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November 7, 2015

Total War Against All Alternative Media Now Underway - Imagine The Day When All Truth Has Been Blown Away, Along With The Voices You Listened To, Then What Will You Do?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Alternative News sites tried to warn people that Internet Free Speech was almost gone..... Drudge warned it was going to get "really ugly, really fast" in a rare Interview on Alex Jones... we have all shouted the warnings, but how many truly listened? How many thought "they are all exaggerating?"

We weren't and it is happening now.


Well folks, we are going to talk about a man named Dana Durnford. Mr. Durnford was a commercial diver in Canada for most his life, until a tragic accident left him in a wheelchair, but his love of the ocean never died, and when the overwhelming evidence started being seen of how the ocean was literally dying after the great Earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused multiple meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, Durnford became a Fukushima Warrior.

Durnford started with some videos, talking about the death and destruction being seen of sealife in the Pacific, created a blog where he documents 61 pages of articles proving this damage from 2011 to 2015. YouTube live events commenced nightly and then croed-funded expeditions where he photographed the proof of his assertions to counter the "official" narrative.

In that time Durnford had been hacked countless times, harassed for exposing the cover-up by the powers that be in Canada, had his life threatened, and now, finally, arrested and charged with two counts of criminal harassment.

In his Thursday video (seen below), Mr. Durnford defended his attacks on scientists claiming there are low radiation readings in the Pacific and waving away the proof that sealife is suffering mass death events from it, stating “All I’m doing is exposing people for committing crimes. … How is it bad to even call these people evil?” he asked.

In his statement seen below, Durnford explains what has happened, but since he found that YouTube deleted the majority of his video evidence and there is no guarantee his latest will not be censored as well, the first video is a remix from MsMilky, then Dana's original one is below that, where he states "“You can find my presentations … on YouTube. What is left of them. The night before, I was arrested and the next morning, yesterday morning, I was in court and I was charged with criminal harassment of nuclear industry PR people,” he said. “And one of those was from Woods Hole and the other one was from UVic, British Columbia, Canada.”

Durnford also explains that after being released from jail, he came home to find not only dozens of his videos had been removed, but that YouTube listed him with 4 strikes, meaning he could no longer do live events as well as placing other limitations on him. For those unaware, YouTube is owned by Google.

Article continues below the videos.

Others that have joined Mr. Durnford in his relentless exposing of the Fukushima disaster and nuclear apologists covering-up the severe damage done to the Pacific Ocean, are taking up his defense as shown in RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation's Facebook post:

ALERT ALL ACTIVISTS: Dana Durnford arrested & jailed for speaking out about ‪#‎Fukushima‬ ‪#‎nuclear‬ ‪#‎crimes‬ & the crybaby govt scientists promoting garbage bs rad data about Pacific contamination. I will have much more to say about this soon. I am working with Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret about finding him legal representation. Here is Dana in his own words explaining what happened.

He is NOT the only activist being harassed. One of the West Lake activists had 3 guys with baseball bats smash in her car 2 weeks ago. "They" love messing with cars. Think of Karen Silkwood, Ann Harris, and Mary Osbourne from TMI. I know of current Fuku people who have been run off the road and messed with in other ways. My own family has been harassed for 4 years now. [Redacted by ANP]

The nuclear industry is running scared. The jig is up, we know your game, and YOU will pay dearly, not us, if good really does prevail over evil.

I will have MUCH MORE to share soon.

For those of you who don't know who Dana Durnford is, here is his website. HE spent more than 8 months travelling by boat up and down the BC coast documenting the death of marine life in tide pools. He worked for 25+ years as a professional diver in BC before he was disabled in a work accident. He is well qualified to speak on these issues. Unfortunately many of his videos were archived/taken down as directed by the courts until the case is settled.

For more on media bans in Canada here is some info:…/ACC-3%20-%20Bans%20on%20…

Via SpiderBomb:

Dana’s due in court on 18th November. His legal defence will be crowd-funded. It looks set to become an interesting court case. Dana won’t have much difficulty proving that the apologists lie everytime they open their mouths. However, the charge is criminal harassment, of which he will probably be found guilty, because in his YouTube videos Dana does often ‘lose it’ (you can find an example here). [ANP ALERT- MAJOR LANGUAGE WARNING AT LINK] I suppose that Dana has to prove that his rants against the nuclear apologists are justified in light of what’s happening to the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the most interesting part of it all will be how much coverage the media will give to the trial. Not one single news organisation gave any coverage to The Expedition for Life.



Canada, where Mr. Durnford was arrested, is one of the nations that signed on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to which according to Expose the TPP before its passage, stated "Our domestic policies would be required to comply with the TPP rules."

Proof of how TPP regulations, which have officially now been released to the people, AFTER it was signed and consists of more than two millions words and is three times the size as the King James Bible, does indeed nullify the U.S. Constitution as well as other nation's domestic laws, is shown clearly by the Canadian's own constitution which states the following:


Granted Durnford's commentaries are often laced with foul language as he lets his anger loose when trolls continue to harass him, never once countering his documentation and thousands of photographs proving his points, but his point about nuclear corporations and the cover-ups, with the full complicity of the mainstream media are still valid.

According to The Globe And Mail, "Court records show he was charged under Section 264 of the Canadian Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to engage in conduct that causes someone to fear for their safety." They preface this with a statement Mr. Durnford had made prior to his arrest, implying the charges stem from it, where he said "“Now, if Jay Cullen was getting death threats, you know I’d be in jail, most likely, and so would a lot of other people. Yep. And so come get me. I’m right here."

Perhaps not the smartest challenge to throw down, because they did.


This should be disturbing to anyone that understands the MSM is nothing more than a mouth piece for Washington and that anyone that does not comply with the "official narrative," anyone that asks questions they think the MSM deliberately does not, anyone that exposes corruption by large corporations or the government etc... will be targeted, shutdown, silenced and purged, leaving the general public with nothing more than Washington propaganda.

There but for the grace of God go I.

Thank you to ANP commenter Earth Aid Concert aka Thor for bringing this to our attention on Friday and to S for headline help.



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