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February 17, 2016

'Hatred And Venom' Dominates MSM 'Fake News' - A Trump Truth They Cannot Argue, Defend Against Or Counter


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Throughout the 77 minute Trump press conference, which many of us at ANP watched and discussed in the comment sections, during the question and answer phrase, President Trump hit on a truth that the media cannot deny, defend against or counter, in his back and forth with CNN's Jim Acosta. A truth that has brought about the top trending hashtag on Twitter titled #MediaLiesAgain, which has been going strong all morning long with example after example being shown of outright lies and "Fake News" that users have been tracking.

Trump spoke of the "hatred" and the "venom" that is seen round the clock on networks such as CNN, highlighting Acosta's  show itself, where Trump said the following:

Trump: Here's the thing. The public is — you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don't know if it's true or false. Because they are not involved. I'm involved. I've been involved with the stuff all my life. But I'm involved. I know when you are telling the truth or when you are not.

I just see many, many untruthful things. And I'll tell you what else I see. Tone. I see tone. You know the word tone. The tone is such hatred. I'm really not a bad person, by the way. No, but You know, but the tone is such — I do the get good ratings, you have to admit that. But the tone is such hatred.

I watched this morning a couple of the networks, and I have to say, Fox and Friends in the morning, they are very honorable people — not because they are good — because they hit me when I do something wrong, but they have the most honest morning show. That's all I can say.

It's the most honest, but the tone, Jim, if you look, the hatred, the — I mean, sometimes —

CNN Reporter: We don't hate you, sir.

Trump: Well, you look at your show that goes on at 10 in the evening. You just take a look at the show. It's a constant hit. The panel is almost always exclusive anti-Trump.

The good news is he doesn't have good ratings, but the panel is almost exclusive anti-Trump, and the hatred and venom from his mouth. And hatred from other people on your network. I'll say this. I watch it. I see it. I'm amazed by it. And I just think you'd be a lot better off. I honestly do. The public gets it.

You go to rallies, they're screaming at CNN, they want to throw their placards at CNN. You know, I think you would do much better by being different. But you just Take a look. Take a look at some of your shows in the mornings and evening.

If a guest comes out and says something positive about me, it's brutal. Now, they'll take this news conference, I'm actually having a very good time, okay, but they'll take this news conference — don't forget, that's the way I won. I used to give you a news conference every day and made a speech, which was every day. That's how I won, with news conference and probably speeches. I certainly did not win by people listening to you people. That's for sure.

But I'm having a good time. Tomorrow, they will say, Donald Trump rants and raves at the press. I'm not ranting and raving. I'm telling you you're dishonest people, but I'm not ranting and raving. I love this. I'm having a good time doing it, but tomorrow's headlines are going to be Donald Trump, rants and rants. I'm not ranting.

Full transcript of President Trump's press conference can be seen at this link, and the entire presser will be embedded at the end of this article for those that missed it, but that one segment, following his checklist of everything that his administration has done in his first three weeks since he was inaugurated, was an absolute home run, because it is demonstrable, can be seen, confirmed and verified. Trump's "hate and venom" assertion can be proven by simply tuning into Acosta's show, or just looking at the immediate headlines following the presser.

Trump said "But I'm having a good time. Tomorrow, they will say, Donald Trump rants and raves at the press," and what were the first headlines out?

LA TIMES: Trump holds a ranting and raving press conference- Mother Jones: Donald Trump Rants and Raves At Press - The Week: Trump rants about 'out of control' press dishonesty in first solo presser - Business Insider: Trump lashes out in extended rant at 'out of control' media.

Need I go on? Others pulled out their Thesaurus to try to avoid the words "rant" or "rave," and used words like "railed" or called him unhinged, but the political genius behind Trump's very deliberate wording was that anybody that heard it, could instantly do a search and prove his point, and once again, the media did it for him.

In the short clip below, at around the 3:30 minute mark, Trump discusses the "tone" of "hatred," highlighting Acosta's show specifically, providing yet another chance for anyone that heard it to prove the truth of his words. All one has to do is watch recent Acosta segments, which belies Acosta's assertion of "we don't hate you sir."

Make no mistake, it isn't just Acosta, and CNN as a whole, but this same "tone" of "hatred and venom" can be seen throughout mainstream media organizations every single day, all one has to do is look at the Washington Post front page on any given day, or the New York Times on any given day, which proves every word Trump uttered there.

The utter brilliance of what Trump did cannot be exaggerated, because he doesn't have to prove a word he said because the mainstream media proves his point,! His highlighting the checklist of campaign promises that he has already kept was yet another stroke of genius, because one would be hard-pressed, perhaps even finding it impossible, to find a mainstream media source that has reported the "truth" by headlining "Trump keeps campaign promises."



Before moving along to another MSM related issue, which further highlights how angry they are over Trump's ability to bypass the liberal "hatred and venom," we would like to note the utter hypocrisy shown by MSM personalities like Chuck Todd, who immediately whined after Trump's presser that his "delegitimizing the press is unAmerican," and claiming it is "not a laughing matter."

Todd.... the man that admitted that the "media" hid how "hated" Hillary Clinton was in the heartland before the election. Todd.... the man I cannot find one example of defending Fox News when Obama consistently attacked them throughout his presidency, never once calling it "unAmerican."


