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March 7, 2019

Social Justice Warriors Causing Havoc - When The Raving Lunatics Get Their Way And The Victims End Up Being Those They Claimed They Wanted To Help


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Social justice warriors never seem to understand that many of their positions lead to contradictory statements, hypocritical actions, an inability to "explain" their positions because many do not even know enough about the topic and are simply mimicking talking points, and a very serious problem of resulting hardships for those they claimed they wanted to help, ending up in a worse position than before the SJW activists pushed them over the proverbial cliff.


One recent example of "social justice" doing more harm than good is the 'living wage' that liberal SJW's love to cite while demanding that companies raise their "minimum wage" to a set amount, which in turn causes the companies that agree to that arbitrary amount to cut the hours of workers, as recently happened when Amazon bowed to critics and began a $15 minimum wage for its employees at Whole Foods.

The Daily Caller explains what happens, which is exactly what many predicted would happen:

“My hours went from 30 to 20 a week,” said one Illinois-based worker. “We just have to work faster to meet the same goals in less time.”

Once the wage increase was established, the worker said that part-time “employee hours at their store were cut from an average of 30 to 21 hours a week” and that full-time employees were “reduced from 37.5 hours to 34.5 hours.”

The worker showed schedules of their department to the Guardian from November to January that showed workers’ hours “significantly” decreased, while the store labor budget “stayed relatively the same.”

“This hours cut makes that raise pointless as people are losing more than they gained and we rely on working full shifts,” said a Maryland worker, who had their full-time schedule cut by four hours.

Furthermore it is explained the employees that want to maintain their 40 hours are having to use their paid time off each week to supplement their hours. Others have had to look for other jobs.

This is not the first time this type of backfire has occurred when social justice warriors decide they have the right to dictate to business owners as to how they run their business and how much they "should" be paying their employees, especially private businesses.

No one starts a business to lose money, so when forced to do so, those losses are always going to be mitigated by either charging their customers more, or taking away hours from their workers, and for those that scream "but no one can live off of that small amount of money, it is only 'fair' they be forced to pay people more," newsflash, no one forced those employees to accept the original pay amount when they interviewed for the job in the first place.

When interviewing for a job, hours, pay rate, and the job description is always part of the initial, or follow up interview before hiring. If the pay is not enough to live off of, the potential employee can walk away, or decide to take a part time second job, or find others ways to make ends meet.

I would understand all the wailing, clutching of pearls and gnashing of teeth had someone been hired, then had their guaranteed pay decreased through no fault of their own, but that is not the case.

That is but one example of the injustice of "social justice," and below we will discuss a different type of social injustice and how hypocritical SJWs are.

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When Christian or religious parents speak up and out against the LGBT agenda being forced upon their children in schools, even as young as kindergarten, social justice warrior activists start screaming that those parents are bigots, are homophobes, for nothing more than fighting to practice their religious beliefs and raise their children with the same religious practices.

Schools ignore them, politicians label them and belittle them, but now we see that when Muslim families protest LGBT curriculum, the schools fold and remove the offensive teaching from the curriculum.

BizPac Review shows the complaints about the curriculum are the same exact complaints that Christian and other religious parents have made:

“Sorry at this age it’s totally wrong. Children at this age don’t even know if they are coming or going, let alone knowing what sexual orientation they will become,” one mother said at the time.

“It’s good to teach children about respect and values but the sexual orientation aspect is against our principles,” two other parents, Asma and Mohammed Jdaitawi, added.

Then they highlight the true hypocrisy here, stating "While there was some media coverage about these protests, the coverage was limited. There certainly was no widespread condemnation of the Muslim community for being “homophobes,” which is telling since that’s how the media react whenever white Christians stand up to the LGBT agenda."

Exactly. Where are those loud, vocal SJWs now, screaming "homophobe!" Nowhere to be found, because of course it isn't about "social justice," is about using that term to push a political agenda in order to marginalize (to use words they seem to understand the best) Christians.

Bunch a freaking hypocrites.



 Another example of social injustice and a glaring example of utter and extreme hypocrisy of social justice warriors, who scream to high heaven if anyone dare criticize parents that encourage their young male children to be "kid drag queens," yet feel they have the right to protest a man of religion for daring to say "She’s our granddaughter, and we’re raising her as a girl. We’re not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl."

HOW DARE HE!!!!!!?????!!!!!!  is the response from students at Liberty University who actually protested how a family decides to raise their child.

Caleb Fitzpatrick, a senior and demonstrator, said the group hoped to use the event to spark a shift in attitude on a largely conservative campus.

“Our hope is to start a conversation that can hopefully lead to change within social perception and university policy,” he said. “Hopefully we can create an environment where comments like Friday’s aren’t welcome and aren’t normal.”

In what universe is raising a child biologically born a female, as a female, not normal???

Just because SJWs are gender confused, doesn't mean the rest of us are.


Social Justice Warriors spend the majority of their time looking for something to be offended about, creating ways they can "fix" a problem they manufactured, then when they get their way, the people they claimed they wanted to help, end up being the victims. They are hypocritical in what they choose to "protest" by ignoring an issue if it happens to the "wrong" type of person but making a big deal of it is it happens to what they consider a "protected class." They have no problem "marginalizing" a group of people as they claim they are fighting for the marginalized.

Bottom line, they are raving lunatics.

Hat tip to our own comment section as a reader and frequent breaking news page contributor (Oky), shared the following video, where we get to see exactly how unhinged these social justice warriors are. Steve Crowder was having a calm, rational discussion with a woman at his "'I'm Pro-Life: Change My Mind" event, when a loud-mouthed protester was screeching in the background, so Crowder excused himself and went to talk to the guy.

Frankly I could barely make it through the the video as the guy is the perfect example of a SJW that screams talking points, can barely finish a sentence, and is completely unable to provide rational answer or evidence to back up his unhinged accusations.

While the video above is recent, the one below is not, but as a reminder of how insane SJWs are, and because we do have readers now that we didn't two years ago, so many might have heard seen this, here is another example of a raving lunatic who went nuts on an Lyft driver because he dared have one of those cute little dashboard hula dancers, and she was so impressed with herself and her "righteousness," she is the one that recorded the interaction.

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