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July 20, 2018

Vile Tweet About Children Of Trump Ally Gets USA Today Writer Fired As Evidence Mounts 'Basket Of Haters,' Including 'Never Trump' Republicans, Are As Bad As Liberals


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have documented some pretty despicable behavior on the part of  #Resistance members, the liberal media, and the "celebrity" class, from death threats and physical violence against Trump supporters, to threatening President Trump's youngest child Barron, to openly calling for mobs to harass Trump administration officials... now, once again, we have yet another member of the media, deliberately targeting children in a vile attack against a father.

USA Today columnist and and frequent TV pundit, Cheri Jacobus, was in a Twitter dispute with Republican consultant and Trump ally Michael Caputo. In the midst of the two trading harsh barbs with each other, Jacobus stepped way over the line by going after Caputo's children, stating "Are your daughters ugly like you? Or can Trump use them at the Epstein parties so they can survive when you’re broke, bitter, along [sic] and in prison for treason?"

The reference to Epstein is about Jeffrey Epstein, a Bill Clinton mega-donor, who was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl. Epstein has also been accused of recruiting underage girls into a sex slave network, run from his Caribbean island, known as "Orgy Island."

The tweet quoted above was not the only reference Jacobus made about Caputo's children, as she also brought up his daughter by asking him "your illegitimate daughter contemplating the pavement because her loser dad is a traitor?  Keep it up."

When another user stepped in and took her to task, then suggested she leave the children out of it, she then responded by saying "Ask Caputo about Toy Moore. Then ask him why he drags his daughters into the public stage and uses them to help him beg for money so he can afford his vacation home. He’s whoring out his own daughters."

Caputo then took a screen shot of Jacobus original Tweet referencing Epstein and Caputo's daughters, and tweeted it to USA Today, stating "@usatodayopinion I’m sure it’s totally normal for one of your columnists to Tweet suggesting the rape of toddler girls. Right?"


USA Today immediately investigated and within an hour had notified Jacobus she would no longer be writing for USA Today, and told her to promptly remove their name from her bio, according to TheWrap:

“Our editors in the opinion section became aware of the tweet by freelance columnist Cheri Jacobus just after noon today,” a spokesperson for the company told TheWrap Thursday evening.

“An hour later after researching the issue, our editors let Jacobus know that she would no longer be writing for USA TODAY,” the spokesperson added. “We have asked her to remove the USA TODAY affiliation from her bio.”

By Friday morning, Jacobus — who once proudly boasted of her affiliation with USA Today in her Twitter profile — had removed any mention of the paper.

Note - According to Breitbart, "Prior to this, Jacobus was most famous for losing a $4 million lawsuit she filed against President Trump for calling her a 'real dummy'."



What party do readers think Jacobus belongs to? If your first response was Democrats...... you would be wrong.

She is another faction of the party of hate, a NeverTrumper. NeverTrumpers are so-called establishment "conservatives," that are so hell-bent on hating and opposing anything and everything about President Trump because the Republican base refused to let them influence them in the 2016 presidential primaries and election, that they now mimic the talking points, and as evidenced above, the behavior of the liberal #Resistance movement members.

While we have seen the #resistance physically attacking and threatening Trump supporters, and the liberal media inciting anger and vitriol towards Trump supporters and conservatives, while Democratic politicians like Maxine "Mad Max" Waters encouraging her followers to form mobs to harass and accosted Trump administration officials, they are not the only ones out there that have let Trump Derangement Syndrome turn them into vile haters.

People like Wapo columnist Jennifer Rubin, a supposed Republican, who is so filled with Trump Derangement Syndrome that she has been documented as literally flipping stances on major political issues on the sole basis that something she previously endorsed is opposed the second President Trump implements it.

In December of 2017, Charles Cooke of National Review offered many examples of Rubin's mental gymnastics in order to oppose president Trump on issues she previously promoted, a small sample of which is shown below:

The illustrations are endless. In two years, Rubin has gone from arguing that the “ludicrous,” “absurd” Iran deal “has to go” — and, indeed, that John Kasich was a fool for contending otherwise – to praising those who believe it must remain in place as “reasonable” “experts,” and predicting that even to decertify would put “American credibility” at “risk.” In 2015, she wrote that “if you examine the Iran deal in any detail, you will be horrified as to what is in there.” In 2017, she characterizes this position as the “emotional” “temper tantrum” of an “unhinged president.” A similar metamorphosis has sullied her views on tax cuts, welfare, energy, and gun control (before, after), as well as her attitude toward Jews and anti-intellectuals, which once led her to defend Sarah Palin, but which now leads her to condemn Trump on almost all of the grounds she once dismissed.

Interestingly enough, Cooke is not a fan of president Trump either, but has managed to attempt to put his extreme dislike of the President partially aside when writing about his policies.... sometimes, after all, he does write for National Review which was pretty much NeverTrump since Trump announced his candidacy.

Another example is Wapo columnist George Will, another so-called Republican that recently suggested that Republicans vote for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections in order to hand majority control of the Senate and House to the Democrats in November.

Before Donald Trump locked up the GOP nomination, there was a long list of NeverTrumpers, and a significant amount have adjusted their support in accordance with the policies President Trump has enacted, after having the time to see he was pushing a conservative agenda, while others attempt to report on policy issues on a case by case basis, but still let their personal dislike bleed through in the way they write about those issues.

Others, like Jacobus, have jumped straight into the "basket of haters" (see what I did there, Hillary?) along with the #Resistance, the liberal media, Hollywood and celebrities, and Democratic politicians like Mad Maxine.


We have covered the increasing amount of hate and vitriol, sometimes outright violence on the part of liberal resistance members, incited by the media and encouraged by some Democratic politicians in the past, and as things rapidly devolve, I am sure we will see many more examples.

It is just as important to note that faux Republicans that are part of the NeverTrumpers suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, to the point where they mimic liberal talking points, recommend voting for Democrats, and suggest whoring out toddler children to pedophiles, just because those children belong to a Trump ally, are just as dangerous.

Whether one supports Donald Trump or not, that type of behavior, doesn't belong in any party, and all Republicans should be condemning the type of hate that Jacobus spewed to Caputo about his toddlers, since she is supposedly a conservative. No matter how tense, or vehemently the two were feuding, no matter what is said about each other, his children should never have become fodder for her vile statements.

NeverTrumpers, not to be conflated with those that just do not support President Trump or who like his policies but not his personality, are no different that the #Resistance and should be treated as such.

They all belong in the "Basket of Haters."


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