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April 9, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie: 'The Death Event' - Bombshell Predictions On Upcoming Events - TruNews

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


Dr. Jim Willie of and the Hat Trick Letter joins Rick Wiles on Wednesday's edition of TruNews where Willie and Wiles spend a jam- packed- with- information hour discussing the global financial and geopolitical reset that is underway right now. Willie explains how the US Dollar is about to disappear and if and when we see bail-ins start happening it will be because the dollar has been replaced and gold will launch big. They refer to this as the "death event," where Willie uses a gruesome analogy of how a dead body will rise in the water to describe what we are seeing happen to the dollar, stating the "king Dollar is floating."

In the second half of the TruNews show, Willie makes some startling predictions, stating he believes the debt clock has stopped registering because he thinks the US has already defaulted, he predicts that China will take control of the gold market and determine the price of gold according to supply, the fall of the US economic system with the rise of the BRICS and the Asian institutions that will be their version of the UN, NATO, IMF and Federal Reserve.

Willie also informs listeners of powerful "disruption events" that are coming soon.

This is a must-hear one hour interview that connects the dots of the headlines we are seeing with the inside information we are not.

Via Jim Willie's description on

April 8th: topics covered the personal psychological obstacles on accepting systemic breakdown, progress on the Global Paradigm Shift toward Eastern power centers, rise and replacement for the USDollar as floating gaseous corpse, financial insolvency of major Western banks, the ruse of bank bail-ins and real Cyprus story, the pension fund wreckage, the parade of nations behind the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with consequences, the BRICS Parliament and SCO counter balance force to NATO, the new Chinese alternative banking transaction system to compete with SWIFT, the real activity of Russian President Putin during those ten days last month, the upcoming new military bases in Nicaragua and Cuba


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