Jon Watkins reminded us in this recent story, the globalists also have a 'depopulation agenda' so this 'planned-demic' is allowing them to 'kill two birds with one stone'.

And with any attempts to 'mandate' vaccines sure to bring 'massive resistance' with potentially millions of Americans preferring NOT to be 'human guinea pigs' for a vaccine that would likely never work anyways, we should all continue to watch the 'heavy handedness' with which these devils push this vaccine, especially with Congress now pushing to pass a bill to allow government to 'mass test' Americans for covid-19 all across the country, even within their own homes.

With face masks are now the hip new fashion trend across America with most states now requiring them to enter stores and other public locations, this recent story over at KWQC throws a huge monkey wrench into the globalists arguments of just how 'mandatory' and 'important' masks are. Reporting that law enforcement in Illinois and shop owners are now asking customers to 'tip their masks' as a gesture of good faith upon entering stores, what good are masks if people are 'tipping them'? As Jon Watkins had also pointed out in this recent story, the real reason they want people to “tip their masks” is because they are messing up the globalists preferred surveillance system, their facial recognition cameras!!

So while Susan Duclos and I will continue our 'healthy quarantine' away from the masses and most of civilization up here in the mountains where we absolutely prefer to be, there are far too many oddities surrounding this pandemic that hint this 'op', that smells like an 'op', really is an 'op', to ignore. Especially with folks like Joe Biden arguing it's time to 'use' coronavirus to 'fundamentally transform America'

In the 1st video below, Mike Adams argues that it's time to 'end the lockdowns' while 'launching the takedowns' while in the 2nd video below, Adams shares with us all of the shocking similarities between what we're watching now unfolding with covid-19 and the attacks upon America on 9/11. So is Covid-19 the 'new 9/11' we've long been warned of? This 'crisis' is definitely an 'opportunity' to bring in the globalists end game and one could argue we're now watching that unfolding. 

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