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July 10, 2017

More Proof Russia Did NOT Hack DNC: Files 'Copied Locally' Five Days Before DNC Data Analyst, Seth Rich, Was Murdered


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When Russian President Vladimir Putin asked for proof or evidence of election meddling on the part of Russia when President Trump brought the topic up during their meeting at the G20 Summit, it was a demand that the U.S. could not meet, because what was President Trump going to say? "Our proof and evidence three intelligence agencies used was obtained by an anti-Russia cyber-security firm, Crowdstrike, that had already been caught manufacturing 'Russia hacking' evidence."

I am sure that would have went over like a lead balloon and most likely would have had Putin laughing, considering none of America's intelligence agencies were allowed access to the DNC servers to make their own determination as to how the DNC and Podesta emails ended up in the hands of Wikileaks.


An extensive and in-depth new report has been published which completely destroys the narrative of Russia actors being behind the Wikileaks DNC and Podesta emails being published during the 2016 presidential campaign cycle. 

The report analyzes the file metadata found in the documents that have been attributed to Guccifer 2.0, also released by Wikileaks, which ultimately ended up being the damaging emails from the DNC which resulted in the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being forced to resign as well as two others, after exposing the DNC actively worked against Bernie Sanders and in favor of and in conjunction with, the Hillary Clinton campaign. Wikileaks had also released thousands of documents which contained internal emails that included Clinton's former campaign chair, John Podesta.

In the overview summary of the report, which includes 10 bullet points, it states "The initial copying activity was likely done from a computer system that had direct access to the data.  By 'direct access' we mean that the individual who was collecting the data either had physical access to the computer where the data was stored, or the data was copied over a local high speed network (LAN)."

Another explosive bullet points shows "This initial copying activity was done on a system where Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) settings were in force. Most likely, the computer used to initially copy the data was located somewhere on the East Coast."

Another bullet point which seems to cast serious doubt on the "the Russians did it" narrative, states "Due to the estimated speed of transfer (23 MB/s) calculated in this study, it is unlikely that this initial data transfer could have been done remotely over the Internet."

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is on record, multiple times, informing the public that contrary to the "official" narrative of "Russia hacked the DNC" that has pushed consistently since those emails were exposed by Wikileaks, that the emails were the result of a "leak" and not a "hack," and that Russia was not behind the leaks, nor was any other "state party."

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is also on record saying he had contact with the initial source and "Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians." He continued on to say "The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks."

The entire report from Forensicator can be seen at their website, which includes not only the overview summary with the bullet points, but detailed explanations, screen shots showing the metadata timestamps and dates, as well as 11 separate conclusions based on that metadata contained in the files.


The very first bullet point of the report, indicating the date the initial data was copied from the computer where the original data was stored, once again highlights the timing of the still unsolved murdered of the DNC data analyst Seth Rich in connection to when these files were copied.

On 7/5/2016 at approximately 6:45 PM Eastern time, someone copied the data that eventually appears on the “NGP VAN” 7zip file (the subject of this analysis). This 7zip file was published by a persona named Guccifer 2, two months later on September 13, 2016.

A couple of points here. One: The Guccifer 2 release, which was analyzed for this recent report was not published until September, but the Wikileaks DNC email database started being published on July 22, 2017, but since  the analysis concludes that Guccifer 2 did not "hack" the DNC, the logical conclusion according to the metadata on the Guccifer 2 release, is that whoever supplied the information to Wikileaks, also gave the information to Guccifer 2, and it all comes down to that 7/5/2016 timestamp.

Secondly and in my mind the most important as someone that has been keeping a close eye on the events and news regarding the Seth Rich murder, is that according to this latest analysis, the original file was copied on July 5, 2016, directly from the computer where the data was stored, and Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, just five days after the original files were copied.


The official narrative from law enforcement has been the murder of Rich was the result of a "botched" robbery, a narrative that was directly contradicted after a three month investigation by The Profiling Project, which consists of a group of volunteers who are current and former George Washington University forensic-psychology graduate students and instructors, who recently determined the botched robbery narrative was highly unlikely, especially given the fact that no personal items were taken from Rich one year ago today, when he was brutally murdered in cold blood.

That detailed report concludes Rich was killed by either a "hired killer" or a serial murderer. (That whole report is embedded in an article published at ANP on June 21, 2017)

On this first anniversary of the Seth Rich murder the MSM is once again going full-out to claim that any suggestion or questioning of the timing of Rich's murder in conjunction with the release of those DNC emails, or other details released since that fateful day last year, is a "far-right conspiracy" theory, yet those same reports do not detail the litany of reasons why people are still questioning the "official" narrative.

Such as the Wikileaks 20K reward offer for "information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich," tweeted out on August 9, 2016.


Such as Julian Assange, in an interview given that same day Wikileaks offered the reward, heavily suggesting that Seth Ruch was the source behind the Wikileaks DNC emails, when speaking about the "risks" that whistleblowers suffer, then directly highlighting the death of Seth Rich, while maintaining it is Wikileaks policy to never name their sources.

Regular ANP reads have seen this, but for new readers, watch how he phrases it, what he says, and decide for yourself.

Also completely ignored by the MSM, especially those claiming today that questions regarding Seth Rich's murder and his connection to those Wikileaks DNC emails are a "far right conspiracy," is that Seth Rich's own cousin has publicly questioned the official narrative of Rich's murder being a botched robbery, stating "First thing I said when my Dad told me was he knew something and he was murdered."

That tweet was later deleted after another family member reprimanded him for speaking out about his concerns, but it was archived.


Not only did Seth's cousin question that official narrative, but in response to Actor James Woods asking when the "Russian gag" would start to wear thin, Rich responded with "Maybe tomorrow when #SethRich story hits Fox News," referencing a report, which some details have since been contradicted, which claimed that emails to Wikileaks had been found on Rich's computer.

Another thing the MSM does not seem to find curious at all, which they do not even mention in their reporting is that a Democratic "crisis" communication agent, Brad Buaman, is the Rich family's spokesman, yet no one has been able to determine who is paying him or hired him and he refuses to say who is paying his salary, since the Rich family has stated they have spent none of the money donated to them for the investigation Seth Rich's murder.


While there are many unanswered questions regarding the Seth Rich murder, one glaring question is why the media refuses to report on the real reasons why people are asking questions, not even pointing out all of the aforementioned issues..... is it possible they do not want to give their readers the full picture because maybe then those readers would start questioning the "official" narrative as well? More likely, they refuse to offer the full story because then their "Russia did it" narrative would fall apart in front of their readers.

There is a mystery to be solved. The murder of a 27 year old man, who happened to be a DNC analysts, murdered five days after information was taken from DNC servers, referenced directly by the founder of Wikileaks who published said information, and the MSM would rather scream "CONSPIRACY!" rather than even attempt to pretend they want to see this mystery solved. 

Below, the lawyer suing the DNC for fraud says Seth Rich was a potential witness to the DNC fraud uncovered by the Wikileaks emails, and cited Rich's murder along with several other "bizarre" deaths, to ask for witness protection. 

Note- The Jam Pac DNC Class Action Lawsuit website he references below, includes the documents filed with the court for the motion of order of protection, some of which were submitted under seal, others can be read - Scroll down to the documentation dated June 13, 2017 to see them.)

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