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August 13, 2014

Senator Warns Of America In Flames – What Does He Know That We Don’t Know?

By Live Free or Die

With Americans now awakening ‘en masse’ to US government crimes and the dictatorial police state forming to cover-up said crimes and imprison Americans who go after the criminals, US Senator Lindsey Graham warns in the video below that if we don’t go to war with Iraq IMMEDIATELY, an American city will soon be ‘in flames’.

Also in the video, the CIA warns if THE TRUTH comes out about America arming the ISIS rebels, the MIDDLE EAST will ‘go up in flames’, we have to ask, what does Lindsey Graham know that we don’t know?

Does Mr. Graham know of a FALSE FLAG ATTACK that will soon set America on fire if Obama DOESN’T IMMEDIATELY take military action against Iraq? Mr. Graham and John McCain are very good friends, and McCain has been recently seen palling around with ISIS, is THAT how Graham knows an American city will soon be on fire? With ISIS recently raising the flag of Jihad at the White House, will Washington DC soon be the target? Is the total destruction of Washington DC via being ‘set on fire’ how the New World Order’s capital will be moved to Denver?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned on Sunday that militants in Iraq and Syria would attack the U.S. mainland if President Barack Obama did not immediately take military action to stop them.

“I think of an American city in flames because of the terrorists’ ability to operate in Syria and Iraq,” Graham told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “Mr. President, you have never once spoke directly to the America people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq. What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland?” (Graham on America on fire begins at 3:40)



Originally published at Before It's News

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