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September 10, 2018

Has The 'Black Wind Of Death' Been Unleashed? Here's What They're Not Telling Us About Monkeypox: The Shed Virus Can Maintain Infectivity For Months At Room Temperature And Perhaps Indefinitely In Cold Weather

- Global Connectedness Could Trigger A Cascade Of Infection


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Sunday morning, for the first time ever, the deadly monkeypox virus has been found in the UK after a person from Nigeria who had flown into the country a week ago was diagnosed with the disease. As the DM story reports, monkeypox kills at least one in 10 people who are infected with it and there is no cure for it.

Generally residing within wild animals but transferable to human beings through close contact or eating their infected meat, monkeypox can then be passed from human being to human being via droplets of air or touching the skin of those who are infected, or even by touching other objects that the infected person had touched, according to this Daily Mail story. Now think about that for a moment before you read this next paragraph.

The infected man was a member of the Nigerian Navy and had come in to the UK last Sunday from Africa to take part in a Ministry of Defence (MoD) training exercise at the Royal Navy base. He had been on the Royal Navy base for nearly a week before being diagnosed with monkeypox. What might he have touched while there? As we learn further below, shed monkeypox virus can live for months at room temperature and perhaps indefinitely in cold temperatures.  


And while the arrival of this man on a Royal Navy base with monkeypox, the first such case ever in the UK at that, could very well be just a very sad story, as we've reported twice over less than a week, the mass arrival of sick individuals into America from overseas flights reeks of bio terrorism. With these sick passengers showing heavy signs of illnesses even before getting on flights, yet still being allowed on, and threats of ISIS/al-Qaeda to use human guinea pigs to start a pandemic, is there a 'bigger picture' to see? 

Interestingly, back in October of 2013, Forbes put out a story titled "'Black Wind To America'": A Deadly Terrorist Bioweapon Program Agenda?" within which they warned of a 'bigger picture' that not all were seeing, a massive bioterror attack upon America being planned Muslims termed the 'black wind of death'.  

"We announce the good news for the Moslems in the world that the strike of the black wind of death against America, is now at its final stage, 90 percent ready and it is coming soon, by God’s will.” 

And while the Yahoo story reporting upon monkeypox in the UK claims that a huge hunt has begun for potentially 50 members of the public who may have sat close to him on the airplane or others who may have been in contact with him, this 2002 story by UPI's Medical Correspondent Steve Mitchell had warned that monkeypox could be used as a bioweapon. From that story.: 

The Russians worked with monkeypox virus, a close cousin to smallpox, in their bioweapons program and it is possible terrorists could use it in a biological attack against the United States, scientists and former United Nations weapons inspectors told United Press International.

Although some biological weapons experts are concerned with the possibility of terrorists using another smallpox-related virus called camelpox, which Iraq has admitted to researching, Mark Buller, a biologist at Saint Louis University who conducts research on smallpox vaccines, said he is more concerned about monkeypox.

Buller's concern stems from the fact that monkeypox, unlike camelpox, causes mortality in humans and the incidence of human infection is on the rise in central and western Africa.

The "real fear is that (monkeypox) might be engineered as a bioweapon," said Jonathan Tucker, a former weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission who is now with the think tank Monterey Institute in Washington.

Monkeypox is not as contagious as smallpox, but whether it could be or has been modified to be more virulent is unknown. The Soviets were not concerned with contagiousness, Alibek said, because they planned to produce "tons and tons" of the virus -- enough to infect "hundred of thousands of people or even more."

There are concerns that Russia's smallpox may have been leaked to terrorists, and whether something similar happened with monkeypox is uncertain. Another former U.N. weapons inspector, who requested anonymity, told UPI "There's no confirmation that (monkeypox) leaked out, but the potential exists."

Alibek said he had no idea whether monkeypox had ever been leaked out of the Soviet program. But he noted that from the 1970s until the 1990s, "it was not a problem to get any of the orthopox viruses (smallpox, camelpox and monkeypox)," and many countries had access to them if they wanted them.


A very close relative to smallpox, according to the World Health Organization, the incubation period for monkeypox can be between 5 and 21 days and while they say that monkeypox is much milder than smallpox, which was basically eradicated back in 1980, experts have warned that monkeypox could also be further bioengineered with today's CRISPR technology, potentially turning it into a 100% kill weapon. 

And with this man from Nigeria having been in the UK for nearly a week before being diagnosed, potentially touching many different things, this 2003 story over at the National Interest on monkeypox offers us one reason to be concerned the spread could be further than just the 50 or so people he came in touch with. 

Deliberate spread of monkeypox is made feasible by the fact that the virus can maintain infectivity for months at room temperature and perhaps almost indefinitely at cold temperatures.

As we had reported on ANP on September 6th, terrorists have said they'd use human guinea pigs to transmit deadly viruses into the West and as we'd also pointed out within that story, we wouldn't put it past the globalists who've committed sedition against President Trump and treason against America to do the same thing. 

Related: New health scare on Virgin airlines plane from Australia to New Zealand with "quite a few" passengers feeling "quite unwell". 


And as we had reported on ANP on September 7th, all the way back in 2005, the US government actually published a recipe for massive destruction online, publishing the exact genome of the 1918 Spanish flu, a pandemic that may have been responsible for the deaths of up to 100 million people 100 years ago. 

While they published it claiming that doctors and researchers should have access to it in able to prepare for another such outbreak in the future, they also readily admitted that terrorists could gain access to the information for much less than beneficial reasons, potentially to engineer a deadly pandemic. Yet the information was published online for all to see anyways. 

And while back on May 30th, the Washington Post published a story titled "This Mock Pandemic Killed 150 Million People", the back half of their story title was "Next Time It Might Not Be A Drill". Does the Washington Post know something that we don't know? With it now proven that much of the mainstream media, including the Post, are clearly part of the 'deep state', when the Post talks about a 'mock pandemic' killing 150 million people while saying "next time, it might not be a drill", our eyes and ears are wide open.

Especially with it now practically common knowledge that the global elite want us all dead. And as we had reported on ANP back in November of 2017, race specific bioweapons have now been created. Weapons that target only people of a specific ethnicity, who'd really put it past the globalists who've seemingly declared war upon the white race and Western civilization to launch such an attack to further cull the masses? 


With airports now a vector for disease, this September 5th story over at Fox News reported that security trays used by TSA agents carry more viruses than any place else in an airport. Used by practically everybody with no thought given by most as to the cleanliness of them, the study done by pandemic experts found more viruses within those trays than on toilet seats, with bacteria that could cause illnesses also found on credit card readers in shops, passport checking counters, staircase rails and in childrens play areas.

Now one might ask, how many such things did the sick man from Nigeria touch while he was in the airport? As Steve Quayle warns us, with globalists or terrorists potentially using 'Infectons', Steve's newly coined word meaning 'intentionally infected humans', who would even give a second thought that some of these travelers may have been 'weaponized'?

And with much of Europe already having fallen to Islamic tyranny  and the globalists clearly attempting to push America in that same direction, with President Trump then coming along to put a temporary roadblock in their plans, might they 'strike back' at America and Western civilization by attacking us in a way that's not expected?

As this 2014 story over at the New England Complex Systems Institute reported, "when it comes to pandemics, it only takes a little global connectedness to trigger a cascade of infection" and "it only takes one infected individual making it through an airport checkpoint.” And as Daisy Luther the Organic Prepper reports in this new story, while it's still too early to go into pandemic lock down mode right now, with all of these sick passengers coming in on planes into America, it's absolutely something to keep our eyes on.

In the only video below, our videographer talks with us about monkeypox beginning at 12:32.

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