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August 13, 2019

Something Is Seriously Wrong With Joe Biden - He Has Always Been A Gaffe Machine, But His Latest Mistakes Bring Up Questions About His Mental State


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the 76 year old leading the Democrat pack of candidates to become the Democrat nominee for President in every poll, since well before he even officially announced his candidacy, has always been known as a "gaffe machine" with his constant, often inappropriate, comments on a variety of issues, but lately his "mistakes," have had a different "feel" to them.

Bone-headed commentary from Joe Biden is something those of us that have been reporting on politics, found slightly entertaining at times, like when he told Missouri state senator Chuck Graham to "stand up" before realizing he was in a wheelchair, or when he announced another man's mother was dead, before remembering she was actually alive, it was the father that had died.

Compilation videos of Biden's gaffes over the years have become political fodder, but there is a huge difference between misstating something, or comments that sounded good in his head, but didn't play well when spoken out loud, and the types of mistakes we are seeing during the 2020 presidential campaign, where in the last week alone, Biden's statements has brought about some very real questions about his mental acuity.

One example does seem to be part of the "gaffe machine" Biden is known as, which was when he stated "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids," and after a brief hesitation (he was most likely screaming in his head WTH did I just say?) he continued with "wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids," but the damage was done, and another "gaffe" was added to compilation videos all over the internet.

The other examples are disturbing because they indicate there is something seriously wrong with Biden's memory, such as referring to former UK Prime Minister Theresa May, as "Margaret Thatcher," which was the second time he has done so.

Thatcher died in 2013. 

Biden also mistook the locations of two recent mass shootings, one in El Paso and one in Dayton, Ohio, which had been receiving wall-to-wall coverage, but Biden said they happened in "Houston and Michigan."

Then Biden claimed that as VP, he met with the Parkland, Florida shooting survivors, but the tragic mass shooting occurred in 2018, long after Biden left the VP position behind.

Via WSJ:

The most recent slip came Saturday afternoon at a forum here organized by gun-control advocates, where he said he had met as vice president with students after the deaths of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Fla.

That massacre happened in 2018 and Mr. Biden left office in January 2017. He did meet with Parkland students in Washington, D.C., shortly after the shooting and had met as a vice president with survivors of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut.

While the media continues to attribute all Biden's recent mistakes to "gaffes," there is a difference between simply mistaking words, and being unable to remember dates, names and locations.

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The former is just Biden being Biden, with his staff no doubt sitting behind the scenes thinking "please stay on script, so we don't have to watch 48 hours of another viral screw-up," while the latter indicates something far more serious.

We have seen some very serious questions being asked, such as "Is Joe Biden Senile," from May 2019, and in June 2019, pundits were wondering if "Does Joe Biden Have Dementia?"

What many do not realize is questions of Biden's mental acuity and health have been asked since 2008, after he sat down for an interview with CBS Evening News’ Katie Couric, and asserted "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed."

One: Roosevelt was not the President in 1929, Herbert Hoover was. 

Two: The TV was not introduced until 1939, tens years after the stock market crash, so no one was able to go on television to speak about it.

After that there was much chatter online with people wondering if Biden had Alzheimer's.

Writer Mark Sivak back in May, before this latest evidence that these "gaffes" may be more related to mental acuity than to simple misstatements, made a couple of great points about this issue:

Why isn’t anyone else telling you this? For starters, Biden is a charming and decent human being; even his political adversaries tend to like him. And let’s not forget that the DNC views him as the candidate most likely to defeat Trump in 2020. Many Democratic voters share that view, as do large segments of the media. They’ll allow him to stumble through the campaign, enabling his confusion as well-meaning gaffes.

The real danger of a senile president is that he or she won’t be the person running the show. Close advisors will wield huge amounts of power in that situation, and we didn’t elect those people. Granted, politicians sometimes don’t make sense even when they’re in full control of their faculties. But we do have a right to know who’s formulating policy, and whose finger is on the nuclear button.

Spot on assessment, as we are seeing all these latest incidents are still being attributed to "gaffes," with the media pushing that narrative. Spivak is also 100 percent accurate that many see Biden, with his name recognition from decades in the Senate, then as VP, as "electable," and are continuing to push him as the candidate to go after President Trump.


The bottom line here is that there is something seriously wrong with Joe Biden, whether it is simply age, dementia, or Alzheimer's is something a medical professional would have to determine, but it is becoming clearer every day that he is not in any condition to handle the grueling campaign process through to the election, and he is far less fit to actually lead the nation.

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