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March 16, 2017

War Declared On Trump And His Supporters As Michael Savage Physically Attacked And Roger Stone 'T-Boned' By Intentional Vehicle Assault

- Physically, Verbally And Financially, Trump Supporters Are Being Attacked From Every Direction

('March 4 Trump' supporter beaten and bloodied)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

From 74 year-old Michael Savage being accosted and then physically assaulted while out dining to Roger Stone being "T-Boned," which closely follows his recent claim that he had been poisoned, to elderly gentlemen being verbally assaulted by celebrities using their large social media accounts, and websites being financially attacked by censorship, Savage's statement that it is "open season" on Trump supporters is not just hyperbole.


Starting with the most recent event, Daily Mail reports that conservative radio talk show host and prominent well known Trump supporter, Michael Savage, 74, was out to dinner in Tiburon, California, and as he was leaving the establishment  a man started verbally taunting him, then when Savage turned to walk away, the man "knocked the septuagenarian to the ground, according to the talk show host's attorney, Daniel Horowitz."

Mercury News describes the event in the following manner:

After Savage told the man to "go away," he started to turn. Horowitz said it appears that the man knocked Savage to the ground while also pushing his dog out of the way.

At that point, another customer from the restaurant intervened, and Savage’s alleged assailant punched him in the face, Horowitz said. Savage was somehow able to get back up and help the good Samaritan while also calling police.

In a follow-up interview, unable to get into the details, presumably because the incident is under investigation, was able to talk about it generally where he told Breitbart News "It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters."

That incident followed on the heels of another prominent Trump supporter, Roger Stone detailing an incident, a hit and run, where he described his vehicle as being "T-Boned" by another one, which he believes was an assassination attempt following the news of an attempted poisoning just last month. 

Since Trump's election, ANP has reported on a number of instances where the mainstream media has been trying to legitimize violence against Trump supporters as well as "weaponizing snowflakes," evidenced by the riots in Berkely and students calling for "more violence against Trump and his supporters."

There have been a number of substantiated attacks against Trump supporters in IL, MD, CT, NY, TX, CA, FL and GA, mostly under-reported, and that was within the first two weeks after the election. The attacks have continued, yet the MSM continues to incite protesters and rioters at every turn.


One of the earliest high profile examples of how Independent Media was being attacked following the election was when Kelloggs and other advertisers were browbeaten by liberals into pulling advertising, therefore revenue from sites like Breitbart, but other examples include the recent censorship of Natural News by Google, where 140,000 pages were blacklisted, which took a week or more to be restored, from the Google search results, censorship as a "power to destroy," as Mike Adam's, known as The Health Ranger described it in a personal statement on his website.

Social media giants such as Facebook are also censoring Trump supporters, literally deleting their posts, which are used to promote articles, as evidenced by Paul Joseph Watson as he shows how they simply disappear after sharing on Facebook.

This type of censorship from FB, Twitter and other social media platforms, as well and the countless examples from YouTube, where they are demonetizing videos, claiming they are not "advertiser friendly" usually when they are pro-Trump, but also if they are anti-terrorism or anti-illegal immigration, or anything else that doesn't match the liberal agenda.

For example, a recent ANP video titled "BUSTED! MSM Pushing Fake News Yet Again" was demonetized, where we had to ask for an appeal, which was eventually over turned, yet one about Russian diplomats dropping like flies, oh no, can't have that, they denied the appeal. It is a weekly event, having to appeal, then hope a video passes their "reviewers" liberal bias and agenda-driven decisions. 

ANP isn't alone in YouTube's, who is owned by Google, censorship battle, as recently we noted a conservative YouTube channel belonging to Legal Insurrection founder and publisher and Cornell University Law Professor William Jacobson, had his whole channel removed, along with all his videos, (eventually it was restored) after he did threaten legal action.

It is happening across the board, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Google, advertisers, all attempting to put Independent media out of business, all escalating since the November presidential election.

As a side note- It isn't just Trump support though, it is deeper than that, anyone exposing Deep State or closely held lies on the part of TPTB, are having their channels wiped off YouTube.

Case in Point- Just today we see an SQ alert, where Timothy Alberino, who posted all original work, his own investigative work, has now had his entire channel removed, with the claim that his all original reporting, which he always backed up with visual and documents, somehow violated their "Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content."

Read the whole SQ Alert here.


With the latest attacks on Savage and Stone, we are witnessing an dangerous escalation which clearly evidences Savage's assertion that it is "open season" on Trump supporters, as well as anyone that opposes the official narrative of deep state establishment.

Keep your head up, your eyes and ears open and your powder dry ladies and gentlemen because they have declared war.

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