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August 10, 2017

This Is A History Lesson That Every American Should Learn - 'Leftist Newspeak' And The Orwellian Agenda

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B. Stoecker

Odd, isn’t it, the way people who call themselves “liberal” are invariably statists clamoring for an all-powerful government to take care of us and mete out “social justice.” And these “liberals” always seem to have a soft spot for totalitarian leftist regimes, as in Cuba and Venezuela. And why is it that people who consider themselves to be “intellectual freethinkers” always seem to think and believe whatever government, academia, and the elite media tell them to think and believe?

These same people call themselves “progressives” but advocate a sudden and drastic reduction of the human population…to “save the planet,” don’t you know. And they favor deindustrialization and an end to private property (ours, not theirs) and seem to hate Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality.

In other words, the “progressives” pretend to be leading us into a bright and shining future, but their various schemes, if enacted, will take us back to the pagan, feudal past when people were few and poor. And of course leftists are “compassionate” because they support taxpayer-funded late term and partial birth abortion, and they favor letting terrorists and gang members into the US to prey on our citizens. Yeah, that’s real “compassion.”


One of the biggest lies of the left is the political spectrum they have convinced so many of us to accept. We are told that on the far left is communism, then “democratic” socialism, then “liberalism,” then mainstream Republican types, then assorted “right wing extremists,” and, finally, on the far right, fascism, including its nationalistic German version, Nazism.

But most of us understand that communism is a totalitarian system (leftists, while denying that they are communists, always rationalize and excuse even the worst excesses of Stalin and Mao). And even leftists believe that fascism is totalitarian. But a spectrum, by definition, goes from one extreme to another, from up to down, or from dark to light, for example. How can a spectrum go from totalitarianism at one end to totalitarianism at the other end?

Let me suggest a very different version of a political spectrum. On the left is fascism. On the far right is anarchy. In the middle is free republican government and free market economics…the system most of us “right wing extremists” support. We patriots are actually the true moderates, and we, not the leftists, have always been the real liberals.

But if the left is fascist, what became of communism? The answer is simple. Communism is fascism. Underneath the pious rhetoric about “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” communism has always been fascism; it was never intended to be anything else. Communist rhetoric, not religion, is the true “opiate of the masses.” Now there are superficial, really cosmetic differences between Soviet-style communism and the corporate state of fascism…but that’s all they are, cosmetic.


In Russia the state owned all the property, and even the Soviet oligarchs didn’t technically “own” their country dachas, for example. But they had full and sole use of those properties as long as they remained alive and in favor with the higher ups. An American home owner, by contrast, has legal title to his home and technically “owns” it. But he must pay property taxes or have it confiscated by the state…he is really renting it from the government even after paying off his mortgage with money already taxed once by the government. And this is in addition to the expansion of eminent domain that allows even corporations to force you to sell your property to them if the government decrees it.

Nazi Germany and fascist Italy were corporate states. People could technically own property, and corporations, not government, owned most of the means of production. But the government regulated the corporations and taxed them heavily, and both Mussolini and Hitler enacted massive New Deal type government spending and welfare programs. If this seems eerily familiar, it’s because the crony capitalist system we presently have in the US is very similar.

The point is, in both communist and other fascist states a small oligarchy own most of the property (or control the government, which owns the property). And all fascist states, including communist ones, have secret police, large armies, and total control of the media and the schools. Even the outward trappings, like the cut of the uniforms, the jackboots, and the goose-stepping soldiers and police appear in Stalin’s Russia, Nazi Germany, and North Korea. Fascists are never content just to leave people alone, even if they obey their masters. Fascists of every kind always seek to remake human society in ways contrary to human nature, attacking religion, marriage, the family, and Judeo-Christian morality.

It is significant that the young Hitler fancied himself an artist, disdained manual labor, and lived a Bohemian/beatnik/hippy lifestyle which is typical of leftists. His party was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (“Nazi” is an acronym). Ever meet a right wing socialist? Neither have I. Mussolini, like his father before him, was a socialist; he only left the socialist party to found his own fascist party, which was also socialist in nature.


The first emergence of true fascism in modern times came with the French Revolution, which many believe was orchestrated by the Bavarian Illuminati. Prior to the Revolution, the radical delegates to the French Assembly had chosen to sit on the left side of the assembly room. It is perhaps significant that our word “sinister” derives from the Latin word for “left.” And a good person is righteous, not leftish, and right is the opposite of wrong or unethical.

The problem for us patriots is that we have let the leftist elites butcher our language in almost exactly the way foretold by George Orwell in 1984, where the state had created a new language from English, called “newspeak.” In newspeak, words tended to mean the opposite of what they seemed to mean; for example, the Ministry of Peace waged unending war (like the US for the past 16 years), and the Ministry of Love tortured and murdered dissidents.

We need to stop letting the left define the terms, and we need to throw their lies right back at them, stop calling them “liberals,” and name them as the true fascists, and ourselves as the true liberals.

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