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March 22, 2021

FAKE NEWS ALERT! Liberal Activist Media Falsely Claims Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings Were "Racist." - Is There Anything That The Media Doesn't Think Is Racist?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There is really only one reason why after a man takes a weapon, visits multiple massage parlors in Atlanta, shoots up the establishments and kills eight people, the media and liberals scream it was an anti-Asian "racist" attack, when the suspect himself made it clear he has a sexual addiction and was lashing out at the source of his temptation.

There are a few points about how the media have allowed their preferred narrative to overcome the simplicity of the actual truth, because sex addictions just do not have the flavor, for lack of a better word, that screaming racist at the top of their lungs does.

(Atlanta Massage Parlor shooter, Robert Aaron Long)


Incel: Short for involuntary celibacy, incel refers to an internet subculture of men who blame women for the fact that they are not having sex.

Keep that definition in mind, as well as the Urban dictionary definition of Incel which is: "Self delusional, egoistic pretends to be a nice guy. Blames others for his deprivation of sex or romantic relationship," as we briefly walk through the extreme likelihood and probability that the shooter, Robert Aaron Long, was not only an Incel, but was also not racist in any shape or form.

Of course the media spin automatically became 'More Asians died in that massacres, than any other race, therefore the shooter was racist.'

Here is an example of the terminology and preferred media narrative from  the AP via 10News:

A day after the shootings, investigators were trying to unravel what might have compelled 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long to commit the worst mass killing in the U.S. in almost two years.

Long told police that Tuesday’s attack was not racially motivated. He claimed to have a “sex addiction,” and authorities said he apparently lashed out at what he saw as sources of temptation. But those statements spurred outrage and widespread skepticism given the locations and that six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent.

The top five massage parlors listed by number in Atlanta, read as follows: Sacred Tantra Massage & Intimacy Training, HaoHao Massage, Li's Massage, Wawa Asian Spa, Yama Salon.

The images over at Yelp also show very attractive Asian women in their advertising images:

Of course there are others, not run by Asians, but it appears from searches that the most popular seems to be Asian run.

My point here is that while the majority of those killed were Asian, it stands to reason they would be because the most popular massage parlors are generally run by Asians.

In no way, shape or form are we "victim blaming," but rather pointing out that the "racism" narrative doesn't fit no matter how many times the media screams it.

Another point that should be made is that if the massage parlors were chosen because they were run by Asians, and the shooter says he was killing the "source" of his temptation, than the killing was not racist in nature because the man was tempted by them, therefore he held no hatred for the race, just against beautiful women that he found tempting.

Even the liberal media highlights events and plans of the shooter that directly contradicts the "racism" theme of their own reporting.

More from the AP, via 10News:

Authorities said they didn’t know if Long ever went to the massage parlors where the shootings occurred but that he was heading to Florida to attack “some type of porn industry.”

“He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places, and it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,” Cherokee County sheriff’s Capt. Jay Baker told reporters.

Once again, there is no defense, nor justification to go on a shooting rampage, and the entire point I am making is the media's reckless framing and spin on a crime so horrid, showing they only care about the narrative they want Americans to believe, without even using any common sense.

There is an entire Incel community online, and horrific crimes have already shown to be related to sexually frustrated Incels.

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The liberal media has been pushing the "everything is racist" theme for decades, deliberately dividing Americans, all to push an agenda that the media and liberals share, as seen in the next quote from the AP article:

The virus was first identified in China, and then-President Donald Trump and others have used racially charged terms to describe it.

Is anybody truly surprised the media would instantly push the "Orange Man Bad," and blame President Trump for the anti-Asian tone since the pandemic began.

For the record, Trump never used "racially charged terms" to describe the virus, he simply used terms that accurately described where the virus came from, such as "Wuhan Virus," or the Chinese virus because that is, indeed, where the virus first originated.

If accurately describing the virus is "racially charged," than those that named the Spanish Flu must have been rip roaring racist pigs, yes?

The liberals, and the media (I know, redundant) have consistently accused Republicans and conservatives of being racist, so any time a crime is committed, or an arrest has gone wrong, or their was a police shooting, justified or not, they scream racism at the top of their lungs as they rush to claim it was a "white supremacist," or to blame white Christians, or falsely claim that conservatives hate people of color.

This is why they constantly look at everything through the "must be racist" prism, and then report it as such before the investigation has even been conducted.

To the media, everything is seen through the activist prism these days, and part of their activism is to convince minority communities that all conservatives are racist, so they will all vote for Democrats.

This has worked for decades, but in 2020 the tide turned a bit as president Trump received a higher percentage of minority votes than any Republican in more than 50 years.

Then came 2020: This Election Day, President Trump garnered the highest percentage of non-white votes for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years. This movement toward balance should be celebrated by all, but not surprisingly, that is not what is happening.

Take MSNBC anchor Joy Reid, who claims that the election showed a “great amount of racism, anti-blackness and anti-wokeness.” Or The New York Times’ Charles Blow, who somehow sees this election as confirming the power of the “White Patriarchy.”

Writer Bree Newsome Bass conceded that some white voters had chosen Joe Biden but voted Republican down ballot to preserve “white rule.”

These people view everything through a racial lens. They’re convinced Trump is a racist and regard his broad support — half the country voted for him — as proof that the nation, as a whole, is likewise hopelessly racist.

That...right there. That is why the media are panicking, lying and screaming racism yet again.


The media/Democrats are panicked because a higher percentage of minorities are voting for Republicans and it has them all freaked out, especially after 5 years of screaming "Trump is a racist," as the public learned the media is no longer practicing actual journalism, but have become pure Democrat/liberal activists.

The young mass murderer deserves everything the courts can throw at him, but the media, liberals and online liberals need to stop pretending that everything is racial, and acknowledge there are just some very sick puppies out there.

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