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December 13, 2017

Russia Investigation Was 'Insurance Policy' Against A Trump Presidency? - Ousted FBI Agents Texts Are Smoking Gun Showing Mueller 'Dream Team' Totally Corrupted

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While special counsel Robert Mueller's  judgement had been questioned after gathering a high number of Clinton donors as part of his team, as well as his ability to run an unbiased investigation into the campaign of Donald Trump given Mueller's close association with James Comey, whom President Trump fired, a series of issues have come to light over the last few weeks that has tainted not only Mueller's reputation, judgement, and entire investigation to date, but now points to deep state intelligence operatives actively plotting before the election, the take down a duly elected government if a specific candidate ended up winning.



Mueller Obstructs Congressional Oversight Committee: In the late summer of 2017, two of Mueller's "dream team" were ousted from Mueller's investigation into Russia, with no explanation provided at the time, to the public, nor to Congress when they asked. 

The two agents were, Peter Strzok, one of the highest-ranking agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Lisa Page, a lawyer for the FBI. 

It wasn't until months later that it was revealed that the Justice Department’s inspector general, an in-house watch dog, has uncovered thousands of texts messages between Strzok and Page, who were having an affair, is what prompted Mueller to reassign Strzok and Page from his team. Information Mueller did not deign to inform Congress of, despite requests to do so.

This prompted the Wall Street Journal editorial board to accuse Mueller of "stonewalling Congress and protecting the FBI," an agency Mueller spent over a decade as director of.

WSJ also highlighted other concerns and connections in their editorial:

This is all the more notable because Mr. Strzok was a chief lieutenant to former FBI Director James Comey and played a lead role investigating alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Mr. Mueller then gave him a top role in his special-counsel probe. And before all this Mr. Strzok led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and sat in on the interview she gave to the FBI shortly before Mr. Comey publicly exonerated her in violation of Justice Department practice.

Oh, and the woman with whom he supposedly exchanged anti-Trump texts, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, worked for both Mr. Mueller and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who was accused of a conflict of interest in the Clinton probe when it came out that Clinton allies had donated to the political campaign of Mr. McCabe’s wife. The texts haven’t been publicly released, but it’s fair to assume their anti-Trump bias must be clear for Mr. Mueller to reassign such a senior agent.

This led them to conclude that "Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible."

USA Today highlights further conflicts of interest, connections and questionable associations and actions, which they claim has "politically tainted" Mueller's Russia investigation:

The central figure in both probes is FBI agent Peter Strzok. Strzok helped conduct the sweetheart interviews of Clinton, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin in the email investigation, in which the latter two blatantly lied about their knowledge of the bootleg server. They were not charged. Strzok also changed then-FBI Director James Comey’s draft language on Clinton’s use of her illicit server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” which is the difference between criminal behavior and an unconscious error.

Strzok promoted the Fusion GPS “Steele dossier,” the sketchy gossip-ridden anti-Trump document paid for by the Clinton campaign and compiled with input from Russian intelligence sources. This document was used to persuade a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to authorize government surveillance of members of the Trump team during a political campaign. It was an unprecedented investigative intrusion into the American political process that makes Watergate look like amateur hour.

Strzok reportedly led the interview of then-national security adviser Michael Flynn, who ostensibly told the lies that led to his firing and landed him in a plea bargain with investigators. Judge Rudolph Contreras, who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea, has since inexplicably recused himself from the case. Contreras is a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge and might have been involved with authorizing surveillance against the Trump team.

The texts messages between Strzok and Page that the inspectors office found relevant to the investigation have now been released, which we will detail in the next category, but first other members of Mueller's team have been removed.

Former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr was demoted days ago for unspecified contacts with figures behind the Steele dossier, according to multiple reports, including the USA Today link provided above, but we now also know that Ohr's wife, Nellie H. Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, and had continued receiving pay from them through the summer and fall of 2016. 

Other revelations include two more members of Mueller's team,  including his second in charge, Andrew Weissmann, that had emailed former acting AG, Sally Yates," how "proud" and "in awe" he was of her after she was terminated for refusing to carry out President Trump's immigration order, and Jeannie Rhee, who had provided legal counsel to the Clinton Foundation and was a generous donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

RelatedOne Mueller-Investigation Coincidence Too Many

Frankly it is almost impossible to picture the inter-twining connections, the over-lap in the highly politicized intelligence agencies while Barack Obama was in charge without charts, so below, Sean Hannity does an outstanding job of putting together charts which adequately show corruption moving from one agency to the next, using American intelligence agencies for political purposes against a candidate from an opposing party.


Above we detailed the level of anti-Trump bias, as well as what some would call "circumstantial" evidence that said bias was used by deep state members and the former administration against a candidate in a presidential election, but with the recent release of 375 of the thousands of emails to Congress, that have been seen by members of the press, which the inspectors office found to be relevant to their investigation, we now have a smoking gun, held by none other than Peter Strzok.

The body he is standing over with that gun is the whole Russia collusion investigation.

