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January 5, 2016

Are We Witnessing The Perfect Storm That Leads To The Second Amendment Apocalypse???


By Undrtaker - All News PipeLine

I have literally started this article three times over the last two days, and the details of what is going on, and the narrative of what is happening in Oregon right now has changed so many times, that it is difficult to tell you all what is happening, before the entire narrative changes.

So, I have watched as much as I can watch, and I have read as much as I can read, and now, I am going to try and give you as many of the details as I can, and then give you my opinion of what is going on in Burns, Oregon right now.


As we all know by now, The Hammond family is being dealt a massive injustice right now. Today, the 4th of Jan. 2016 the Hammonds had to report to federal prison to serve an absolutely ridiculous prison term for something that saved not only land, and their ranch, but probably saved their home and lives.

Because of the massive change of narrative in this story, I am not going to go in to a ton of detail on the Hammond family, as there is a ton of information out there. But, here is a five minute video from a month ago that gives a very quick rundown of what has happened to this family for the last many years from the BLM and our corrupt Federal government.

So, I want to ask you all a question, what do we do with the BLM when the very organization who is charging the Hammond family with Terrorism for lighting this back fire….. Does the same exact thing….


So, let me ask you all….. Why has the BLM NOT been charged with Domestic Terrorism?

Here is a video from four weeks ago, that has Ammon Bundy telling us what the BLM is doing, and showing proof of the BLM doing EXACTLY what the Hammonds are going to prison for. This is one more example that we are all so sick and tired of, that this corrupt to the core Federal Government and pretty much every agency that it controls live by a separate set of rules and laws than we the people have to endure.

How can the BLM be on camera lighting fires that not only are a hundred times worse than anything the Hammond family did, but the BLM kills cattle and threatens entire areas of people….. And NOBODY does anything?

Warning, there is a little foul language. Not bad, just pissed off ranchers.

So, the court cases against the Hammonds are done, the courts have made their decisions, and things for the Hammond family have been a nightmare to say the least.

About a month ago, this started to gain awareness nationally as the dates for not only the prison terms of the Hammonds would begin, there were massive fines that also had to be paid in full before the end of 2015.

Now, from what I can find, the Hammond family was fined approximately $400,000.00 for these completely insane terrorism charges related to starting this backfire. The family had until the last day of 2015 to pay that fine. A week before the end of the year, they had paid half of it, approximately 200k, however they were having a hard time raising the rest of the money as the BLM had issued some kind of restraint on the Hammonds in regards to selling anything over $500.00 so if you are trying to raise a quarter million dollars and can only do it $500 at a time, I am sure you can see the hardship in accomplishing that goal. I have read that neighboring ranchers had come to the family’s aid and had raised the rest of the money and paid the fine off in full. Which shows the compassion and caring held for this family by their neighbors and friends. 

And this is where I will start now with the introducing of Ammon Bundy and the militia and 3 percent organizations that have been involved.

As you have seen in the beginning of the last video, Ammon Bundy gives a little backdrop to what is happening. But these following videos are good references to not only see the message from the people making the call to arms, but also, a glimpse into their character.

I have a hard time watching Ammon Bundy in this video, and NOT believe that he is a good man… This man seems as sincere as one could be.

Now, many of us knew of the Bundy family already, and many of us knew of Ammon Bundy. This next video is of the other side of this, the people in this video represent a portion of the militia and 3 percent groups that have made the trek to Oregon…. 

They DO NOT represent the majority of them, I am putting this video up, so you get the faces and the names of these guys, so you yourself can research who these men are, and what they stand for. I will be giving you my opinion of these men later in the article, for now, I want to make them known to anyone that doesn’t know who they are.

Now we have a little background as to not only who the Hammonds are, but also who are some of the main people involved with this ordeal.

Now I am going to be switching directions, as this is a very complex issue with so many different angles and variables. Hang on folks, and get comfortable, this is going to be a long one as there is no way to tell the whole story in a short version.


I am going to jump now to what has been happening the last couple weeks in Burns, Oregon. The different patriot groups have arrived, some good, some questionable. Ammon Bundy along with a couple of his brothers are also in Burns.

