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August 6, 2019

Politics Of Hate: The No. 1 Guilty Party In America Is The MSM, Proving Once Again They Are The 'Enemy Of The People'

- They Have Blood On Their Hands Already, And They Are Still Pushing For Civil War


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Stefan Stanford is working to compile the most under-reported and bizarre "news," regarding the two mass shootings in El Paso, and Dayton, for his next article, it has become apparent that one of the biggest industries guilty of fomenting "hate" in America, is the liberal establishment media with their constant "outrage reporting," and incitement of violence against their political enemies, which happens to be conservatives and Christians.

In my last article "A Nation Of Crazy People," we cited psychologist after psychologist describing Trump Anxiety Disorder, otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, and highlighting the one common denominator in their public statements.... and obsession with the "news" media and social media. All of them mentioned the "media" and their reporting as increasing their stress levels and the stress and anxiety in their patients.

In El Paso, the shooters "manifesto" was full of contradictory political positions, a hatred of immigrants, while favoring universal healthcare and a basic income, while the Dayton shooter was a self-identified leftist, satanist, proponent of socialism and an Elizabeth Warren fan.

Lets just stipulate that neither President Trump, nor Elizabeth Warren are responsible for what crazy people do, and going into any place and opening fire on innocents is evil and/or crazy. 

The shooters alone are to blame for their plans, and pulling the triggers. Guns do not fire themselves.

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The media on the other hand, does bear much responsibility, not just for constantly, and I mean every single day by constantly,  for fomenting hate, division, outrage and outright violence against anyone to the right of the center.

No, the media personalities that get paid to constantly push Americans into the next civil war, did not actually pull the trigger, but their massive presence, where their shows are shown in airports, hair salons at times, bars, and into almost every American home, via television, as well as their online and social media presence, makes them accountable to some degree when they report false, misleading and many times totally fake news, which incites violence.


Examples can be found in their three year Russian Collusion Hoax, the attacks against innocent Covington Catholic students, their wall-to-wall coverage of the Smollett hate crime hoax, only to ignore it or downplay it once it was proven to be a hoax.

The examples are never ending as they allow their pundits to tell their audiences that anyone that supports President Trump is a "white supremacist," or a "racist," while they seek to justify Antifa violence against conservatives, and they actively ignore the hundreds upon hundreds of physical attacks and harassment by liberals against conservatives.

On Monday, NewsBusters, which tracks media bias, had a series of articles showing how the media is once again using the two mass shootings to foment more hate, division and trying to incite violence.

Here are some of the headlines on their front page on Monday, August 5, 2019, at 2:00 pm:

CBS: Trump’s Speeches ‘Almost Identical’ to Manifesto of Crazed Killer

CNN Smears Gun Owners, Trashes ‘Diversionary’ Speech by Racist Trump

Celebs Attack 2nd Amendment, ‘Hater in Chief’ Trump After Shootings

NBC Channels Dems: Trump ‘Bears Some Responsibility’ for Shooting

Nets Ignore: Dayton Shooter Was Alleged Leftist, Supported Warren

CBS Parrots Dem Talking Points: Hold Trump 'Accountable' for Slaughter

NY Times Tries to Motivate Black Vote Against 'Racist' Trump on Page One

There are many more, but that should be enough to identify the pattern of divisive coverage.

There isn't a topic out there that the MSM isn't using to divide Americans.

• They are trying to pit blacks against whites in a race war.

• They are stoking divisions between Second Amendment supporters and liberals.

• They are highlighting one shooter that they believe furthers their narrative, while ignoring the the other because it blasts that narrative to shreds. 

• They pit women against men by victimizing feminists while treating masculinity as "toxic."

• They pit black conservatives against black liberals by insisting "blacks" must all think the same.

• They pit the moderately sane Democrats against the radically crazed socialist zealots.



The answer to both the bullet point questions are easy. The when was election night in 2016, when the media discovered they had lost control of the people. Their constant negative coverage of the then-candidate Trump failed to influence the public enough to prevent their favored candidate from winning. 

The why is because of their dwindling influence as more and more people saw their misleading headlines, their out-of-context reporting of Trump's words, and the selectively edited videos to push their narrative. The entire #WalkAway movement was created by a man, a gay Hillary Clinton voter, Brandon Straka, who realized he had been lied to, over and over again by the MSM. (He explains in the outstanding video at the end of this article, how it was the media's constant lies that made him #WalkAway from the Democrat party.)

Their influence only increased with liberals that only wanted to hear or see their own opinions and ideologies in the coverage, which was when they then realized they could stoke tensions, generate hate, foment violence and lay the foundation for outright civil war if they fail again in 2020 to get their way.

It is unclear why the media thinks they will come away from a civil war unscathed, unless their own collective case of Trump Anxiety Disorder is simply so intense, and untreated, they simply aren't capable of understanding the amount of hell they are trying to unleash.


Due to their massive national and international platform, the liberal establishment media bears much responsibility for the increasing violence we have been documenting over the course of the past three years, including responsibility for deliberately inciting the anger, rage and outrage of Americans suffering from mental disorders.

The blood we see on the streets today, whether from violent and brutal attacks against Trump supporters, or these tragic mass killings, is blood that also stains the hands of the MSM.

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