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October 14, 2015

Jim Willie: There's Nowhere Left To Hide - Sinister Social Weapon Being Used Against Europe With America Now In The Crosshairs


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"All US Govt Foreign Policies In The Last Several Years Have Involved A Monumental Backlash" Jim Willie

At ANP, we feel that we are rapidly approaching a huge event and according to Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick newsletter who joins The Plane Truth and TimeMonkRadioNetwork in the new video below, frightening changes are now happening around the world at breakneck speed. Willie tells us that nearly every single region in the world is now in some kind of upheaval.

He also warns that the US is largely behind the spread of global fascism that is now taking place worldwide that we are witnessing and surprisingly, in Willie's own opinion, the continent of Africa is the most stable location in the world now - but if people are trying to avoid what's coming, there is nowhere left to hide.


Jim also tells us that one of the places there is now serious trouble is in Riyadh where he feels that the fall of Saudi Arabia is likely and could easily lead to the "final groups of nails in 'king dollar's' coffin". 

At the 14:10 mark, he shares with us a story that he says is not getting enough press, telling us that US and London bankers stole the Arab's gold from the Swiss bank, likely the trigger for Saudi Arabia to begin their move away from the dollar about a year ago. He also tells us that US bankers won't be able to steal Syria's gold as the Russian military is now guarding it.

Willie explains to us the dismantling of the petrodollar that we are now watching, telling us that what the US might want in Saudi Arabia is likely no longer of any importance to the country's who will be making the decision's there, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia. 

Shortly after the 17 minute mark, he is asked if the US is totally pulling out of the Middle East now and he tells us that he feels that we have been getting out of the Middle East for several years now and "replacing ourselves with ISIS guerrilla's to go around and blow things up." 


Telling us that the cheapest things the US has exported to the rest of the world in the last several years are fraudulent toxic bonds, pharmaceuticals including GMO foods, diabetes, and of course war, weapons and more war, Willie shares there's good reason that much of the world hates us now.

Topics also covered include Willie's thoughts that about the strong-arming TPP trade union passage that could lead to the end of the 1st Amendment on the internet in America, the economic war between the US and Germany, the delay in the inevitable currency reset as well as the sinister social weapon that is now being used against Europe and has America in its' crosshairs, immigration. 

Is America the world's 'wrecking ball' and have we reached a point in time where there is no way out? As a well trusted ANP source tells us, with real moves now being made to take away freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment on the internet here in America, we are living in extremely perilous times. 


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