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September 15, 2014

Gerald Celente: The "Tipping Point" - Never Been "More Concerned" As He Is Now!

By Susan Duclos

Trends Journal and the new Trends Monthly publisher, Gerald Celente joins Sinclair Noe on Money Radio for a fast paced wide ranging interview where Celente, who has been forecasting trends with amazing accuracy for 35 years, talks about America's "tipping point" using past trends to predict future events.  Celente starts off stating "I've never been more concerned" as he is now at what he is seeing domestically and globally, from geopolitics to economics to war and how they are all interconnected. At approximately the 12:38 minute mark, Celente is asked what he sees as the tipping point, and his chilling answer is "Terror."

Gerald informs us that terror "will be used to rob us of our rights, to make excuses as to why the economy is going down and to take us to more war," before stating "When all else fails - They take us to war."


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