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June 11, 2019

The Democrat's 2019 America Is Sick And Sinister: This Is Not A Culture War, This Is Child Abuse - The 'Gay Mafia' Is Coming After Your Children  


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A headline like that will have cries of "homophobia" howled by the left, but here is a newsflash for the LGBT community and liberals: I don't care one iota about what people do behind their own bedroom door. Not. One. Iota.

I also have no desire to have any persons sexuality, or sex life shoved in my face, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual.  Each and every one of us will be judged on Judgement Day for our choices and actions, so it is not up to me to judge how someone else lives their life in their own home. That will be between them and God.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we should all draw the line at children being abused, indoctrinated and endangered as part of the LGBT agenda.... and they are, right now, all over the country. 

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Recently a former teacher blew the whistle on California's newly adopted "Health Education Framework," describing relay races where "10- and 11-year-old girls are trained to put condoms on a prosthetic male erection as the boys watch on, as described by Big League Politics after her interview with Christian Post.

More from BLP:

Kids as young as 11 years old are trained in how to engage in oral and anal sex and taught to experiment with bisexuality by public school teachers.

"It is medically risky on multiple levels. And when you read the curriculum … it’s written almost like a college fraternity wrote this curriculum in a very crass and a juvenile way," she said of the ongoing sexualization of children.

" always tell people that the scary thing is, I’ll give radio interviews and I can’t even say on the radio things that are being taught in our elementary and middle school classrooms in mixed company. There’s something very wrong there," said Friedrichs, a conservative activist who taught in public schools for 28 years.

"No one believes it until they see it," she said. "Now that we’ve been able to help parents to understand what’s actually in the curriculums and they’re viewing it for themselves, they see the urgent need to rescue the kids. Now there’s a groundswell of parents that’s growing fast and fighting back."

Transgenderism is also being pushed on children, prompting unsuspecting kids to adopt a lifestyle that is known to result in a spike of suicide attempts, mental illness, and other harmful behaviors.

Also in California, a Christian school is being threatened with closure if they do not allow "spiritual and sexual exploration" of their students. 

Evidently it began with a SWAT-style raid on the school after receiving false information that the school was amassing ammunition, drugs and preparing for doomsday. While the raid found no evidence of any of that, they have been fining the school for "improper licensing,"  because due to recent legislation private boarding schools must have considerable licensing and oversight by the Department of Social Services.

With the increase in licensing, the Christian school would have to abandon their biblical values. The state requires that licensed facilities allow students to have the right to engage in spiritual and sexual exploration, which contradicts the standards set by RVCA and the morals of many parents, the Pacific Justice Institute said.

PJI attorney Kevin Snider says the school is being targeted because it's part of a ministry for at-risk youth.

He wrote, "In 25 years of practice, I have never seen this level of aggressive, militant, and ideologically-driven conduct by a state agency against a religious institution."

Parents choose to send their children to Christian schools for a reason and this is the state's way of bypassing the values parents choose for their children to be taught to force the LGBT agenda onto them on behalf of the gay mafia.


While California is at the forefront in pushing the LGBT agenda in their educational system, they are not alone in abusing children entrusted to them by parents, as via a recent email, I learned about a Wisconsin school teacher, along with the school's administration, that allowed a "male science teacher in Madison Metropolitan School District to show a personal "transgender coming out" video to every K-5 student at Allis Elementary School on May 16, 2019."

On his personal Facebook, Mark Vincent Busenbark claims to be "transgender" and/or "non-binary." Busenbark now calls himself "Vica Steel," and states the purpose of the video was so "all [the children] can know who I am and who I am becoming." Busenbark and the administration had "long anticipated" "showing the video where he instructed all of the students to call him "Mix" instead of "Mr.," claiming he is male, female, and everything in between, and to use "them, they, or their" as pronouns when referring to him.

Parents were not informed nor consulted before this was done.

According to The Blaze, Liberty Counsel, a law firm that deals with religious freedom issues, has sent a records request to the Madison Metropolitan School District to "begin uncovering the full extent of this teacher's inappropriate activism in the classroom." 

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It isn't just in the educational system that the LGBT agenda is being shoved down all of our collective throats, as Target is donating $100,000 to promote the gay lifestyle to school children, PBS Kids "premiered an episode of the children's show Arthur in which featured a gay wedding. Disney Paris held their first "Pride Parade" on June 1, 2019. The media has been slobbering all over themselves over "Desmond The Amazing," who is an 11 year old "drag kid," who was indoctrinated into the gay/drag lifestyle by his own parents at age two.

Considering that only 3.5 to 4 percent of the adult population in the United States identifies as gay, one has to wonder why everywhere we turn it is the LGBT agenda being pushed from every direction.

These days you can barely find a movie or television show that isn't in some way pushing the gay agenda onto their viewers.


At the end of a well written and lengthy article over at The National Review about why "Desmond the Amazing" needs saving, they highlighted a critical point that Independent Media needs to capitalize on:

While the “common good” — in this case, child welfare — has been abandoned by the Democratic party, by the editorial pages of the New York Times, by teachers and school boards across the country — a concern for it is found in the Times’s own comment section and among parents on both the right and the left. If we dismantle the euphemisms — sharing the facts far and wide — we may just find that enough people will fiercely protest.

We at ANP have noted the same thing. Despite the media's determination to push the LGBT agenda, and their "spin" on any and all articles regarding children being targeted by the LGBT community, those that still have comment sections shows the majority of those commenting are not in favor of targeting children, and many, both on the left and right, are appalled when they learn of it.

The problem of doing as the NR suggests by dismantling the euphemisms and sharing facts far and wide, is perfectly shown by Natural News, who has been banned from Facebook over an article about "LGBT progressivism horrors," written and published at Natural News, but never shared by them on their Facebook page.

Facebook will now monitor your speech “off-platform” and ban you for not worshiping the LGBT indoctrination of children.

Social media platforms will do everything in their power to prevent the truth and facts from being shared and spread. While that is problematic, that isn't a reason to give up, after all social media platforms and the media have been determined to silence conservatives for years, yet Independent Media still manages to get the word out anyway.



The media and liberals have been losing their minds over the planned "Straight Pride Parade" being planned in Boston. The uproar is hilarious considering the same characters are so openly supportive a the "gay pride" parades that celebrate their pride in being gay, but heaven forbid a straight person shows the same pride in their own sexual preferences, they claim it is somehow "homophobic" (yet the straight pride parade planners named an openly gay conservative as their grand master), and bigoted.

CNN is blasting the event, TMZ reports that Andy Cohen is calling it the "dumbest F**king thing," while late night comedians mock it, all without noticing their own hypocrisy in not supporting "pride" in anything that doesn't fit in with the "gay mafia" agenda.

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Independent Media readers are perhaps the very best chance we, as a nation, have to educate those unaware of their state's school curriculum, by spreading the word, informing their neighbors, friends, family members of specific sex and gender-related topics being taught in their school district. More and more parents are standing up, speaking out and in many cases, winning their battles to protect their children, but much of the time it is weeks or months after the sexual mental and emotional abuse of their children had begun.

It is sickening and sinister the way school districts are adding gender and sex-related courses and teachings, without informing the parents, who are sending their kids to school assuming they will be taught the same subjects they themselves were taught.

Times have changed and parents must be told, shown, and from there, they can take the ball and run with it, so spreading the word to those around you, especially if they have school-aged children, is key to pushing back against the gay mafia and their emotional abuse of our nation's children.

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