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January 4, 2020

History Proves Mega-Death And Horrific Suffering Are America's Future Under 'Socialism' If A Democrat Wins In 2020

- Famine, Starvation & Forced Obedience To Tyrannical Government Await Us 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

History has shown us that the most free and yet stable form of government is a 'Republic', a government of laws based on a written constitution, which is designed so that it cannot be changed hastily or carelessly. The government must be made accountable to the people, so a representative or democratic republic (but still a republic, not a pure democracy) works best.

And history has shown that the economic system that produces the greatest prosperity overall, and provides the best opportunities to individuals and even results in less income inequality is competitive, free market capitalism. And the free republic and the free market perfectly complement one another; the free republic, with laws and contracts fairly and evenly enforced, allows the free market to function, and the prosperity and opportunity afforded by the free market help to preserve the republic. As our Founding Fathers pointed out, a Republic can only survive if the citizens are moral people, well-informed, and vigilant. And honest businessmen are the backbone of a free market economy.

Yet tens of millions of Americans clamor for socialism, a system that produced mega-death and horrific suffering in the twentieth century, and, in places like Venezuela, still does. Partly this is due to greed and the politics of envy; lazy or incompetent people are easily led to believe that the competent and hard-working citizens who have been financially successful owe them the fruits of their labor. Increasingly, many governments exist to take by force from the workers to buy the votes of the parasite class.

And younger people are ignorant of what socialism has really done, and have not a clue that our own government is supposed to be a republic; they imagine it to be a democracy. They have been deliberately dumbed down, indoctrinated, and morally degraded by the indoc centers once known as schools and universities. They know no history and civics….nor, for that matter, language, math, or science. But there is another problem…they have never enjoyed the fruits of living in a free market economy, for we haven’t had one since 1913, arguably not since before our last Civil War. We have monopolistic crony capitalism, financed by fiat money conjured out of thin air by central banks in partnership with government.

Rank and file leftists, while railing against Wall street and the wealthy, seem oblivious to the fact that most Demoncrap politicians, like most of their Republican counterparts, are millionaires supported by leftist billionaires.

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During the Middle Ages goldsmiths and money lenders began issuing certificates of deposit to customers whose physical gold they were keeping safe for them; people soon realized that these certificates could be used just like real money (the physical gold); they became Europe’s first paper money. Some of the more unscrupulous goldsmiths began issuing certificates with a face value far in excess of the value of their holdings in real gold and loaning these out at interest. The Templar cult soon took control of this scam and helped to found the modern banking system, which is largely based on fraud, on legalized counterfeiting made possible by an unholy marriage of the banksters and governments.

The US resisted repeated attempts by the banksters to create such a central bank in the US, but already the European banking interests like the Rothschild banks and the Bank of England were very influential here. So, in 1913, Woody Wilson, the “progressive” who dragged us into WWI and helped to create the League of Nations, signed the Federal Reserve Act, and we are still saddled with this monstrosity, this consortium of private banks acting in partnership with the government. This ultimately led also to the end of our Republic…we have truly lost it and will have to fight (literally) to regain it…or, more likely, establish several constitutional republics where the USA used to be.

Woody also gave us the IRS, partly to bring even more money to the government, partly as an instrument to terrorize, spy on, and control us, and partly to disguise the fact that the continual inflation caused by fiat money acts as a hidden tax on all of us. Clearly, if central banks are allowed to create counterfeit money a very few people will become fabulously wealthy and powerful. By making loans and grants to favored individuals, they can create powerful corporations; it is no coincidence that almost all our billionaires support the leftist agenda.

And the central banks, including the Federal Reserve, have been given the power to control interest rates and the money supply. Let’s not be so naïve as to imagine that they do not leak information to relatives and cronies outside the system. With this information, playing the stock market becomes relatively safe, and currency speculation (this is how George Sauron became wealthy) is safe and effortless, and requires little financial acumen. The playing field most certainly is not level.

The exact mechanism by which the Fed creates fiat money (and loans it to our government at interest) has deliberately been made as complex and confusing as possible to hide the truth. Leftist propagandists say that we owe the US national debt “to ourselves,” implying that millions of down home mom and pop investors own all the government bonds. In reality the debt is owned by a few large banks, some of them foreign banks, who make an enormous profit with little risk (so far), and that profit is paid by us taxpayers. In fact, much of what our government does enriches the few at the expense of us serfs.