The last couple weeks the militias and patriots have arrived to an area that some say the people have mixed feelings about their presence. Some reports that have come out say that the residents of Burns, although they totally support the Hammond family, they are very leery of the militia groups being there as they are wondering what exactly they intend on accomplishing. They see the fact that the Hammond family has agreed to surrender to the state of California and serve their prison terms and many question what objective are the patriot groups looking to accomplish.

That is a logical thing to ask if you are a member of that community if you ask me. If the Hammonds are surrendering to the authorities, is it that the patriots are there to help and assist the remaining family members, or is it that they have their own agenda?

Now, I want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR here, any of you that read anything that I write, know without a doubt that I do indeed feel that a stand has GOT TO BE MADE regarding this sick disgusting govt and all agencies of it, including the BLM. However, as so many often point out, we have to do it the right way, and maintain the moral high ground SO we have the support of the people.

The members of the Oregon 3 percenters along with the Idaho group had a meeting with the residents this weekend, Blaine Cooper and his group were also there, but didn’t say a whole lot to the people. 

Here is the video of that town hall meeting, it is long but basically the jest of it was the patriot groups were trying to comfort the residents of Burns that they were there for them, for their safety and that NO harm would come to them. They tried to tell the people that at some point, we must make a stand, but to do it the right way.

Watch the video and come to your own conclusion.

Then during the town hall meeting something completely unexpected happened….



In a completely shocking fashion, Blaine Cooper and his group of militia along with Ammon Bundy and a couple of his brothers, left the town hall meeting and headed out of town. What happed next took the entire town by surprise. Blaine Cooper and Ammon Bundy along with their parties took control of a federal property at a wildlife refuge.

This completely unexpected takeover happened after the Hammond family had already left to turn themselves in. It happened without letting all the other patriot groups know this was going to happen. And, most importantly, it happened without the people who live in Burns knowing that it was going to happen.

The fashion in which this occurred, it is very easy to see, it had been planned from the beginning. 

Now, this is one of the events that completely threw this whole story on its head…

I sat here Saturday night going, what the heck just happened?

As Saturday night progressed, videos from Ammon Bundy and Blaine Cooper started coming out, telling the country that they had taken control of the refuge, that nobody had gotten hurt in doing so as it was closed for the holidays, and that they were going to stay there for years until they reversed all of the negative things that the government and the BLM had done to what was once the richest county in Oregon.

Here is a video that came out almost immediately that night.

Now we have a completely different ball game folks. Now it isn’t about going to help the Hammonds if they decide to NOT go to prison, it isn’t about helping the Hammond family that remains in Burns, and it isn’t about helping the people of Burns with any injustices that have happened to them from this corrupt Federal Govt or the corrupt BLM…

Now it is, White Patriots with guns have seized control of federal buildings.

Here is a quick little three minute video that gives a little information about what to expect if you happen to be one of the legitimate patriots who made this trip with a goal that has just massively changed.

This now takes this whole event to a complete new level. The following things happened almost instantly.

A State of Emergency was declared.

All schools were closed for an additional week.

The Militia that remained in town, was completely floored on what had just happened, and they felt not only betrayed that this obviously PRE-PLANNED action was not discussed with them, they felt angry that it happened at all.

Twitter and social media erupted instantly with at least two thirds of the comments saying that white males should NOT be allowed to possess firearms, and calling those same white Americans domestic Terrorists. Now, I am going to redirect for a bit. What has been at the very top of the list of this president? What has been the thing that he is going to do, the week after he returned from his vacation?


It is no secret, to anyone who has been even remotely paying attention that the top thing this treasonous president has been wanting to accomplish is the complete and total disarming of the American people.

We have had shootings (false flag or not isn’t the point right now) on a rate of about once a week for so long that most of us can’t remember the last time we went a month without something happening.

Every single thing that happens on the governments road to disarming us, is a very strategic thing, planned for maximum effect whether in the courts of law, or the courts of public opinion.

We have the Southern Poverty Law Center listing White Christian Veteran Second amendment supporters as the number one terror threat to this nation. We have govt documents saying the same thing.

We have the Congress just put forth an all out Assault weapons ban legislation that makes Clintons assault weapons ban look like nothing.

