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March 27, 2021

The Total Decimation Of America We're Witnessing Now Unfolding Before Our Eyes Is Going Just As The Democrats Planned 

- Believing Mainstream Media Lies Is Why Democrats Live In An Alternative Reality 

Story submitted to ANP by George Stevens 

(ANP: This is the follow-up to George Stevens' recent ANP story "America Being Herded Into Very Dark Times With Biden's Immigration Policies Flooding Country With Infected Illegals While Democrats Pass The 'Democrats Forever' Bill - Complete Lunacy Emerging From Washington DC With Democrats Running America Into The Ground".)

Our economy is doing great! Just look at the stock market. It's going to new highs and currently approaching 33,000! The banks are doing their part by pumping money into the market. Isn't it wonderful that everything is going so well? 

Please don't try to tell me that there are still over 20 million people collecting unemployment. That can't be true or the Biden administration wouldn't be flooding the country with hundreds of thousands of jobless homeless immigrants. It would be foolish to add more unemployed to the millions already facing hard times. 

Kids in cages worse than the Obama era, immigrants with COVID, towns near the border in crisis ... that must be all fake news, right? And just because wages for the bottom 95% have stagnated for decades means nothing. We are on the cusp of a new era. Sacrifices must be made. 

And please don't remind me about our debt. You have no idea what 28 trillion is. We can print up as much money as we want. The rumors about another three trillion for infrastructure is needed just like the last two COVID relief bills that gave billions to those poor countries around the world. 

Just because prices have already gone up on everything doesn't mean that inflation is bad. So your money doesn't go as far as it used to. So what, the government is giving money away like it was water, especially to their friends. Sacrifices must be made. 

And please don't try to tell me about the thousands of small businesses that have gone out of business. If they are essential, they'll come back because we'll build back better! We'll have new businesses spring up in our push for a new green society. 

I know, batteries are essential for storing energy until it’s needed so don't try to tell me that making batteries isn't clean. All that pollution is necessary. We have to make sacrifices. I know batteries won’t last forever and that will mean more pollution to replace them but we're making new jobs here. And I know we’ll have to build a battery the size of Kansas to take care of the countries needs, but that’s OK. We’ll get the needed resources from the asteroid belt which will reduce pollution. 

I don’t want to hear about the failure of the Texas green power system. Just because China was given control of the power grid by one of Biden’s executive orders is just coincidence. Sacrifices must be made. 

I don't want to hear about the hundreds of thousands that are leaving states like California and New York. If they don't like the new progressive policies because they think the policies are too communistic then they need to be re-educated. The negative impact to their bottom line and the destruction of the big cities is blown way out of proportion. That's just the conservatives picking on minor problems because they are sore losers. Besides, sacrifices must be made. 

Look, I know that even though the economy looked rosy when Pres. Trump was in office, they were lying to us and the fundamentals were very weak. With the onset of COVID, we took a hit but the banks are keeping the price of silver and gold low so we can recover faster. Just ask them. That's what they'll tell you ... if they even admit they are doing that. We will build back better but ... sacrifices must be made. 

And big tech is doing their part too. They are censoring the conservatives because they are so negative about everything. From the minor border issues -- it's not a crisis -- Psaki says so -- to voter fraud (never mind the proof they have) – or our never before seen record debt -- all they are is negative. And they must be silenced so that we can enslave -- I mean serve -- the American people and do what's best for them even if they don't like it. We know better than they do. Sacrifices must be made. 

Just because the world has to a large part given up on us and won't buy our funny money anymore, don't worry. The FED will finance us. It's their money anyway. Just look on any dollar. It says right on it "Federal Reserve Note". We only have to pay a little interest on our debt. How much can interest be at a mere 1.5% on 28 trillion? Hmmm – 420 billion – more than I thought. Oh well, we will just have to print some more. 

Everything is going fine ... just as planned ... by the democrats. Funny, they used to be a party of the people. Why does it seem like they are a party for themselves? Oh well, sacrifices must be made.

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