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May 3, 2017

Map Shows What Would Be Left Of The Eastern Half Of America Should This Very Real Worst-Case Scenario Unfold

- Russia's Top Secret Weapon 'Status 6' aka 'Kanyon' Could Bring A Nuclear Nightmare To America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at History in Orbit called "New Russian Super Weapons That Are Causing The World To Take Notice", they warn us to 'watch the seas' for new Russian weapon technology as they briefly report Russia is getting downright sneaky about their placement of nuclear warheads and rumor has it, the next generation of (nuclear) missiles will be submarine launched.

Also reporting that "right now, you can probably find some of these missiles housed within Borei-class nuclear subs", this December of 2016 story from Popular Mechanics confirmed for us that Russia already has a submarine drone capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Using this December 8th of 2016 story from the Washington Free Beacon as their source, the warning in the Popular Mechanics story may be vastly understating the true threat these weapons pose to America as we learn in this new ANP story. As Popular Mechanics reported back then, the undersea drone, which carries an enormous nuclear warhead to destroy coastal cities and military bases, was tested late last month.

Nicknamed 'Kanyon' by the CIA and the Pentagon, as the Barents Independent Observer reported also back in December of 2016, Russia's 'doomsday weapon' could produce a tsunami up to 500 meters high which would theoretically wipe out most of the US east coast and hundreds of miles inland. The following description of the weapon and the danger it poses to America comes from the Barents Observer story:

What Pentagon names Kanyon is what in Russia is known as the «Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6» - a top secret weapon system the world has never seen anything like before. A year ago, Russian state-TV Channel One showed a glimpse of a graphic slide of the Status-6, later on said to be an unauthorized leak of a secret weapon development plan. (Seen in photograph below)

The drawings on the slide could very well be a purpose leak aimed at telling the world what weapon-systems are under development. The TV news covered the meeting in Sochi where President Putin was told by high-ranking officers in the Strategic forces how Russia’s nuclear deterrence strategy is developing. Moscow are looking for ways to overcome the United States’ Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence system, and one answer is to go deep with the nukes.

A drone diving down to 1,000 meters could go undetected with its payload to the American east coast.

Status-6 is a torpedo-like vehicle that according to the leaked image may be a long as 80 feet, powered by a small nuclear reactor and with a range of 10,000 kilometers. The scary part is the warhead, believed to be a giant megatons thermonuclear weapon.

“The drone is designed to destroy important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause guaranteed devastating damage to the country’s territory by creating wide areas of radioactive contamination, rendering them unusable for military, economic or other activity for a long time,” reads the translation BBC made from the slide shown by Channel One.

Speaking to the BBC, Konstantin Sivkov with the Russian Geopolitical Academy says a 100 megatons warhead could produce a tsunami up to 500 meters high, wiping out all living things 1,500 kilometers deep inside US territory.

In the official US topography map from NOAA seen at the top of this story, we have adjusted the colors so that any elevation under 500 meters, approx. 1,500', will appear to be 'grayed-out' in various shades of gray. As you can see, except for the big West coast cities, the huge part of the western half of the country is way above 1,500'. However, as the map clearly shows, every place except for the mountainous areas of the eastern half of the country are under 1,500'. Those areas of the US seen in lavender surrounding the blue near the east coast would likely be underwater as well at between 400 and 500 meters above sea level. The areas now in blue near the East coast would nearly instantly become new ocean front property, maybe appropriately known as the Appalachian Islands...surrounded by a sea of radioactivity 


Should such a 'worst case scenario' play out and the Russians use weapons capable of creating a tsunami that reaches 1,500', the huge part of the eastern half of the country would be under water after such an attack, especially if such a weapon was also used in the Gulf of Mexico in conjunction with several along the US east coast if these mysterious Russian weapons (previously reported upon by Natural News) are indeed capable of creating a 500 meter tsunami.

The facts that a Pentagon source and the CIA have confirmed 'Kanyon' and intelligence insiders have claimed the leak of Kanyon was a deliberate leak by Russia gives more credibility to recent statements made by retired Russian Colonel and Defense Ministry spokesman Viktor Baranetz who said in the event of a war, 'sleeper nukes' off of the coast of America would be detonated and cause a tsunami, wiping out much of coastal USA.

Claiming that Russia was 'quietly seeding' the US shoreline with nuclear mole missiles that dig in and sleep until they are given the command, Baranetz warnings have been largely written off as far-fetched mumbo jumbo and unlikely to happen in a real-world scenario if possible at all with even a Russian government spokesman dismissing his claims, saying the report should "not be taken seriously". Above a Wikipedia photo for Status 6 aka Kanyon


Yet despite a Russian government spokesman criticizing the statement, we have proof coming from Pentagon sources dating back several years that Russia does indeed have an underwater drone capable of doing the exact same thing that Colonel Baranetz warned of, delivering a tsunami to America's shores. Did Baranetz simply get his wires crossed? He is, afterall, a 'retired' Russian colonel. And could North Korean subs be capable of delivering the same kind of 'nuclear tsunami' to American shores? It's previously been reported that North Korea got their EMP technology from Russia of all places.  

According to this new story from The Sun called "Kim's Nuke Navy", satellite images show North Korea poised to test submarine missiles capable of hitting the US, hours after Kim warned of a nuke test 'at any minute'. Reporting that North Korea is preparing a trial of their deadly new arsenal of submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles towards the US, we remind you that back in 2015, more than 50 North Korean submarines simply 'disappeared' at sea before reappearing several days later. At the time, authorities warned they were concerned that North Korea may have been preparing to use them in an attack. 


In the first video below, videographer 'Military Zone' takes a look at Kanyon aka Status 6 and concerns such a weapon might be used against America should war break out between the US and Russia, possibly leaving most of the eastern half of America under water should warnings of such a 'doomsday device' be true. In the 2nd video our videographer takes a look at the recent stories from the Daily Mail and the Telegraph that Russia has weapons capable of delivering a deadly tsunami to US coast lines.

With tensions across the world now moving towards a fever pitch and the armies of the world preparing for World War 3, the 3rd video below shares the Pentagon's confirmation that such a Russian weapon exists while in the final video below, we get a new update from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network on the situation now happening in North Korea as China issues a final warning to North Korea, who issues more threats against America and the world.

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