And we are promised that the week after New Years, the president is going to unveil his new Executive orders on Gun Control.

Here is a video pointing out that Obama has this at the top of his priority list.

So, let me take you now to what is happening, and why it is starting to raise some serious eyebrows.

This morning I received an email with a link to Steve Quayle’s site. This is something you all need to read if you have not already done so.

I spoke with several militia leaders from around the states yesterday after I got wind of what's going on in Oregon. None of them agree with what's taking place out there, more especially how they are doing it not so much as to the why they are all there. Steve I have solid intel that there is at least one or more double agents in this "militia" group that has taken over the federal building. The fact that FBI is out there first kind of gives the false flag narrative an ace in the hole. This is not how we win the freedom movement. Now the National Guard is being sent out there. These guys who took over the federal building are not true militia, this is a rogue group of extremely dangerous people that are being herded to one spot, away from people, maybe for their promised gun battle. It's all too convienent for me to believe. This group claims they are going to occupy this place for years, and logistically that will never happen once the power, water, and food supply are cut off. This group out there wants a gun battle with the feds...they are openly stating this. They may just get their chance. This plays exactly into what Obama wants.Dot you think it's interesting that this happend the last year of Obama's reign? MARINE/ACTIVE-LEO--(UPDATE 8:00 AM--Two things about this story, first the 41st infantry brigade of the Oregon National Guard was sent to help the FBI deal with this threat from this faux militia. They sent the infantry, not negotiation specialist. They know a fight is coming. That tells me this is a staged event. Second thing is that the "militia" is being portrayed as all "white men"... who I'm sure are "Christian" there you have it. White Christian Men Armed with military style assualt rifles are attempting to over throw the federal government. What???? Did some one just combine all the talking points on CNN, Salon and the White House and decide to make a play? Sure seems like someone is pulling the strings here and it isn't these so called “patriots)".

Here is another link found on Steve Quayle’s site saying that the Oregon National Guard has been called on this. It also says that ALL town officials have been put under a gag order regarding this, so if quotes from the Sheriff are coming out, they are likely false as the Sheriff is under the gag order.

The FBI was also deployed to the scene with many armed members.  

Now today another interesting and honestly, disturbing incident has occurred. It is being reported that the people that have taken control of the refuge have bought in their families, including their children, into the facility. I can NOT figure out one good reason for them doing this.

So, now I am going to put a few things out there for you all to think about. I am going to ask you a series of questions for you to think about, and then I am going to tell you what I think, what I fear, is happening right before our eyes. 

Do you think that the Federal Govt along with the BLM had a good idea what was going to happen at the Bundy ranch when they pulled that stunt almost two years ago?

By the response of the patriot movement when it came to the Bundy Ranch, do you think that the Federal Govt and the BLM had a good idea what would happen regarding this gross injustice with the Hammonds, once the patriot movement got word of it?

Do you think Obama is serious in his desire to disarm the American people?

Has Obama shown total disregard for anything and everything regarding the constitution?

Do you think Obama and John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty for NOTHING?

Do you think that this is all happening right now, just a week or so after the congress has introduced the Assault Weapons Ban for a reason?

Do you think that after about fifteen years of screwing with this family, and the fact that the prison sentences were handed down in October, that it was an accident that the date the Hammonds had to report to prison, was the very Monday of the week the President is unveiling his Executive orders on Guns?

Do you find anything at all strange that ALL of these things have happened so conveniently at the exact same time?

Do you believe that the Federal Govt has actually created false flag events to get certain things done regarding guns and gun control?

Do you find it odd, that certain alternative media people on the ground in Burns have a hard time uploading videos unless they are back at the hotel using the hotel WIFI, and that there is almost no cell reception for these same people, However, everything that is being broadcast from this location that has been seized seems to come through with no problems and no interruptions?

Do you think that the Federal Govt would KILL US citizens (Waco twice, Ruby Ridge) to get an agenda passed?



Do you think, that any rational, patriotic man or woman that is taking a stand in a situation like is happening in Burns, Oregon knowing full well that our govt has killed in these exact same situations numerous times in its history, that the same rational patriot would bring his CHILDREN to the possible battleground??? 

