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October 29, 2019

MAGA Hat Triggers  Racist White Liberal Woman Who Verbally Attacks Black Trump Supporter, Another Man Arrested For Smacking MAGA Hat & Spitting On Older Man, And More!

- The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Contagion Infects Nearly Half The Nation

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By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The closer we get to the 2020 presidential election, the more we are seeing yet another increase in incidents stemming from liberals triggered by seeing Trump supporters wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. It seems that nearly half the nation has become infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, yet when confronted with facts, they have absolutely no argument other than to verbally, and in many cases physically, attack those they disagree with ideologically.

As liberals constantly attack Trump supporters as being "racist," it is quite enlightening to see how fast their own racism comes out when they are interacting with a black Trump supporter, as we see in the first example discussed below.


The first example comes from a black Trump supporter, David Harris Jr., who frequently goes out in public wearing a black MAGA hat. Harris has his own radio show and YouTube Channel and has been to the White House. In a video posted to Streamable, Harris starts filming a woman that decided she had the right to confront him in an airport to inform him that "If you take that hat off it would make you look like you had a high IQ."

During the exchange, Harris tells the woman her words imply that he is stupid, before she attempts to play semantics with terminology by implying he is "ignorant" about politics. When Harris then confronts her with facts, low unemployment, record low for blacks, Hispanics and women, she first attempts to imply that was due to the previous administration. When Harris then asks her if "anyone" could have taken office and seen those statistics, she says no, before he then points out that President Trump deserves some credit, then she tells him he needs to "educate" himself on the topics.

What is glaringly obvious is her tone, her insistence that he is the ignorant one, despite the fact he is the only one specifying policies and addressing issues like the stock market and unemployment rates.

The manner to which this white liberal woman is "talking down" to Harris, highlights how racist liberals are and how they feel they have the right to tell African Americans what they should be thinking and who they should be supporting.

During the exchange, another older white man is behind her shooting Harris a thumbs up, and after the exchange when she leaves, another older man and woman approach him calling the racist liberal woman an "idiot," and pointing out how "ignorant" she sounded.

Now just imagine if the ideologies of the two above were reversed and it was a white conservative confronting a black liberal, implying that he was stupid, calling him ignorant on the topics and daring to inform him that if he dressed differently it would make him look like he had a "high IQ." 

CNN would be running the clip in wall-to-wall coverage as proof that Trump supporters and conservatives are racist. Other outlets, along with CNN would be hunting the woman down, doxxing her, confronting her on her own lawn.

Racism on the part of liberals is ignored by the establishment media.



While the Harris incident occurred earlier in 2019, this one is a little more recent

At the Hurricane Grill & Wings restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida, a 67 year old man, Robert Youngblood was dining with two of his friends, while wearing his Maga hat. 43 year old Matthias Ajple approached him, slapped the bill of his cap, told him "You should go back to Russia you f**king communist," then spit on him before leaving the Bar and Grill.

Youngblood had the presence of mind to note his assailant's license plate number, called the police, who took his statement and his witnesses' statements, viewed the establishments video footage the incident, and then went and arrested Ajple on Battery charges.

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Police report below:

(Click image or this link to enlarge image in new tab/window)

Really, how warped does a person have to be to walk up to a perfect stranger, yell at them and then spit on them, for nothing more than they are wearing a hat you do not like.

Advice for TDS infected liberals: Triggered by a hat? Get mental health help now.


In January 2018, 32 year old Antifa activist David Campbell followed a 56 year old Trump supporter out of a Night for Freedom party in Manhattan, organized by Independent Journalist Mike Cernovich. Campbell proceeding to punch and choke the 56 year old man and was subsequently arrested.

In September 2019 Campbell pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault.

(David Campbell, Antifa member, arrested for attacking Trump supporter)

On October 23 the "Antifa thug" was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his crimes.

An Antifa street thug was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in prison for the beatdown of a Trump supporter after a right-wing event at a Manhattan club.

David Campbell, 32, pleaded guilty in September to two counts of felony assault for pummeling a 56-year-old man as he left A Night for Freedom party organized by conservative activist Mike Cernovich.

Manhattan prosecutors say that Campbell followed the victim from the Hell’s Kitchen venue Jan. 20, 2018, and punched and choked him. Campbell was one of about 80 Antifa protesters demonstrating outside the event.

Cernovich told The Post after Campbell took a plea deal, “Now that the criminal case is closed, I will also be taking legal action against Mr. Campbell and his confederates. It is time to find out who is funding Antifa.”

While 18 months doesn't seem quite enough, that is what the prosecutors settled for, and perhaps seeing one of their own put into prison because of their violent antics, other Antifa thugs may think twice before attacking innocent citizens for nothing more than having different beliefs.


Stories like those above are happening all across America, usually only reported on locally while the national media ignores, and often incites the type of verbal and physical attacks against Trump supporters we have been documenting over the last three years.

Not all are captured on camera, and not all are reported to the police, but these types of confrontations are increasing in frequency as the Trump Derangement Syndrome contagion reaches epidemic levels and has infected nearly half the country.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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