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March 23, 2020

Over 60 With Coronavirus? If 'Slow Joe' Biden Were President Now, You Could Kiss Your Medical Care And Life Goodbye

- Biden wants a 'medical ethicist' who advocates for the rationing of senior healthcare

By John C. Velisek, US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

We have been told since this election was rigged for former Vice President Joe Biden that he has been “chosen” because he is the moderate in the race. From belittling Biden after Iowa and New Hampshire, the mainstream media is now falling all over themselves telling us how the country was saved by the South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries from the mean socialist Sanders. The Democrats have made a choice between two senile seniors. The mainstream media, and even Fox, regularly inform us that the "moderate" Joe Biden, who constantly misspeaks and lies, has saved us from the savage “socialist” Sanders. Labels should be informative. The same media is excoriating President Trump and his supporters as Nazis and racists without any foundation.

Biden, as proven by history, is not a moderate. Biden is running far to the left of Obama, who was a leftist himself. At the start of Obama's presidency, he opposed gay marriage, favored strict border control, and was against health care and public benefits for illegal aliens. Obama changed his positions when his party was pulled far left by the progressive socialists in the party. When you look at Joe Biden's positions on these subjects, Biden is no different than Sanders. But the progressive socialists in the Democrat party know they can lead the brain-addled Biden into any direction they wish if he becomes President. Democrats at the heart of the party have declared that a senile Joe Biden is still better than an evil President Trump.

All the other candidates other than Bernie Sanders dropped out just before Super Tuesday. The only exception was Elisabeth Warren. There is a good chance that receiving the backing of all the other candidates for Joe Biden, and Elisabeth Warren staying in to take votes from Bernie was the primary reason for Biden doing so well. They were combined with the endorsement by James Clyburn, who, in the past, has done nothing for the African American community. Other than makes promises that were not kept assisted with moving the black vote for Biden.

It is revealing that Bill Kristol of the Bulwark and a vengeful Never Trumper endorsed Biden as well. Kristol and other Never Trumpers will back Biden because they know the corruption in his past, and including all family members will mean Biden is likely to refuse favors. Kristol speaks of the “normal Americans" who believe in the Constitution, and the rule of law have chosen Biden. Kristol doesn’t explain that the American people disagree with the endless wars that the liberals and neo-cons have forced us into over that past decades. Nor do they discuss what the “liberal world order” signifies, although they know they can direct Biden in that direction.

The Biden of today has been swept up in the resistance and has moved so far left that even Obama would not endorse him.

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It is also essential that the citizens of this country can see that Biden is in decline in mental acuity. The mainstream media will tell you that "Slow Joe" has always been like this, and there is no reason for concern. Or is it possible that they will let Biden get the number of delegates required to take the nomination, and then push him aside for someone like Hillary? Will Hillary be the nominee without going through the work of a campaign?

The questions about Joe Biden being a moderate have never been asked about by the mainstream media. They refuse to look at the promises being made on the campaign trail. His senility, combined with some of his campaign policies, is being hidden by the media. They do not want the public to know just what this so-called moderate candidate has in store for the country.

They will not discuss that Biden, in campaign speeches has called for the abolition of drilling for oil. In his own words, there will be

“No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period.”

If the progressive socialists succeed in forcing the United States to stop drilling, and until they can force people to give up their cars, that would mean that the country will go from the top oil producer to having none. Prices will skyrocket if Americans are forced to buy overseas at higher prices, further crippling our economy, which is what the progressive socialists want—the loss of hundreds of thousands of good-paying oil and gas jobs.

Another problematic aspect of Joe Biden is his flipping on endorsing the Hyde Amendment. After decades of supporting the Hyde Amendment, which precludes the use of federal funds for abortion, it was during the CNN primary debate in June that Biden declared his opposition. He stated that the recent state regulations that banned infanticide were what changed his mind. He changed his mind one day after his campaign said he still supported it. Perhaps it was the far-left progressive socialists who convinced him that taxpayer-funded murders were in keeping with his Christian faith.

Many of the falsehoods and outright lies being pushed forth by the mainstream media have come from Joe Biden. Looking at his statements about the coronavirus and the WHO, Joe Biden claimed President Trump refused test kits from the WHO. What he did not mention is that the WHO did not offer the test kits to the United States.

Made in Germany, by German contractors, the test kits were meant for most third world countries. WHO understands that these countries do not have the domestic capacity to manufacture these test kits themselves. President Trump did not take the test kits because they were never offered and were not meant for the United States. But you can bet the ranch that Slo Joe will continue to press this lie, and the media will continue to back him up.

Joe Biden wants to have a "medical ethicist" who advocates for the rationing of senior healthcare. The concern is growing that seniors will be shut off of any medical procedures if the "life years" that they have left are small. One of the advisors for Joe Biden is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who is a proponent of medical rationing. Emanuel wrote in the Lancet that he agrees with medical care should be provided by the age of the patient. In 2014, in an article in the Atlantic, on the subject of senior medical care during a pandemic, Emanuel stated that seniors should not receive them.

Another lie splashed all across the mainstream media is senile Joe's statement that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. The criticism from President Trump was about the politicization of the coronavirus, and the stories that the MSM pushed were a hoax. It is plain now that Biden will do or say anything to win. If he can get a small edge on his opponent either within his party or not, he will lie, he will fill the airwaves with half-truths. There is nothing that Joe Biden brings to the game that will make our country better. All it will do is make us more socialist and under more government tyranny.

Joe Biden has also endorsed the Green New Deal, in some cases, almost verbatim from the proposal. He must talk to Alexandrian Ocasio Cortez to get his talking points. He talks of no more cars, no more drilling as shown before, and speaks in detail about batteries that do not exist. He is willing to destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs on a pie in the sky proposal, which even AOC's campaign manager admitted was not about climate change but about regaining power.

The media has ignored statements like “150 million Americans have been killed by guns since 2007". And everyone has heard the despicable desecration of the Declaration of Independence where he sai about God- all men and women are created by the, you know the thing. Can someone explain to me why the progressive socialists have tamped down the mention of God?

Or why berate a man in Michigan for asking a simple question? It needs to be admitted that Joe Biden does not have the cognitive ability or the mental wherewithal to carry out the duties of the presidency.

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