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November 21, 2018

Snowflakism Has Gone Mainstream As The Language Police Are Using Offended Snowflakes To Silence Dissent 

- Time to start handing out nappies and binkies for adults in all public establishments

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In this day and age, college campuses seem to be no more than day care centers for toddlers, where an open exchange of ideas, if they are different from the liberal snowflakes on campus, "threaten mental safety" (yes, that is still a thing), where classes get cancelled so the college can hold "sensitivity" summits, where professors are warned to not write anything in all-caps because it could "frighten" students, and where a generation of college-aged children need "safe spaces" to avoid the reality of real life.

Just browsing the main pages of Campus Reform or College Fix, two sites that keep track of what is happening across the nation at colleges, shows school authorities are too busy trying to force activism, and protect students from the realities of life, to bother actually teaching them how to live in the real world after college.



The problem here is that it isn't just in colleges where snowflakism has become the norm, but we see it in our liberal mainstream media, and active members of congress, where legitimate criticisms on policy or lack of knowledge, are aimed at a "female" is considered racist, or sexist, or both!

Media Snowflakes: The first one that comes to mind in the media is CNN's  resident drama queen, Jim Acosta, where his Twitter feed often sounds like "dear diary" entries, to the point where it has becoming a running joke for conservatives to share his tweets with only a "Deary Diary" in front of it. The man (and I use that word loosely) whines on national television about how conservatives dislike him, say "CNN SUCKS," and calls them "fake news." 

Frankly, considering how much actual "fake news" CNN has pushed over the past few years, Acosta would be smarter to stay off that topic altogether, because many Twitter users are more than happy to remind him, and his network of every, single example of fake news CNN has published.

Acosta is not alone, as these days it appears that "reporters" are all about telling people what they can or cannot say, how to think, and declare anyone not following their arbitrary rules are sexist, racist, alt-right, white nationalist (insert their other descriptors here) deplorables.

For example, recently National Reviews' Rich Lowry shared a NYT article titled "Stacey Abrams Ends Fight for Georgia Governor," and he asked a question that highlights the hypocrisy of liberal journalists, asking "Stacey Abrams has failed the Martha McSally test. Will any of the same commentators who praised McSally’s grace upbraid Abrams for a lack of it?"

National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation and CNN political contributor and part of the language police, Joan Walsh, took issue with Lowry daring to use the word "upbraid,"  calling it an "ugly word," in a tweet and as part of her article about Abrams.


Lowry promptly reminded Walsh what the definition of upbraid is: Old English upbregdan 'bring forth as a ground for censure,' from up (adv.)+bregdan 'move quickly, intertwine' (see braid (v.)). Similar in Middle Swedish upbrygdha. Meaning 'scold' is first attested late 13c," and asked "I guess the word 'upbraid' is racist now?"

This is a perfect example of liberal journalists attempting to control the language used by others, as well as the perfect example of extreme hypocrisy, as another journalist Sean Davis highlighted, Walsh herself has used that word in her own articles, such as a 2013 piece over at Salon about Ted Cruz.

What Walsh is doing is acting like an offended snowflake in order to silence others from criticizing Abrams, calling Lowry's choice of wording ugly, but only because it is used against a woman, when Walsh had no issue using it against a man. 

The issue here is that as generations of snowflake college students have entered the real world outside their college bubbles, rather than learn to deal with reality, they are now attempting to turn the world into a "safe space," where any term or word they don't like must automatically be stricken from the dictionary, never to be uttered again.... well until they want to use it against conservatives that is.

Look at the whole Acosta White House press pass controversy, all because poor little Jimmy was offended that President Trump called hundreds upon hundreds of foreigners preparing to storm the U.S. border, some carrying flags from their home countries, an "invasion."

Look at BuzzFeed, so scared of offending their liberal snowflakes, they title an article about a bra with "Hundreds of big-breasted people swear they wear this bra literally every day." 

Big breasted people???? They can't even say "women," for fear of offending some guy with a penis that wants to be a woman, or a community that apparently doesn't understand that there are two sexes, male and female.

The media is acting just like college snowflakes, where one campus actually cancelled their production of "The Vagina Monologues," because they seem to think that "not all women have vaginas."

Congressional Snowflake Award- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The snowflake drama queen award for Congress goes to the newly elected Congresswoman-elect NY-14, who apparently has something to say about just about everything, and most of it ends up being wrong, like referring to "three chambers of Congress," then fixing that to say "three chambers of government." When people dared correct her, or highlight the multitude of misstatements or factually incorrect assertions, she claims she is being picked on because she is young, or a woman or a Latino.

Evidently no one informed the little Democratic Socialist, that when people run for office they are willingly putting themselves into the spotlight, nor that when one proposed to give "free stuff" to everyone, asking her how she plans to pay for it, isn't a "sexist," question. She apparently also wasn't taught that when you choose to move, one is supposed to do a little research about the cost of living in the area you have chosen to move to, rather than making the move to discover it is expensive to live in Washington D.C., to which she has already started whining about. Remember, this is a woman that said "unemployment was low because everyone has two jobs."

The far left, liberal Politifact, was even forced to give Ocasio-Cortez a "Pants on fire" rating for that one.

Ironic that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in economics and international relations, which brings us back to colleges being more concerned with sensitivity, activism and hating white males than they do about educating.


From college campuses, to media newsrooms, to the House of Representatives, we now see that snowflakism has become the new normal for liberals, where what we say must be controlled at the first sign that the perpetually outraged is offended yet again. The problem there is everything seems to offend them. Braid your hair, you are appropriating someones culture. Criticize a policy decision or a fake news report and you are "attacking" them..... on and on it goes

Time to start handing out nappies and binkies for adults in all public establishments.

The bottom line is that liberals are using their, their constant need to be offended snowflakes, as a deliberate attempt to control and manipulate discussions and to silence dissent of their opinions and ideology.

It is way past time for people to start publicly telling them "If my words offend you, it is YOUR problem, not mine, so go find  a safe space, suck on your binkie and let Mommy know when you need your diaper changed."

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