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August 30, 2021

Tyrants Are Learning That We Won't Just Sit Down And Shut Up As The Media Treats Wannabe Dictators Like Victims - We Are In A Fight For Our Nation

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

According to the L.A. Times, CA Governor, Gavin Newsom, is trying to "emulate" former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is the only Governor to successfully beat back a recall, showing how hard it is to overcome a state where even many Democrats are against the Democrat governor.

Some blame the homeless problem, others find a variety of other issues to blame, but the fight for enough signatures to force a recall election came amidst a long list of tyrannical decrees, pandemic lockdowns, and hypocrisy by flouting his own mask mandates at a private dinner. 

The media prefers to highlight any potential reasoning other than the COVID overreaching mandates and decrees, as well as the shutting down of businesses that Newsom arbitrarily decided to deem "non-essential," and forced to shut down.

Many businesses could not survive and are unable to reopen their doors, while others were forced into bankruptcy. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom isn't the only wannabe tyrant facing an election recall, but his happens to be the most public as he is a far left liberal and yet in the most liberal state in the nation voters were able to garner enough support from voters to force a recall vote.

School board members across the nation are learning a bit about what happens when you ignore the wishes and input of parents of the children that attend their schools, especially when it comes to two hot button topics, mask mandates and Critical Race Theory.

Of course reading about how many of these school board members are thinking of resigning, and the amount of recalls in the works, from a liberal news outlet, one would think these poor people were victimized.

They are not the victims, but rather the perpetrators. 

Ignoring the parents wishes for their children, as well as the extreme backlash against forcing those same children to be indoctrinated by CRT, understandably upsets  parents, and many in the community that see school boards across the nation attempting usurp parental rights.

Via the Associate Press, that is seemingly more sympathetic to the school board members than the parents, we see the following headline: "Hostile school board meetings have members calling it quits."

If the headline didn't make it clear that parents asserting their rights and opinions is considered "hostile," below is the image at the top of their piece:

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How dare parents get annoyed when a group of school board members think they have the right to ignore parental rights and choices!!!

More via the AP piece:

A Nevada school board member said he had thoughts of suicide before stepping down amid threats and harassment. In Virginia, a board member resigned over what she saw as politics driving decisions on masks. The vitriol at board meetings in Wisconsin had one member fearing he would find his tires slashed.

School board members are largely unpaid volunteers, traditionally former educators and parents who step forward to shape school policy, choose a superintendent and review the budget. But a growing number are resigning or questioning their willingness to serve as meetings have devolved into shouting contests between deeply political constituencies over how racial issues are taught, masks in schools, and COVID-19 vaccines and testing requirements.

In his letter of resignation from Wisconsin’s Oconomowoc Area School Board, Rick Grothaus said its work had become “toxic and impossible to do.”

Maybe the work and atmosphere would not be so "toxic," if the school board members just abided by  parents' decisions as to what is best for their children.

No banning of masks, but no forcing the wearing of them either. Leave it up to the parents as to what they think is best for their own children.  

Let's use Critical Race Theory as an example

58% of Americans who claim they have a good understanding of what critical race theory (CRT) have an unfavorable opinion of it, according to the YouGov/The Economist poll taken in late January. Only 38% of Americans who said they know what CRT means are fans of the ideology.

Recently, parents across the country have been pushing back against attempts to insert CRT into school curriculums. A majority of the public outcry against critical race theory gained steam after this poll was taken, indicating that negative views of CRT are being mobilized into political action in more and more areas.

Critical race theory asserts that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and teaches adherents to view all interactions through a racial lens.

Of course the instant refrain from liberals that support CRT being taught in schools, is that anyone against it is RACIST!!!  

The problem with that is the amount of black parents that have gone viral speaking up against teaching their children that they are automatically oppressed just because of the color of their skin.

There are many more examples, but we'll move on to the amount of school board members that are being targeted for recalls. 

BallotPedia tracks these recall efforts and reports that  each year from 2006 to 2020 there was an average of 23 recall efforts yet in as of August 26, 2021, there are 61.

Recall efforts against school board members

Apparently community members and parents do not appreciate some stranger trying to decide what is best for the children, in regard to everything from mask mandates, forced vaccinations by mandate, and CRT.


Frankly, if a school board is going to ignore parental wishes and attempt to usurp parental rights, than they should be recalled or even forced to resign.

While death threats and threats of harm should never be acceptable in political discourse, throughout history parents have shown they will fight for their children and what they think is best for them.

The MSM can act like these school board members are being victimized, in the same manner they are treating Newsom, the commonality of the two sets of recall efforts is overreach.

Attempting to decree and mandate rules and regulations that go against the wishes of the constituents.

The media can scream they are victims every single day, but in reality, they are just upset that they cannot influence parents to sit down and shut up and allow themselves to hand off the rights to decide what is and isn't best for their children.

2021 will go down in history as the year of government tyranny and overreach, and each and every person that stands up against said tyranny, whether by liberal governors or school board members, is fighting for nothing less than their freedoms.

We are in a fight for our nation.


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