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December 1, 2020

Follow The Science: White Liberals Show Highest Levels Of Diagnosed Mental Illness - This Is Why So Many Of Their Policy Beliefs And Political Stances Are So Insane

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Have you ever listened to an argument by a liberal and thought "This makes absolutely no sense at all?" Or even "That is the most insane argument I have ever heard in my entire life?"

There is a good reason for that and it isn't partisanship. It is because the more liberal a person identifies as, the more percentage of which has been diagnosed as having a mental health condition.

One refrain constantly heard from liberals is to "follow the science," so, lets do just that below.

According to a 2020 study by the Pew Research Organization, white liberals show a significantly higher rate of diagnosed mental illness than any other racial subgroup.

In the chart below we see that when respondents were asked if "a doctor or other healthcare provider EVER told you that you have a mental health condition," those self-identified as "very liberal" whites were told more than 2 1/2 times as much as those identified as "very conservative" whites, that yes, they had a mental health condition.

This study is not an outlier as we have seen multiple studies, showing that liberals are more likely to show traits associated with “psychoticism,” than conservatives are.

While Pew Research claims the "non-partisan' mantle, they often skew a little left of center, so their study is actually more damning for liberals than the previous studies.

Another point before moving along is that those numbers represent only those that have been diagnosed by a mental health professional, without accounting for those that have never gone to a mental health care worker, so the numbers would in all probability be much higher.

An entire thread with many more graphs in can be found at Thread Reader.

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An example: The argument that men should be allowed into women's restrooms and vice versa because that day they happened to "identify" as the opposite gender.


How about liberals' assertions that there are dozens and dozens of genders and the genitalia a child is born with doesn't determine their gender.

Bat-crap Crazy!

How about the liberal policies in the areas of the country determined to be the most liberal, and how those areas are riddled with homelessness, needles and feces on the streets, businesses closed and boarded up because those liberal policies have nearly bankrupt the entire state.


How about the liberal leaders that simply turn portions of their town over to Antifa groups to burn, vandalize, destroy and terrorize the citizens (Yes, looking at you Portland, Oregon!).


How about the hard leftward lurch towards socialism and communism by liberals, after decades of America fighting against both.


How about the push for free healthcare for all and free college, not able to connect to the actual fact that someone must pay, which means taxpayers would have to suffer the debt of both healthcare and college on behalf of others.


How about how according to liberals the death penalty is inhumane, but murdering an innocent child in the womb is someone a righteous "choice."

Bat-crap Insane!

Need I go on? I mean, the thesaurus has at least 50 different words to describe crazy.

Didn't think so....ok, moving along.

Other studies have shown that liberal men are much weaker physically than conservative men, and liberal women are far crazier than even liberal men.

The Federalist Papers offers a few more examples:

It explains why so many on the left live in a fantasy world that has 66, or 71 — or who knows at this point — different genders.

It explains why so many liberals can watch cities being burned, looted and destroyed and call it “peaceful protesting.”

It explains why so many BLM, or Antifa rallies are made up primarily of white liberals looking for some way to make up for their “guilt” for the color of their skin.

It’s why we see anguished white liberals crying on TV about their “privilege” and demanding that other white people get kneecapped so “people of color” might have a chance.

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Knowing that liberalism is far more likely to be accompanied by a mental health condition than any other subgroup, does bring more light to how liberals and Democrats are reacting to present days news, in comparison to how all others are.

COVID-19: Democrats are nearly twice as likely to fear the pandemic, despite the fact that the actual death rate is far less than initially thought.

Via The Hill:

Asked about the best possible strategy for dealing with the virus, Republicans were more likely to favor reopening businesses and "learn[ing] to live with the virus." Democrats, however, were more likely to choose "close down a little more since the virus has gotten worse."

That right there says more than enough about the differences in the way conservatives and liberals think.

Note: Please note how I used liberals and conservatives rather than Democrats and Republicans, because there are a few RINO (Republican In Name Only), acting just as crazed over COVID-19 as Democrats, and those RINO's lean further to the left than the majority of Republicans.

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Back to the point: Liberals are more than willing to completely destroy the economy by shutting down businesses and schools, which didn't work the first time because common sense should have told them to expect exactly what happened.

The closed their towns. The destroyed their economies by doing so. The started to reopen, and cases rose again.

That was always going to happen, unless they plan to lock everyone in their homes permanently, every single time they reopen again, with a completely destroyed economy, the virus is going to rise.

Another recent news event also shows that not only is it a mental health issue, but that liberals are also major hypocrites.

• CA Governor bans restaurant dining with large groups, then goes out to eat with a group of people.

• Denver Mayor tells people to not travel to see family on Thanksgiving, then an hour later hops on a plane to travel to see his family for Thanksgiving.

• L.A. County Supervisor votes to ban outdoor dining at L.A. County’s 31,000 restaurants over COVID-19 safety concerns, and a few hours later, goes out and dines at an outdoor restaurant.

The point here is we can look at almost any breaking news story and see arguments for both sides and look for the craziest take and dig deep and we will find it is a liberal position.


Liberals are huge to scream "follow the science," so we are.

According to science, liberalism is, indeed, a mental disorder., and radical liberals should be treated accordingly.

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