We send foreign aid to innumerable countries most Americans have never heard of, and this is usually given on the condition that these countries use much of the money to purchase the products (typically weapons) made by huge American companies, the same companies who are given lucrative government contracts here at home. And some of the aid consists of loans made by huge banks and guaranteed by the US government (meaning us taxpayers). Heads they win, tails we lose. It has been said that foreign aid consists of the working class in rich countries giving money to the wealthy elites in poor countries…and this is an understatement.


In theory Wall Street financiers help the economy by allocating capital so corporations can invest in expansion and new technology and benefit the consumers and the workers. In practice, much Wall Street activity helps no one save the financiers themselves, and consists of incredibly complex financial instruments and outright scams. Tucker Carlson on Fox informed us of the evils of “vulture capitalism,” whereby venture capitalists buy up less profitable companies, make them profitable by ruthlessly laying off workers, and then sell them at a profit.

His prime example was Paul Singer, who created the Elliott Associates hedge fund and bought 11% of the stock of the Cabela sporting-goods company and then pressured them into merging with Bass Pro Shops, resulting in the layoff of many workers and the shutting down of Cabela’s facility in Sidney, Nebraska. Of course, Singer then sold his shares at a profit. And this is also a good example of the increasingly monopolistic nature of our current system, with a shrinking number of large companies controlling much of the economy.

And the array of financial instruments and outright scams used by the financial “industry” is incredibly complex and confusing, perhaps made so deliberately. In addition to hedge funds, the financiers use futures contracts, derivatives, arbitrage, securities, private equity funds, and stock options. While there is nothing inherently wrong with people wanting to make profitable yet relatively safe investments, this system makes it easier for unscrupulous sociopaths to enrich themselves while doing widespread economic harm to everyone else.

The financial class tends to support open borders and heavy immigration, providing themselves with low wage employees while destroying the jobs of American workers and lowering wages overall. This includes the use of special visas like the H1B visas, allowing American companies to hire techies from places like India and pay them very low salaries. Often they fire long term American employees and replace them with these immigrants, even forcing the American worker to train his replacement.

And our companies also offshore our jobs, closing plants here and laying off thousands of workers and then opening factories in poor countries, using what amounts to slave labor, and selling their products here. Fortunately Trump is making some moves to counter this practice, but he and the other Republicans are all in favor of continuing the special visas, and Trump has actually called for more legal immigration.

And let us not forget the huge bailouts the government made a few years ago to companies “too big to fail,” or the farm subsidies, a program begun by FDR to pay farmers not to grow and sell their crops and livestock. During the Depression this led to higher food prices and actual food shortages at the worst possible time. Farm subsidies are now up to $16 billion a year, most of it going to huge corporate farms.


Anti-trust laws are enforced selectively and often seem designed to favor existing companies and hurt startups. Companies own other companies, which own still others; again, this complexity serves to hide unethical or even illegal practices and also hides the degree to which more and more of the economy is controlled by fewer and fewer people. Consider the mass media. A relatively small number of major newspapers, news magazines, and newspaper chains control much of the print media, along with a handful of major book publishers. As for the electronic media, it is often said that, for the most part, radio and television news is controlled by about six companies.

Usually the most powerful companies are listed as AT&T, National Amusement, Disney, COMCAST, Newscorp, and Sony. For example, AT&T owns Time Warner, which owns HBO, CNN, and Time magazine. Newscorp owns MSNBC, Bravo, and CNBC, and some publishing companies. If six or seven companies control much of the electronic media and they and a handful of others control much of the print media, it is obvious that sixty or seventy very wealthy and powerful people run the show. Yet the very same leftists who rail against the wealthy believe without question everything these outlets tell them to believe.

To the shock and consternation of the elites, the internet became an alternative to their controlled news outlets, and patriots like Joseph Farah (WND), Steve Quayle, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Susan Duclos, and Stefan Stanford took full advantage of this new medium. So now a handful of leftist billionaires control Google, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, and, slowly and insidiously, are beginning to effectively censor any sites who dare to speak truth to power. Trump and the Republicans are doing nothing to prevent this, and, of course, the Demoncraps are all in favor of it.

Greatly reducing the size and spending of government would do much to end crony capitalism, and ending the practice of fiat money would also be helpful, but the monopolies already created need to be broken up by some form of anti-trust legislation. We need a complete moratorium on all immigration and a virtual shutdown of our southern border, and an end to the H1B visas.

Trump’s policies on overseas US companies need to be continued and perhaps expanded. And if we were a moral society, large corporations might be less likely to be controlled by sociopaths. Even if we reform the system, the price of maintaining a free economy and a free Republic will be constant vigilance. And I’m afraid that no real reform will be possible unless and until we win the coming civil war.

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