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November 29, 2018

Social Justice Warriors Are Outraged Again! PC Police Are Miserable People That Want To Make Everyone Else As Miserable As They Are


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

From childrens' television Holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) classics to a child's birthday party theme, social justice warriors (SJW) are once again outraged, and are not happy unless they are trying to ruin everything.

Last weeks liberal outrage:  The SJW political correctness (PC) police attacked ABC's "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," which first aired in November 1973, claiming that the show was "racist" because the cartoon's only black character, Franklin, was sitting alone on one side of the table, in a lawn chair.

The special, which debuted Nov. 20, 1973, aired again on Wednesday — prompting social media outrage over the gang’s highly unwoke picnic table arrangement.

“Why is Franklin in Charlie Brown Thanksgiving sitting all by himself at the table. Man. Things that I did not notice as a child,” @Asharp52 blasted on Twitter.

Others said good grief over a seating chart that would have thrilled George Wallace.

“Not watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving anymore, until they sit some people on the same side of the table as Franklin,” another critic tweeted, along with two black power-style fist emojis.

The scene in question centers on an impromptu holiday feast — of toast, jelly beans and ice cream — in Charlie Brown’s backyard.

At one point, poor lonesome Franklin topples over in his half-broken chair.

“They give our friend the busted chair and won’t even sit on the same side of the table, more proof that Charlie Brown and his cohorts are RACIST,” slammed Twitter user @mwizzy128.

The irony of the SJW's screaming racism over this classic is that the creator the "Peanuts" cartoon, Charles M. Schulz, added the character of Franklin to his "Peanuts" cartoons in 1968 after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, reportedly inspired by a letter he received from a teacher, Harriet Glickman. According to Glickman when questioned about the additional character by the cartoon's publisher, United Feature Syndicate, Schulz threatened to quit if Franklin wasn't added.

When asked by the head of the cartoon's publisher, United Feature Syndicate, if he was sure he wanted to add a black character, Glickman says Schulz replied, "Either you run it the way I drew it, or I quit. "


The inconvenient fact that Schulz was demanding "inclusion," of a black character back in 1968, during the civil rights era, completely negates the concept that his "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" was in any way, shape or form, "racist."


HuffPost shared a video clip which runs a little over two minutes to explain why "The holiday TV classic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" is seriously problematic." In it they overlay scenes from the classic Christmas story with tweets from some seriously triggered liberal snowflakes, about Rudolph, which the HuffPo video called a "marginalized" reindeer. The text on the video stated "viewers" (meaning easily triggered, miserable, social justice warriors), "are noticing the tale may not be so jolly after all.

Of course not, because SJWs are incapable of being jolly, as well as unable to handle anybody else being jolly either!

Then HuffPo shows screen shots of those tweets, where one miserable individual claims Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a "parable on racism & homophobia w/ Santa as a bigoted exploitative pr*ck." Others claimed Rudolphs father  was "verbally abusive."

Below is the HuffPo video.

Needless to say, other Twitter users had a field day calling out HuffPo for their idiocy, with one user pointing out "Miserable liberals never stop at trying to make others miserable." 

As the kids nowadays say.... WORD!

Another user asked "Why are you desperate to suck all the joy from Christmas?"

Donald Trump Jr. succinctly sums it all up, tweeting "Liberalism is a disease."

It is not just classics from Thanksgiving and Christmas that social justice warriors and the PC police are attacking, as we see another recent event that has the liberal lynch mobs screaming in outrage.

Kevin Hart, a comedian, and his wife Eniko Hart, recently gave their one year old child Kenzo, a cowboys and Indians themed birthday party., to which Eniko shared pictures of on her Instagram account.



Right on cue, the "outrage" began immediately on social media with one woman, who self-describes herself as  an"Indigenous feminist," going on full attack mode, stating "Throwin a "Cowboys & Indians" birthday party on "Thanksgiving" celebrates genocide, white supremacy, & slavery. R those the things u @KevinHart4real & @enikohart represent & are teaching to your child? Would it be ok to throw a Master & slave birthday party? nope."

Of course others in the Twitter mob joined in, another stating "@enikohart @KevinHart4real Thought it was okay to throw a cowboys and “indians” party. This is offensive and just gross. The amount of people defending this saddens me."

They didn't only attack on Twitter, no, they also felt the need to start berating the couple on Instagram, with one user named sarapeact, screeching "It's amazing that you are defending this. Before you dress up as the people who were massacred and the people who did the rape I would suggest you figure out the history behind it. This day and age people are not being sensitive. People are tired of being used as costumes. As people with a lot of following and who are also minorities it erks [sic] me that you could care less about your actions and who they hurt."

Those are just a few samples of the hate being spewed against Hart and his wife, others were far more reasonable, telling people to mellow out it is just a child's birthday party, and Kevin Hart also slapped back against the PC police. Hart maintained the party was not "racist," called the backlash "dumb sh*t," because it shows "how stupid our world is becoming with opinions." 

Via the Smoke Room:

“She’s like, ‘Yo, come look at this dumb s**t on TMZ. People are complaining about the Cowboys and Indians party, saying that it’s insensitive,'” he added. “Keep in mind, the same day the [Dallas] Cowboys played the [Washington] Redskins on TV. It’s a very known fact!”

Hart continued, “The Redskins and Cowboys played the same day! Now, the reason why I’m even bringing this dumb s**t up is because it shows just how stupid our world is becoming with opinions.”

“People are at a point of an all-time high,” the “Night School” star shared. “To throw racial judgment into the development of a one-year-old’s birthday party where the theme is cowboys and Indians? And it’s based around the outfits that are given to the young kids!”

His co-host then asked him what he thought about one of the comments by a person who asked, “‘What if, next year, somebody throws a slave owner and a slave party?'”

“If you don’t think there’s [sic] neighborhoods where they play that game in certain white neighborhoods, then you’re a f***ing idiot,” Hart replied. “You don’t think they had dumbass games like that? As a kid, do we play cops and robbers? As a kid, did you play cowboys and Indians?”

He then concluded by stating "I’m about to be 40 years old. I remember at the age of six, seven, playing these dumbass games. I remember playing cops and robbers!"

I am in my 50s and I remember playing those games as well.


I just picked three examples or this would have been a multiple paged article, but they show how radical the PC police have become where childrens' movies, created decades ago, and babies birthday parties, are now cause for these social justice warriors to become outraged about.

Almost every day, on any social media platform or comment sections (on sites thast still offer them), we see liberals manufacturing outrage, being offended over just about everything. It is almost as if they wake up in the morning thinking, "what can I find to offend me today?," rather than waking up and thanking God to have been given another day on earth.

Imagine how miserable a person has to be to make it their mission in life to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

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