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October 15, 2020

SHTF Scenario Question: Would You Help Liberal Family Or Friends That Are Completely Unable To Help You Survive The Aftermath Of Disaster?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

"When the serious SHTF, will you allow in/help family members who have unrepentantly championed the Liberal side?" - OneNationUnderGod comment, October 14, 2020.

The headline question came from a reader in the comment section, but I could not get it out of my head because there are so many different ways to look at the situation as well as many different ways to explain any answer given.

Many would look at that question and think it is harsh, because as human beings, wouldn't we want to help others less prepared they would ask, but there is far more nuance to this issue.

For example: Should the SHTF scenario be from something society is responsible for instead of a weather event or natural disaster, would far left liberals be an attribute or a hindrance in survival situations and the rebuilding of a nation?

Some would think that is a mighty cold way of looking at this issue, but those are most likely people that still do not understand what it will take to rebuild and replenish an entire nation.


When one thinks about prepping and preppers, meaning individuals that prepare for any potential pitfall or disaster that may come at them by stocking up on food, water and other basic necessities, politics are generally left out of the public conversation because once the SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan), it is truly doubtful that we will see 'politics as usual" for a very long time as people will be too busy trying to survive whatever event happened.

With that said, when we hear the reference to preppers, one automatically seems to lean towards the "preppers are conservatives" mindset rather than thinking preppers lean towards a liberal mindset.

Conservatives aren't the only ones that automatically think "right-wing" when discussing the prepping movement. In the recent past, media outlets, and others speaking about the prepper movement always linked it to the "right-wing," with most treating prepping as if it was practiced by "paranoid," "radical" "anti-government" conservative right-wingers.

History Cooperative, 2019: "Preppers are largely seen as right wing and conservative."

Business Insider 2019: "Preppers have various reasons for their stashes, but Mills told Business Insider that "prepping's a mostly kind of right-wing culture."

Sapiens, 2018: "Preppers are often portrayed as doomsday-obsessed, right-wing, anti-government extremists who want nothing more than to wade into an apocalypse with guns blazing in an effort to protect their families and ideology. Television shows like the National Geographic channel’s Doomsday Preppers perpetuate these stereotypes."

The Guardian, 2020: "We mocked preppers and survivalists – until the pandemic hit."

Ain't that the truth. All of a sudden the media who had mocked, derided, and told their audiences that those paranoid right-wing preppers were all conspiracy theorists, changed . The terminology also changed and the words paranoid and conspiracy no longer is used to described those that prepare for an emergency.

The thing is, we still don't see a whole lot of Democrats/liberals talking about prepping, at least no more than panic shopping for toilet paper before they even considered food, and there are reasons for that.

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There are a number of conservative stances that automatically lean into the prepper mindset, just as there are a large number of liberal stances that lead us to believe they simply do not have a survivalist attitude.

Second Amendment, Guns & Gun Control:

Preppers are huge Second Amendment supporters by and large, because they understand that in a SHTF scenario, weapons allow them to defend and protect home, family and stockpiles. So weapons can be the difference between life and death.

Republicans/Conservatives are known for being very supportive of the Second Amendment. 

Democrats/Liberals are known for their constant push for gun control, banning weapons or larger capacity magazines, and gun free zones, just to name a few of their polices that are inherently anti-prepper/survivalist.

Nanny State Mentality

This is perhaps one of the main reasons that most liberals simply are not prepared mentally to survive long-term.

 Conservatives/Republicans are generally in favor of "small government," while liberal/Democrats favor big government. 

This is not an opinion, it is in their very party platforms. Liberals push for more rules, regulation, limits on what can and cannot be done in their states, and censorship of ideas they do not agree with, while conservatives fight for free speech no matter how offensive, less government interference, less regulations, and more freedom.

When trouble occurs, most liberals automatically think the federal government will come in and make everything alright again, so they are completely unprepared to go out and scavenge if need be, defend and protect their homes, feed their families with no electric and no availability of stores and restaurants.

Most conservatives don't trust government to always be there to help or "save us," and have prepared accordingly.


After doing a bit of research this category is immensely interesting. Skills will be very important in SHTF scenario and especially in the aftermath where survival will depend on the competence of those in a community or family group.

A few years ago, Washington Post reported on a study by Verdant Labs, which compiled data from the Federal Election Commission that compared political contributions to the occupations of the contributors.

Using that list, titled "Democratic vs. Republican occupations," readers can determine for themselves what skillsets are more useful and critical to survival and what party generally gravitates towards those occupations.

Republican careers listed are as follows: Oil Worker, Pilot, Beer Wholesaler, Logger, Truck Driver, Motel Owner, Chairman, Urologist, Plastic Surgeon, Exterminator, Car Salesman, Home Builder, Pawn Broker, Catholic Priest, Plumber, Surgeon, Sheriff, Farmer, Cattle Feeder, Talk Show Host, Insurance Agent, Business Owner, Petroleum Geologist, and Neurosurgeon. 

Liberal careers listed as follows: Environmentalist, Flight Attendant, Bartender, Librarian, Taxi Driver, Innkeeper, Chairwoman, Pediatrician, Sculptor, Floral Designer, Yoga Instructor, Architect, Bookseller, Episcopal Priest, Carpenter, Midwife, Park Ranger, Gardener, Chef, Comedian, Professional Poker player, Union Organizer, Environmental Scientist, and Psychiatrist.

While each list provides some useful skillsets, looking though the differences, such as the difference between the "chef," and the "cattle farmer, which is listed right across from each other on the Avant list, we see one cooks the food, on the Democrat side, which is important, but the  Republican side provides the food to cook.

Here is list, side by side over at Avant, and please let us know in the comments which occupations you think would be more useful in a SHTF scenario and aftermath.

Mental Preparedness

I will admit in advance that my own bias is part of this particular topic as it is a pet peeve of mine to see liberals constantly trying to "cancel" people and businesses for no other reason than something they said or did "offended" or hurt their feelings.

In the aftermath of of everything hitting the fan, there will be no safe spaces from speech or ideas a liberal may not like, no trigger warnings before everything goes to hell in a handbasket. There will be no refusing to interact with a member of the group simply because they offended or hurt someone's feelings.

I fully believe that the Democrats and liberal of today simply are not mentally prepared to survive long-term, nor to be useful to a group trying to survive.


Would You Help Liberal Family Or Friends That Completely Unprepared To Help Survive Catastrophe?

We look forward to seeing your answers and reasoning.

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