Myself, I do NOT believe in coincidences any more when it comes to the completely horrible satanic things that our completely controlled govt will do to accomplish its goals. I have watched the last few years one false flag after another with the exact same end goal for each and every one of them.

Disarm the US people.

Here is my opinion of what we are seeing unfold right before our eyes. 

I think that the date the Hammonds had to report to prison was precisely planned to be the first day of the week that Obama is to unveil his Executive orders on Gun Control. I think that the introducing of the Assault Weapons Ban was precisely timed to coincide with it also.

I think that most of the people who went to Burns, Oregon are good patriotic people who are sick and tired of a sick and twisted satanic led government who is more concerned about appeasing their banker masters than they care about any of us.

I think we are seeing the final stages of the One World Order happening right before our eyes. And, there is ONE massive task that has to happen for them to make their final move. The American people have to be disarmed.

I have researched Blaine Cooper, and in my opinion Blaine and his little friend John along with most of the people who went to take over this Federal property, are NOT looking out for the benefit of the American people, they I believe are working for the feds to bring complete and total chaos to the entire situation.

Pete Santilli is another one who has raised MASSIVE flags for me on this, it sure seems that he is right in the middle of too many of these things, UNTIL things get heated, and then he packs up his camera and gets the heck out of dodge. I am very cautious of ANYTHING that he partakes in, as NOTHING ever seems to be as he reports.

I think, what we are witnessing is another very well thought out, and very well planned false flag operation being carried out by the Federal Govt, and the BLM.

I think that we have all sat here for the last month waiting to see what Obama is going to unveil on us, and that in order for him to do this, something massive would have to happen, not just something like the massive false flag at Sandy Hook, But something that painted the White American Patriot as the enemy of the very country that we would give our life to defend.

I believe that the Bundy Ranch was a real situation, however, I believe that the feds used the Bundy Ranch as a litmus test of sorts. A litmus test to not only identify who showed up and where they all came from, but a litmus test to see IF we would show up, how many of us, and how fast we could get there. They knew at the time, that if they opened fire on the patriots at the Bundy Ranch standoff, they would lose massively in the court of public opinion. And that would not do the disarming agenda any good at all.

So…… I believe that they planned false flag, after false flag for the last few years. We have all talked how many times how they have gotten so sloppy with them that they don’t even care any more if they look real or not.

But to accomplish the ultimate goal, the disarming of the patriot, they need a dandy. They need a massive event that both paints the American Patriot as the terrorist to the court of public opinion (the sheep) and something so big and so bad, that those same sheep are actually behind the disarming of the patriots so it doesn’t happen again.

So, they purposely sentence the Hammonds to a prison sentence that they KNOW will upset every patriotic American. They purposely time the event with the long term plan of all the gun ban Executive orders, and the introduction of the Assault Weapons Ban. They perfectly time the day the Hammonds are to report to prison, to be the first day, of the very week that Obama is to unveil all these Executive orders. 

Then, they watch the patriots pour into Burns, Oregon. They watch the good patriots come to the defense of a good American Rancher, and his family. They had a very good idea of how it would happen, from the litmus test a couple years earlier, the Bundy Ranch.

In this group of patriots to descend on Burns, there are of course undercover feds, just like in pretty much every other false flag operation that has ever occurred.

Once the Hammonds leave, the infiltrated feds escalate the entire situation from helping a fellow patriot, to a felony seizure of Federal buildings and property, all while heavily armed of course.

We have FBI, the National Guard, Drones and all assets of the Govt, on the ground and in the air.

We now have a compound of heavily armed patriots with their families and CHILDREN as the target of all above assets.

This can NOT turn out good.

I know that this comment section is going to be a good one, as many of you have been asking for this in its own article. We have all been talking about it for days. My job here isn’t to make you agree 100 percent with my theory on how this all happened. My job here is to tell you what I think.

Picture if you will, a massive firefight with armed patriots at an illegally seized federal facility, with not only the patriots being killed, but the spouses and children laying dead for all the MSM news cameras…..

The rate this event is changing, we could wake up tomorrow to a completely different scenario.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments. 

My Rant for the day…….


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