Twice in a one week period the mainstream media completely melted down because President Trump called on non-traditional outlets like the Daily Caller with the joint Trump/Trudeau presser and a Townhall Reporter during the Trump/Netanyahu presser. In both cases, their social media meltdown and whining was because at pressers where the subject was trade, immigration (Trudeau) and Islrael/Palestinian issues (Bibi), the non-establishment press asked questions regarding the subjects the leaders discussed rather than about Russia, who for the record, was not represented at either meeting nor was Russia the topic of either meeting.

Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post whined on Twitter "Trump calls on only friendly outlets at this Canada presser to avoid any questions about Michael Flynn."


Think about that for a moment, he admits it was a "Canada" presser, where the topics were trade, national security and immigration, and he is complaining that the questions the "conservative outlets" focused on, were about .... trade, national security and immigration.

Scott Thuman of ABC 7 in Washington asked: "You just spoke about the desire to build bridges, although there are some notable and philosophical differences between yourself and Prime Minister Trudeau. I’m curious, as you move forward on issues from trade to terrorism, how do you see this relationship playing out? And are there any specific areas with which during your conversations today you each decided to perhaps alter or amend your stances already on those sensitive issues like terrorism and immigration?"

Tonda MacCharles of the Toronto Star’s Ottawa bureau asked: "A little bit of a follow-on on my American colleague’s question,” MacCharles asked of President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau. “President Trump, you seem to suggest that Syrian refugees are a Trojan horse for potential terrorism, while the Prime Minister hugs refugees and welcomes them with open arms. So I’d like to know, are you confident the northern border is secure?"

Kaitlan Collins of The Daily Caller asked "President Trump, now that you’ve been in office and received intelligence briefings for nearly one month, what do you see as the most important national security matters facing us?” Collins asked. “And, Prime Minister Trudeau, you’ve made very clear that Canada has an open-door policy for Syrian refugees. Do you believe that President Trump’s moratorium on immigration has merit on national security grounds?"

Other complaints included Washington Post's Glenn Kessler, who bemoans "Reporters covering the White House who fail to ask the president about the most pressing news of the day should be ashamed of themselves." Wapo's Jennifer Rubin chimed in with "@GlennKesslerWP real reporters from legit outlets not called upon, he wont call on CNN, WaPo, NYT, ABC, TIME, etc. cause he needs softballs."

See more MSM whining at Twitchy.

Call me crazy, but seems to me the questions were spot on regarding the meeting between the two leaders, which was the focus of the press conference.

One really has to wonder if they even think before spewing.

Just two days later, the MSM was at it again, when during the Trump/Bibi presser, Townhall's Katie Pavlich and CBN were chosen to ask question of the leaders, with MSM personalities going into full meltdown mode and freaking out because Pavlich (GASP) "focused on the compromises that need to be made on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian debate, as well as the future of the Iranian nuclear deal."


On cue, Wapo's Chris Cillizza, along with MSM reporters from BBC, Boston Globe, ABC, and others, starting crying on Twitter about how no questions regarding Russia were asked, with others pointing out to them that "It was a press conference about Israel & Palestine."

As my little sisters used to be fond of saying... alot, DUH!

See the rest of the MSM whining about that press conference over at Twitchy.


During yesterday's press conference a reader asked if anyone had seen CNN's Jake Tapper, mentioning something about how he didn't look good, and it reminded me of something I saw over at The Last Refuse ( recently, where he provided some before/after images of Tapper spanning a three month period from October 15, 2016, to January 26, 2017, and the side-by-side images are shocking, leading the writer to point out "It has been said that evil thoughts: spite, hate, envy, greed, covet, anger etc. can manifest in actual physical transformations.  Without placing too much emphasis on the metaphysical arguments within that claim, a person cannot help but be intellectually honest when evidence surfaces."


They also highlighted Megyn Kelly and her "transformation" over a three month period,  from July 2015 to October 2015:


Both full of consistent hate and venom, both seemingly aging very badly over a short amount of the time, where the hatred from within is becoming apparent from the outside.

Just something to keep an eye over the next 4 (hopefully 8!) years.


As many have noted, President Trump's press conference saw very different reactions by Trump haters versus Trump supporters, with supporters taking to Twitter to creating a trending #MediaLiesAgain hashtag with dozens of examples of outright fake news the MSM has reported over the past couple of years, calling them out on their "hatred and venom," which should clearly be a red flag to those outlets that the people "see it," as Trump clearly told them yesterday.

The one thing the media cannot counter, defend or argue against is the fact that the American people can open any "establishment" media paper, or turn on any CNN "news" segment, or look at the NYT and Wapo's main online page, and see the "hatred and venom," each and every day.

Update - In the video below, I go over some of the "hatred and venom" on the NYT and Wapo, from today.

Proof of my assertion? See below, from just the opinion section of Wapo's front page online:


And.... New York Times opinion page from today:


One would think that Trump is the only person that exists in the world if we paid any attention to those two outlets, but we do have to thank them, for proving Trump's assertion that "hate and venom," is all they are about now, and Trump was 100 percent correct in the fact that "The public gets it."

Until the MSM starts reporting "real" news, starts addressing concerns of all Americans and not just the MSM's  concerns or the concerns of Trump haters, progressive liberals and Democratic politicians, we will continue to "get it," and we will relentlessly call them out on every "fake news" story and every venomous and hate-filled lie they tell.

Full Press conference from the White House YouTube channel below.

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