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April 2 2017

Lawmakers Preparing For Societal Collapse With Plans To Set Up 'Survivalist Communities'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have lost track of how many times I have seen survivalists, preppers and those recommending that everyone prepare for disaster or catastrophe, have been mocked, accused of fear porn or any other derogatory statement that deniers or trolls throw out, but we see now that two South Carolina lawmakers are now making plans for "survivalist communities," for what they consider to be an inevitable societal collapse, whether from an attack from a foreign nation, a natural catastrophe, economic collapse or an EMP.

For those concerned about societal collapse or impending disaster, two South Carolina lawmakers have a plan. It includes community ammo depots and tactical weapons training.

State Reps. Josiah Magnuson, R-Campobello, and Jonathon Hill, R-Townville — both from tiny towns in the Upstate Bible Belt — are in the process of setting up what they call the "Virtue Solution Project," a group that is seeking to either save America or survive a societal collapse, which they both believe is likely coming.

The organization is a mixture of religious ministry, grassroots political organizing and disaster prepping. At its core, their movement hopes to save the country by reshaping it to their interpretation of the Founding Fathers' ideals.

Their plan includes setting up "community preparedness centers," which will provide access to "reading material, tools, food storage, ammo, and more."  They want these "micro-hubs" or "light houses" to provide education to their members on first aid, farming, spiritual leadership, energy sources and to teach them "tactical defense." They are also encouraging other community leaders to form their own survivalist communities. Their vision appears to be that these types of communities will be set up all across America, so that when catastrophe strikes, those participating will be prepared for a "fresh beginning in America."

"There's probably going to be a lot of little crises, but there will eventually come a point where there is a major disaster of some sort in our country, in all likelihood," Magnuson said during one of the lectures he gave in the past year and downloaded onto YouTube.

"We need to be ready for that, and that will give us an opportunity to have a fresh beginning."

Magnuson also tell The Post and Courier " "I think all Christians understand that there is a prophetic element to this, living in the end times and so forth."

According to their online documents (20 page PDF), their short term objective is to create "Islands of refuge in a crisis," bringing together like-minded citizens, inspiring them to strengthen their communities through a plan in view of fast-approaching danger, partner with a church, business, or family, and bring appropriate resources together both in participating homes and in the local center.

Each center will be a warehouse and also a training venue. We will place a special emphasis on repentance, spiritual awakening, and love for God and one’s neighbors. At the philosophical core of this training, we will address the principles of government power, explaining that the river of government begins at the spring of individual virtue and flows downhill to family, church, community, county, state, and Federal levels. We will show that our future must rely on local self-sufficiency.

To put these ideas into action, we will encourage steps toward preparedness for a possible time of economic or political turmoil. We want to enable the community around each center to become free of dependence on evil influences so they can protect their families and minister to urgent needs. The process of preparedness in itself fosters virtue. Then, refuge is provided because the community is free from the grip of evil and from fear of the results of that evil.

As seen in the above reference from their online documents, there is a definite spiritual foundation to their ideas and suggestions, which of course has brought out the imagined "moral superiority" of liberals when discussing these lawmakers and their plans, highlighting the fact that both men are from "tiny towns in the Upstate Bible Belt," and that they were "home-schooled sons of pastors," offering comparisons between what these lawmakers are doing and people like Glenn Beck and Jim Baker, while critically stating "They praised the jurors who refused to convict the Bundy brothers over their occupation of the federal wildlife refuge in Oregon."

While liberal tend to sneer at home-schooling, it is noteworthy that multiple studies have found that academically oriented home-schooled children, tend to be ahead scholastically than publicly educated students. In 2008, a study found they scored 37 percentile points above public school students on standardized achievement tests. In 2011 another study found that they also  scored from one half grade level above to 4.5 grade levels above traditionally schooled children on standardized tests.


Towards the end of the original U.S. News and World & Report article, it is easy to see why liberals are mocking and showing such disdain for Magnuson and  Hill, other than the aforementioned.

Until their replacement movement takes hold, however, the two lawmakers are working to counteract the current political system in the House of Representatives by trying to nullify laws they determine are unconstitutional or morally evil.

Magnuson has sponsored bills that would allow local government to enact laws mandating transgender individuals use the bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate or would define "personhood" as a fertilized egg, effectively nullifying court decisions upholding access to abortions.

These two lawmakers are spiritual men that believe in the founding principles the Republic was created with, and the Constitution, are willing to try to change the "system" from within, but are preparing for the eventual catastrophe that would follow any world changing even, whether natural or man-made, and are encouraging others to create survival communities across the country.

The total antithesis of the modern progressive liberal snowflake.


Whether the power grid is brought down or the economy is, or any other numbers of possible events, the outcome of many of them would be societal collapse, and those prepared will have a much better chance to survive than those unprepared. We ourselves have encouraged what we call "mutual defense communities," finding like-minded individuals within your community, especially if there isn't a bug-out opportunity for whatever reason, and plan ahead. Routes, meeting places, schedules, bartering items, etc...

Below Steve Quayle talks with Remnant Radio on why it is imperative now to prepare, prepare, prepare, for any type of major disaster, considering how many different dangers face us in today's world.


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