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December 11, 2015

Bizarre San Bernardino Massacre Link Tracks Back To Russia! Warnings From Law Enforcement To Stay Extra Vigilant This Holiday Season As Terrorists Target Hobby Stores And Remote Control Toys


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on December 3rd, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP with a picture originally reported to be Syed Rizwan Farook and his murderous wife Tashfeen Malik as seen at the top of this story. She later discovered the picture was actually the brother of the San Bernardino killer, Syed Raheel Farook, a US Navy Veteran and his wife 'Tatiyana Farook'. One would be easily forgiven for believing while looking at the picture of Raheel and Tatiana that she was from India or Pakistan as killer Tashfeen Malik was. However, we learn today that Tatiyana Farook seen above is also known as Tatiyana Chernykh or Tatiyana Gigliotti. Tatiyana Chernykh is actually Russian. And it is there that the San Bernardino mystery may really begin.

The Conservative Treehouse unearthed some recent pictures of Tatiyana along with her sister Mariya Chernykh (aka Mariya Gigliotti). If that names sounds familiar to any of you it would be because she is the wife of the man who allegedly purchased the weaponry used in the San Bernardino, California shooting, Enrique Marquez. Marquez, by the way, checked himself into a mental institution the day of the San Bernardino massacre.

It turns out that the Chernykh sisters, both Russians married to Muslim men, one a former US Navy Officer and one who told the FBI he had plotted a terror attack himself upon America back in 2012 as shared in the 2nd video below, also both work at a shopping mall kiosk owned by sister Tatiyana at which they sell cell phone cases/supplies. One might think by looking at the picture above and the two pictures below of the two Russian sisters together that they might be able to blend in just about anywhere.


Back in January of 2015, three Russians were charged with spying with 1 arrested in New York. We also learned from the NY Post back in January that a Russian espionage ring working in America was trying to recruit college co-eds and other New York women to serve as Russian intelligence sources. The history of Russia using women as spies is legendary and while we're unable to prove these young ladies are indeed spies for Russia or in any way involved with what happened in San Bernardino, the 1st video below looks into these mysterious Russian woman a bit more.

Two of the other issues that caught our attention involving this were the continuous reports of "3 athletic, tall men" as the 'real' San Bernardino shooters and previous reports of Russian Spetsnaz and 'grey terror' in America. Additionally, the fact that the two Russian women were running a business selling cell phone supplies fits right into another possibly huge terrorism related story we're watching right now. As WND reported today, there are huge gaps in the official San Bernardino story including the 3rd shooter, the possible role of CAIR and and the lack of video tape from inside the building.

A story that Steve Quayle linked to this morning out of Missouri tells us that, once again, a massive and suspicious cell phone purchase was made, this time in Missouri, where 3 Wal Marts were recently hit up by a several people who were purchasing prepaid cell phones in huge amounts. The FBI has opened an investigation and has warned that prepaid cell phones are sometimes used by terrorists to detonate bombs and they love prepaid phones in that they're much more difficult to track. Since that report, we've learned of a total of several more incidents in the Missouri area where huge cell phone purchases were attempted or made by Middle Eastern men.


Is there a Russian intelligence link to the San Bernardino shooting or is it just a coincidence that these two men who were very close to the shooter just happened to marry Russian women who were sisters? We also take a look below these videos at a recently released SQAlert in which we learn of a disgusting warning that terrorists could use remote controlled model cars, drones, model airplanes and other RC vehicles to deliver bombs instead of Christmas presents to unsuspecting targets this holiday season. We also learn that law enforcement is on high alert through the Christmas season with particular focus upon Christmas Eve. As many law enforcement officials have also warned Americans, the American people should be ready as well though no one should try to be vigilantes.

With a recent warning also coming out from Democratic Senate hopeful and current Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez that up to 20% of Muslims want an Islamic caliphate and are willing to use violence and terror to help achieve that goal, we look at the current number of 1.8 million Muslims now in America and shudder to think that one out of every five of those would be willing to use violence to help their cause. By the way, that would be approx. 360,000 radical Muslims in America if Sanchez is correct according to recent estimates of the number of Muslims in America.

As we reported on Tuesday, if 2 radicalized terrorists could cause the amount of damage caused in San Bernardino, California, just imagine how much carnage 360,000 radicalized Muslims might cause here. As we also learned from the LA Times today, the San Bernardino terrorists had something much larger in mind. We pray that it never comes to that and our government can figure out what the problems are with our immigration system to make sure that nobody is allowed into this country who have intentions of using violence against others.

However, with our immigration system broken and even top level FBI and DHS employees warning they are unable to properly vet the people now being allowed in, America appears to be being set up for disaster.


Good morning Steve, I live in the Fort Lauderdale area Florida. Night before last I saw on the news that a hobby shop in Miami was Burglarized late in the evening. The men that burglarized it did very little to disguise who they were. Previewing the video, several of the men appeared to be Muslim. What caught my attention was the fact that they stole several thousand dollars in remote control cars. I would've thought nothing about it, but after what took place in California and seeing that there was a pipe bomb strapped to a remote control car , this makes me wonder why several Muslims broke into a hobby store and stole a bunch of remote control cars?? Maybe nothing, just a thought.SQ NOTE WILL ALL THE THROW AWAY PHONES BEING PURCHASED BY THOSE SAME PEOPLE THAT DONT CARE THAT THEIR IDENTITIES ARE KNOWN, BE USED AS COMMAND DETONATORS FOR BOMBS STRAPPED TO THESE RC VEHICLES?

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