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August 18, 2017

Terrorists Within The Media Exposed! The Endgame Is To Overthrow America By Anarchy


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Using MSM logic, if we that support leaving Confederate Statues up make us "white supremacists," by default, then the media's support for Antifa terrorism makes the MSM terrorists by default.

The mainstream media, Democrats and spineless cowards calling themselves "conservatives" have all sold their soul to the devil in the name of "political correctness" in order to condemn President Trump for telling the truth about the events in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend, where three people were killed and dozens were injured when groups obtained a permit for a scheduled protest against the removal of Confederate monuments were met with counter protesters who did not obtain a permit and chaos and violence ensued.

The President spoke out against the hate and bigotry of some of the groups that participated in the protest against the removal of the monuments, white supremacist groups and neo-Nazis, and spoke against the message they espoused, then he went on to speak out against the violent Antifa protesters that came in masks and carrying bats, whom the governor of VA had warned just a day before the rally were coming to "seek to commit acts of violence against rally participants or law enforcement officials."

The President also spoke clearly about a man who got behind the wheel of a car and rammed into counter protesters, killing a woman,  who is said to be one of the white supremacists, calling the driver a "murderer."

In a just and fair world, the Presidents words would have been hailed as the perfect balance of condemning white supremacist message and condemning violent Antifa tactics, but instead we see media outlet after media outlet condemning the president for daring to call out the Antifa groups that came to VA with the sole intention of causing violence.

In fact, the media is actually promoting and defending those Antifa groups and their violent methods of committing "unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims," which is the Oxford dictionary's definition of "terrorism."



While people have the right to denounce the white supremacist rhetoric, the Supreme Court has ruled the rhetoric itself, when not accompanied by violence, is part of free speech guaranteed by the U.S. constitution, so while their marches and rallies may be offensive as they carry their signs with swastikas and their message of hate, it is legal.

What is not legal is the "unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims," AKA terrorism.

The events in Charlottesville has further divided the nation as we are seeing article after article of how Antifa groups and their supporters across the country are tearing down monuments, which started as Confederate monuments, but now has escalated into destruction of monuments like Abraham Lincoln, calls for Mount Rushmore to be blown up, and digging up graves of Confederate soldiers.

What has been missing from the MSM coverage regarding President Trump's denunciation of both groups involved in Charlottesville, is the fact that the Confederate monument issue is simply the latest excuse for Antifa groups to use as justification for their terrorism perpetrated in the United States over the past few years.

According to the media, President Trump calling out the bad on both sides is "racist" and supporting white supremacists, and anybody that supports his calling out both sides, or who are against the removal of history by way of destroying Confederate monuments, is also siding with with the neo-Nazi, white supremacists, ignoring the fact that even one of the leaders of the NAACP, who happens to be an African American woman, say the monuments are not a problem and should stay standing.

The media is labeling the 62 percent of Americans that believe Confederate statues honoring dead leaders should stand, as white supremacists.

Perhaps the media would like to label the African American woman speaking below, who calls out the media for stoking racial tensions as well as saying the President was right to call out the "extremists" on both sides, as a "white supremacist, neo-Nazi.

So be it. If the media wants to play the game of labeling those on the side of preserving history, or those that think there were bad actors on both sides in Charlottesville, as racist, white supremacists, sure, we'll go there, because the flip side of that coin is the medias refusal to call out Antifa groups and BLM for their acts of terrorism, by default, according to their logic, makes them terrorist supporters and terrorists themselves.

Let me offer some proof of my assertions. 

In July 2017, a group of Antifa thugs attacked police and Trump supporters in Philadelphia:

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department claimed that a pro-Trump demonstrator as well as a police officer were assaulted in the fray.

Three anti-Trump protestors were charged with assault, and a fourth was issued a citation.

Law enforcement stated that the city allowed both rallies to occur, but that the pro-Trump group was “stalked” by a group of anti-Trump protesters who “repeatedly sought to confront the Trump supporters.”

In June 2017, we see "14 people were arrested at a free speech rally in Portland, Oregon after anarchist antifascists (or “antifa”) showed up to counter-protest, resulting in violent clashes between the two groups."


In that Antifa attack, the police caught one member of the group, on top of a roof, wearing all black, with a mask, with a bag full of bricks to throw down onto people below.


In May 2017, Antifa "mobs," with their signature masks showed up in Olympia, Washington and injured nine officers, carrying signs that read "End the Port," "F--- Nationalism" and "Become ungovernable," in what police declared a "riot."


In April 2017, Antifa groups attacked free speech participants, at a rally held in Berkeley, CA. resulting in 20 arrests and multiple injuries, with Antifa organizers inciting violence by accusing the rally participants of being "white supremacists."

In February 2017, the Antifa groups excuse for the "unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims," aka terrorism as defined, was to prevent a conservative speaker from giving a lecture at Berkeley and the chaos of their rioting, destroying property and starting fires, resulted in $100,000 in damage and six injuries.

Unrest on the UC Berkeley campus Wednesday resulted in $100,000 in damage and just one arrest, officials said.

The university Thursday defended the hands-off approach of its police force in the midst of the chaos that broke out after a group of 150 or so black-clad, masked people hijacked a previously peaceful protest against a far-right provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, who had been scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley’s student center Wednesday night. The protest forced officials to cancel Yiannopoulos’ appearance.

Six minor injuries were reported in the fray, said Dan Mogulof, a spokesman for the university, and the one arrest was for failure to disperse.

In the city of Berkeley south of the campus, where protesters later paraded through the streets, some smashing store windows — about 15 in all — and spraying graffiti, there were no arrests, said Officer Byron White, a spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department.

In November 2016, Portland allowed Antifa "anarchists" to destroy multiple parts of their city in an "anti-Trump" protest, which resulted in over $1 million in damages:

Police Chief Mike Marshman estimated that the damage reached more than $1 million and called for protesters to take a break from demonstrating to allow his force to regroup.

He doesn't want protesters bent on destruction to "hijack" legitimate activists again, he said.

Mayor Charlie Hales was in San Diego during the protest but returned by mid-morning and was out surveying the destruction in Northwest Portland. He called the melee "completely unacceptable."

"I know in Portland we are a community that believes love conquers hate -- let's be that example for the nation," he said in a statement.

In one of the worst-hit areas, Babs Jacobsen explored the damage as light dawned on Northwest Lovejoy Street and said the shouting from the protest woke her up the night before. The unruly demonstrators were "terrifying," she said.

The very definition of terrorism.

Need I go on? Or have we shown enough to conclusively assert that Antifa groups have escalated in acts of terrorism against other Americans over the last year?

NEXT UP - Boston, where the next free speech rally is slated to occur, and already there are dozens of "Stop Trump" craigslist ads circulating.


The point here is that the President of the United States of America, denounced the racism and rhetoric of racists white supremacists, but he also highlighted the "other side" which are Antifa groups that have shown up in towns all across America and have attacked free speech rally attendees, Trump rally participants, law enforcement, and other groups that do not align with Antifa's political and cultural ideology, and the media is defending Antifa groups and labeling anyone that highlights their terrorist activity as "racists" and white supremacists.

Using the MSMs very own logic, by defending and promoting Antifa terrorist activity, they are not only supporting, defending and promoting terrorism, but if those of us against the removal of Confederate monuments and erasing history are "racist" and white supremacists for doing so, doesn't that make the media, by default, terrorists themselves by defending Antifa against the President calling them out for said activity?

Funny how that works.

The bottom line here is the terrorists within the MSM are categorically supporting the overthrow of the United States of America, by anarchists, with their support of Antifa.

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