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August 26, 2015

'Something Bigger Is Looming' - Gerald Celente On What Is Coming Next - 'This Thing Is Out of Control'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On August 6 and August 23, 2015 Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente accurately predicted that within weeks we would see exactly what we have seen over the last four trading days, a "market collapse," and on August 25, Celente joined Alex Jones to tell listeners what is coming next, informing us that "something bigger is looming" and that "this thing is out of control.

When †financial experts like Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Gregory Mannarino, Alan Greenspan and others warned about the market and debt bubbles getting ready to burst, those busy reading the MSMs lies on "recovery" waved those warnings away as hyperbole. When precious metal dealers like Steve Quayle go against what is in their own best business interests to tell you if you are limited in funds not to buy their product but to take your money and invest it in food and survival basics, those same MSM sheep call it "fear porn." When Alex Jones, ANP and others reported that elites were setting up their bunkers, actively practicing their "bug out" scenarios and that coincidently hundreds of CEOs were mysteriously "retiring" we were called conspiracy theorists.


We now see†the "Dow Jones industrial average †has lost 10.71 percent in the past six trading days, while the S&P 500 †has dropped 11.71 percent and the Nasdaq composite †11.5 percent," as central bankers plan to attend the†Federal Reserveís annual retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with a new economic mess on their hands to discuss what to do about it.... yes, the very people that caused these bubbles and the chaos of the last week in the markets are going to scheme on how to postpone the inevitable and which some think is already here.... a global economic collapse.

What could go wrong? (Yes, that was snark)

Many have awoken and have been preparing for the fall out of an economic collapse, those same preparations could save lives from any major catastrophe whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made one, as evidenced by some preparedness stores announcing that "due to overwhelming demand shipping times have been increased to 10-14 business days," shown in screen shots of Stefan Stanford's article from Tuesday titled "Preppers: 'The Last Ones Standing' - The Pioneering Mindset And A List Of 50 Websites That Will Help You And Your Family Survive." (I suggest everyone read that, take note of Quayle's quote, then read through the comments because there are excellent prepping tips and suggestions from ANP readers on easy survival methods for those late to the game and just starting to prepare.)

Celente joins Jones for the first half of the segment below to tell us what is looming, what to expect after sharing his experience in trying to withdraw funds as an example showing people why it is important to get some money out of the bank now, stating "if you don't have your money, you don't own it."†

As Celente reiterates "whether it is a false flag or real, war is next," because the central bankers have lost control and when all else fails... they take us to war.


The central bankers will throw everything including the kitchen sink at this market chaos and they might even postpone what is coming for another few weeks by rigging the market and manipulating the trades, maybe even postpone it by months, but the crash is coming, the global economy is collapsing and everyone needs to prepare for the fall out.


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