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August 1, 2015

Have The Nazi's Secretly Ruled The World From Their Underground Bunkers For The Last 70 Years? New Denver International Airport Artwork Evokes Global Gulag As Individuality Assimilates Into 'The Borg'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The startling new art exhibit at the Denver International Airport is called 'I Am The Future' and in the photographs so far published online seen above and at the bottom of the story, we see a display of colorful flags being held by a group of young men and women dressed exactly the same, a display that one recent DIA airport visitor called 'creepy and disturbing' - especially knowing the sinister history of DIA where the infamous murals found adorning the chambers throughout the airport evoke apocalyptic doom.

DIA's construction was chartered by the 'New World Airport Commission' in 1994 as seen in the airports Masonic capstone seen below left; as a good friend of ANP points out to us, this latest 'artwork' to grace the halls and walls of DIA reminds of 'Hitler Youth' and the end of individuality with the assimilation of the individual into the 'borg'. With dark, foreboding clouds hovering above, the airport looming in the background looks like a scene from another world. As Vigilant Citizen says about this sinister place.:

An apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes welcoming visitors? Check.

Nightmarish murals? Check.

Strange words and symbols embedded in the floor? Check.

Gargoyles sitting in suitcases? Check.

Runways shaped like a Nazi swastika? Check.

OK, this place is evil.


Blending the masses into one gigantic global gulag where everyone wears the same drab grey uniforms and individuality is not only discouraged but destroyed, is the future for America based upon a past of generations long ago, when the sick and elderly were simply 'eliminated' and the push towards a world 'socialist' government much more out in the open than it is now?


In this day and age we now live in where the worship of animals has been elevated over the sanctity of human life as detailed by the attention a dead lion in Africa has gotten from the mainstream media compared to the Planned Parenthood baby-parts harvesting fiasco, are we being told of a future for only the young while the elderly and infirm are eliminated as burdens to society as is now being propagandized by celebrities pushing for 'euthenasia vans' offering curbside services to help 'rid the world of far too many old people'?

To sum up the murals and artwork seen at DIA, we see each of the following hidden in artistic detail.

  • Massive depopulation of the earth
  • Death of Judeo-Christian beliefs
  • One World government
  • Restoration of nature

'I Am The Future' is the creation of an artist based out of Mexico City, Mexico named Erick Meyenberg and we are told that this 'art' was created to examine the 'fascinating past and present' of the area surrounding the airport. The people involved are members of a drill team from the local Montabello high school. We have to ask, what do our readers think of the symbolism involved with this art? Is this just one man's vision of the future or something much more? While we at ANP have great respect for discipline and extraordinary displays of skill, the entire history surrounding this mysterious airport tells us that something much more is at play than just 'art', even if some of the individuals involved believe that is all that they are taking place in.

Several videos below pictures examine the Denver International Airport and its' possible ties to Nazi Germany and a one-world government in much more detail below. Videos include taking a look at the layout of the runways at DIA which form a Nazi swastika as well as well as the apocalyptic murals seen throughout the airport and the countless reasons detailing something sinister is going on here.

The third video below takes a look at 'alternate history', what America might look like had the Nazi's officially won world war 2. There is much evidence now that they actually did win the war via Operation Paperclip and have been controlling things behind the scenes, the '4th Reich', for more than 70 years. The final video below takes a look at 'Operation Highjump' and the evidence of hidden secrets in the Antarctic region, buried under the ice, that could alter mankind's past, present and future.




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