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July 12, 2019

Total Media Meltdown After Social Media Summit At White House For Censored Independent Media - Lib Reporter Claims Attendees  'Eager For Demonic Possession' Then Whines After Being Called A 'Punk'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, President Trump held a "Social Media Summit," which did not include tech leaders of Facebook, Google, Twitter or others, but instead consisted of conservative politicians, members of his cabinet and citizen journalists, which he called "online journalists and influencers," who he said were "challenging the media gatekeepers and corporate censors to bring the truth to the American people."

The President also commended these social media "influencers" for their ability to communicate with Americans without the "fake news filter," despite the widespread censorship of conservatives and Independent Media by social media platforms and big tech platforms like Google and YouTube.

Some key comments via New York Post:

President Trump lashed out at social media “censorship” and “bias” Thursday and threatened legislation if Silicon Valley doesn’t change its ways.

“I am directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislation solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans — that’s you people in this room,” he said at a “social media summit” at the White House.

“We hope to see transparency, more accountability and more freedom — that’s on both sides,” he continued.
The nearly 45 minute speech, which is embedded at the bottom of the article, went over well with the audience in the room, as President Trump highlighted actions being taken by some GOP congressmen and women in regards to big tech censorship, as well as having James O'Keefe of Project Veritas stand up so he could congratulate him on his latest project where he exposed systematic bias and censorship by Google.

One of the most well received lines was when the President called citizen journalists of the Independent Media "extraordinary," before stating "The crap you think of is unbelievable, unbelievable."



The establishment media on the other hand, was not at all happy with the summit, nor the President's comments, and they were especially bitter that the President was celebrating Independent journalism, while informing the public about the issue of online censorship of conservatives.

That unhappiness peaked after the summit itself, when the attendees were seated in the Rose Garden for the President to make an announcement on the Census, after courts had prevented his administration from adding the citizenship question, when frequent CNN guest and White House Correspondent for Playboy, Brian Karem, in response to someone telling him to not "be sad," gestured toward the attendees and loudly stated "This is a group of people that are eager for demonic possession."

In response, President Trump's former Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian (SEB) Gorka, yelled across the garden to Karem, "And you’re a journalist, right?"

Karem then snarkily responded "Come on over here and talk to me, brother. Or we can go outside and have a long conversation." (Readers can determine for themselves exactly what he meant by that by looking at the smirk on his face when he said it, as the video is embedded below)

Gorka walked right on over to him and shouted "You’re not a journalist. You’re a punk!," before turning and walking away, with some of the guests chanting "Gorka, Gorka, Gorka."

At the end of the full video of their exchange, someone can be heard telling Karem "For the record, he'd kick your punk a**."

Here is the full exchange:

A longer version of the clip (seen here) also shows Karem being confrontational with Trump supporter Joy Villa, where he denigrates citizen journalists, declaring that if they don't have copy editors, they aren't true "journalists," where he is confronted by an African American citizen journalists that points out he just threatened Gorka with his "offer" to go outside to "talk."

That is what happened, but that is not the narrative the establishment media wanted to run with, so we see the exact method multiple media outs, including Karem himself, use to create a "fake news" narrative, to make it seem like Gorka attacked Karem with no provocation.

An MSNBC employee, Nick Ramsey, uploaded a selectively edited video clip of the exchange that began with Gorka in Karem's face calling him a punk and walking away.

Karem then shared that video, which left out his provocative initial statements that started the exchange, tweeting the video with the message "Just another day at the WH!," as if he was somehow the "victim."

Then Democratic Strategist, Consultant, Political Adviser @HillaryClinton, Adam Parkhomenko, retweeted the same selectively edited and misleading video, with the message "Hey friends: White House reporter @BrianKarem is at 176k followers. Watch this crazy ass shit and then help him get to 200,000. Follow, retweet, spread the word. He never stops showing up."

Karem made sure to retweet the misleading clip yet again, saying "Well it is never a dull moment here."

Other so-called journalists shared the same type of disinformation, ironically including "Tech and internet misinformation" writer Ali Breland, and unsurprisingly CNN's Jim Acosta, who earlier was whining on Twitter about the guests of the summit being given seating up front while the establishment media was in the back.

CNN's Acosta didn't just share the same misleading video, but he took it a step further by claiming the WH Press are the victims here, stating "WH officials invited Trump's social media allies to sit in the Rose Garden. But after the event was over, West Wing aides did nothing when those social media figures began to verbally abuse reporters who were trying to do their jobs. A good snapshot of how press is treated by WH."

Other Twitter users took Acosta to task for misrepresenting what actually happened, but the rapid way the establishment media made the original selectively edited clip go viral, trying to set the tone of the narrative of how those horrible Independent journalists "verbally abuse" WH reporters, is a pattern we have seen time and time again from the so-called mainstream media.

Remember those poor Covington Catholic students the media did the same thing to? They first pushed an edited version of a longer video, then rushed to report that MAGA hat wearing students "surrounded," and "mocked" and "taunted" and elderly native American Vietnam veteran, resulting in death threats against the students, and threats against their school.

Almost all the establishment news media targeted those kids, while interviewing the poor "abused" Native American man.

The full video showed the elderly Native American approached the students while pounding on a drum right in the student's face. Also, later it was found out that the Native American man wasn't even a Vietnam veteran.

Same pattern of creation for a "fake news" media narrative. They get busted over and over again with the real, full version of events, but their followers have already been misinformed and off they go running with the "fake news," spreading it all over the internet.

(CNN analyst and Playboy WH Correspondent attacks summit guests)


The establishment media started melting down even before the summit, with just the announcement that had CNN's Oliver Darcyy already hyperventilating, claiming the President was "inviting right-wing extremists/trolls to the White House" and saying it "maybe the clearest example of him seeking to validate fringe political allies." He then opined "He's also boosting those people, of course, while working simultaneously to tear down legitimate news orgs. It's alarming & dangerous." (More at Twitchy) MSNBC was panicking that TPUSA's Benny Johnson might share "dank memes" with the President.

The point here is that the establishment liberal media hates Independent Media and were outraged the President hosted a summit for them, the very Independent Media that help him win the 2016 Presidential election by bypassing traditional liberal media to get Trump's message out to the people.

President Trump, knowing all this, just by announcing the summit, quite literally trolled the liberal media into complete meltdown mode even before the summit began, and made it almost impossible for them to not cover it, thereby finally allowing Americans that aren't online news junkies, to learn of the massive censorship social media and big tech have been perpetuating against conservatives online.

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