While the majority of the headlines coming out now in regards to these newly released text messages between Strzok and Page are focusing on the fact that they often insulted the then-candidate Trump calling him an "idiot," and "loathsome," and a "douche" as well as one where Strzok said F-Trump," the others are far more important because they do not just establish bias, they show that members of the FBI under Obama, the same people Mueller chose for his "dream team" were actively plotting to take down Trump if he won the election.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok wrote in a cryptic text message to Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer and his mistress.

“It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40,” Strzok wrote in the text, dated Aug. 15, 2016.

Another chain of texts include the following:

In on Aug. 6 text, Strzok responded to an article shared by Page by replying, “F Trump.”

The pair exchanged another cryptic text message that same day.

“Maybe you’re meant to stay where you are because you’re meant to protect the country from that menace,” Page wrote.

“I can protect our country at many levels, not sure if that helps,” Strzok replied.

More texts can be seen at Washington Examiner.

It bears mentioning again that while no context is given within the some of these texts, these were determined by the inspectors office to be relevant to any investigation, out of the thousands they had in their possession.

By far the most incriminating is the reference showing they had a meeting in "Andy's" office, meaning Andrew McCabe, before the election where they were discussing a "path" and where Strzok specifically indicates that "we", meaning collectively"  "can't take the risk" that Donald Trump may be elected.

As Representative Jim Jordan highlighted in the tense grilling of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday, that specifies intent. Jordan also reminds the country, since this testimony was available to the public, that when those texts were being exchanged was around the same time the FBI opened their Russia investigation and Strzok was  chosen to lead it.

Was the Russia investigation itself the "insurance policy," against a Trump Presidency? A set up in order to overturn an election should the candidate they were conspiring against, one they made made very clear they were biased against, won the election?

Representative Jordan appears to be making that case in the clip below.


Even Mueller's most ardent defenders understand there is a problem here, from questions of Mueller's judgement in the team he chose, to his stonewalling Congress at the time of Strzok's  reassignment, most likely due to appearance of extreme bias tainting anything he touched that is part of the case being investigated, or evidence.

With new information about Mueller's "dream team" being revealed weekly, sometimes daily, the real issue is public perception, as no one can look at what has already been published and not see a major problem within the intelligence community, where agencies have been politicized to the point of needing a total and complete overhaul.

I see arguments that the bias doesn't matter if Mueller is on track to clear Trump, which in my mind is a partisan argument, corruption should be a concern no matter the outcome of any investigation. They are either corrupt or they are not. Period. Stop. Do no pass go and do not collect two hundred bucks.

I am also seeing conservatives argue that President Trump would be unhinged if he fired Mueller because they are already digging their own graves and destroying their own credibility, so Trump should basically just keep them supplied in shovels.

ANP contributor and former prosecutor Robert Kirk has suggested that President Trump should clean house, starting with Rosenstein, Wray & McCabe, and he does pose a persuasive argument for why that is needed at this time

Then we have Republican lawmakers that are pushing for an independent counsel to investigate the actions by politicized intelligence agencies under Obama during the 2016 election, from using the dossier to create the Russia investigation to letting Hillary Clinton off the hook.  In my view, then we would have two out-of-control fishing expeditions that veer off into areas that have nothing to do with their original purpose as Robert Mueller's team has done.



While I am not arguing nor defending Robert Mueller, his choices, his actions and his basic conflicts of interested (former FBI director, associations with present day deep state members, his close association with James Comey, etc...) it strikes me as extremely ironic that without Mueller's investigation, Strzok, Ohr, Rhee, Weissmann, McCabe, others in position of power, the Russia investigation as an "insurance policy", and the utter corruption of intelligence members in high positions of power under Obama, would not have been exposed to the public.

I keep coming back to two events: ONE- In former FBI director James Comey's prepared remarks to Congress, specifically the one in regards to the March 30, 2017 phone call between Comey and President Trump, where the President wanted to Comey to publicly state what Comey had told him about not being personally under investigation, Comey claimed "The president went on to say that if there were some 'satellite' associates of his who did something wrong, it would be good to find that out."

So even according to Comey, Trump stated outright he had no problem finding out if someone associated with his campaign did something wrong.

TWO- President Trump met with Robert Mueller the day before he was named as special counsel in the Russia investigation. The meeting was purportedly in regards to Mueller being nominated as FBI director. That never made sense, because FBI director is limited to a ten year term. Mueller served his ten years, the had to get permission by Congress to be allowed to continue for two more years.

The language is clear in Section 203(b) of the Crime Control Act of 1976, where it states "Effective with respect to any individual appointment by the president, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, after June 1, 1973, the term and service of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall be ten years. A Director may not serve more than one ten-year term....."

Why would President Trump be meeting with Mueller about a job that Mueller was not even eligible for, and was in fact, barred by law from accepting?

A couple days later President Trump announced he was nominating Christopher Wray as FBI director.

So, what exactly were Mueller and President Trump discussing if not the job of FBI director?

One final question: If Robert Mueller is so brilliant at his job, so respected before this special counsel position for his integrity, and so impartial, then why have this many members of his "dream team" now been exposed, as biased and perhaps corrupt members of the intelligence community? 

Something smells hinky here.


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