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December 21, 2014

Epic Catastrophe And Mini Ice Age From Increased Global Volcanism? Earth Changes, Baroarbunga Volcano And More

By Susan Duclos


Before getting into some of the astounding information provided by Higher Truth Channel in the video below, accompanied by charts and graphs, it is noteworthy that researchers have discovered a number of things from the August 2014 reawakening of the†Baroarbunga volcano, including that earth has grown a new layer under the Icelandic volcano. Amazing photos and scientific findings can be found here and here.†

The information in the video below, which is not covered in the links above, includes the association between "large eruptions" and mini ice ages, as well as the comparison of previous volcanic eruption averages compared to present day eruptions. According to our videographer there are 28 ongoing eruptions occurring right now, in some cases up to 25 a day when prior averages were 60 a year which is "unprecedented!"

Via the video details on†Baroarbunga:

GPS has confirmed that the caldera itself is collapsing. The North Rim of caldera has shifted and settled after 5.3 mag earthquake. 50 percent chance that lava flow will decrease, 50% chance it wont and will lead to caldera destabilization or eruption along a new dyke intrusion.

Is it widespread geoengineering that is causing all these earth changes as is suggested by our videographer? Will a global catastrophic event, via the increasing volcanism bring about a mini ice age? Is the extreme weather events we have been documenting being cause by this increased volcanism?

With researchers admitting there are observing events they have never had a chance to observe before, therefore learning new information as they go along, can anyone really answer any of the questions above with any amount of certainty?†

In the second video below, we are reminded that it isn't only surface earth changes we are seeing as the Inuit Elders have issued a dire warning to NASA and the world that "Their sky is changed," and that earth has "shifted."

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