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April 7, 2015

'Sniffer Plane' Caught Flying Circles Around Oakland, California After ISIS Threat Of 'Dirty Bomb Attack' And Nearby Dirty Bomb Drills This Coming Saturday


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Richmond, California preparing to host hundreds of soldiers, airmen, police and fire officials in a mock dirty bomb drill on Saturday, April 11th as shared in the 2nd video below from Professor Doom1, a 'sniffer plane' has been spotted flying continuous circles around Oakland, California, only miles down the road from where the dirty bomb drill is being held, as seen in the 1st video below just released by chuggkole CK.

A sniffer plane is used to detect nuclear blasts and with ISIS having recently warned that they had acquired nuclear material as share in the 2nd video, we have to ask if they have already levied threats upon locations in America, necessitating these drills, or if these drills will be used by the NWO to launch a false flag dirty-bomb attack upon America?

Radioactive Cobalt 60 has also been missing for 3 months from a steel mill in Vietnam according to the 3rd video below from Mary Greeley. With the NWO's tendency to launch false flag attacks while drills are taking place and the sighting of this plane in the area of these latest drills, days prior to the event, combined with the threats made by ISIS, we hope that everyone stays vigilant and keeps their ears and eyes open.





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