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June 16, 2021

Something Very Strange Is Afoot:  Food, Water And Pipeline Hacks Offers Dire Warning And Questions Of Whether Our 'Enemies' Are Preparing To Shut Down America Before Striking

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In 2021 we have seen some very disturbing attacks that when seen together, along with the ramifications to each industry that was attacked and hacked, shows how very vulnerable Americans are to events and bad actors who could, quite literally, shut most of America down.

We keep seeing news about "QAnon" supporters could get violent, or "white supremacy" is a major danger, and the recent hacks to critical industries to our very survival are being blamed on (insert country here), yet for all the rhetoric, does it really matter what "could" happen? Is finding the culprits behind the attacks more important than safeguarding and taking measures to secure the areas that have been shown to be the most vulnerable as well as the most dangerous to Americans?

If you are the Biden regime, it appears the answer is yes. It seems that they are more worried about politics, LGBT agendas, blaming the GOP for whatever it is they are on about this week, and protecting Joe Biden from his own inability to function properly.


The most recent report, dated June 15, 2021, is from The Hill.  They report that three different airlines suffered "technical issues," which caused different problems for each airline.

Via The Hill:

• Southwest Airlines saw the biggest problems when its weather data provider went down, making it unsafe for planes to fly.

• Delta, meanwhile, had to fix issues that made it difficult for their passengers to book flights.

• Alaska Airlines also saw issues affecting booking and apps.

Airlines are just the latest multi-billion dollar industry to suffer some type of  malfunction. Is it just a coincidence that three different airlines suffered different "technical issues" at the same time?

Readers can share their answer to that in the comment section below.

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On June 8, 2021, news broke about huge swathes of the internet causing "many of the world's biggest websites" to crash.

Outages of various sizes were reported at Reddit, Twitch, Amazon, HBO Max, CNN, Etsy, and Paypal, according to tracking website Down Detector.

Many of the world’s biggest news organizations, including the The Guardian, The New York Times, New Statesman, Financial Times and The Independent were also affected by the problems.

Other sites were not fully down but still refused to work properly. Twitter, for instance, loaded — but any emoji that were used in posts did not.

Two days later, Fastly reportedly explained that "one customer" managed to crash much of the Internet due to an "accident."

Fastly said that an issue in its software had been triggered when one of its customers changed their settings.

When that happened, it began a series of issues that knocked many of the world’s biggest websites offline. Reddit, Amazon, the UK government and many of the world’s biggest news organizations were unavailable, with users instead seeing an array of error messages.

Alright, lets run with that, despite how unrealistic it sounds that an organization that can keep all those huge sites online,  could see these crashes because of "one customer," and by "accident."

Hate to see what could happen to the Internet should "two" people or a group of hackers decide to take down the Internet.

If services that keep us all online are incapable of protecting those services, than there is a very good chance that one day, you will turn on your computer and not be able to access any websites, and may not even be able to get online at all. 

Maybe instead of trying to federalize election in the "infrastructure" bills, they should worry about protecting actual infrastructure.

Just a thought.


Back in February 2021 we learned that a water treatment system in Florida had been hacked by an "intruder," who has not been caught, who attempted to "tamper with the water supply."

The computer system, which had remote access capabilities, controls the chemicals and other operations, and a plant manager noticed that someone was raising the levels of sodium hydroxide from about 100 parts per million to 11,100 parts per million, Gualtieri said.

Sodium hydroxide, aka lye, is the main ingredient in liquid drain cleaners and is used to control water acidity and remove metals from drinking water, according to the sheriff.

Luckily for Floridians the plant manager noticed the levels and was able to prevent the entire water supply from being purposely contaminated.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio asserted "This should be treated as a matter of national security."

So it should.

If hackers can remotely access one water treatment plant in one state, how much damage could they do if they organized coordinated attacks against multiple water systems, either in the same state or a number of them?

Just imagine the chaos they could cause, as well as the health issues to follow from a poisoned water supply.

From a recent ANP piece by Stefan Stanford:

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A couple weeks ago, JBS Foods, the world's largest meat processor, who controls about 20 percent of the slaughtering capacity for US cattle and hogs, was hacked, crippling the ability to process meats.

Initial reports simply referred to it as a cyberattack.

Two kill and fabrication shifts had been canceled at JBS’s beef plant in Greeley, Colorado, due to the cyberattack, representatives of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 7 told Reuters. JBS Beef in Cactus, Texas, also said on Facebook it would not run on Tuesday — updating an early post that had said the plant would run as normal.

Days later the truth came out that this was not just a hack, it was a Ransomware attack, and JBS paid $11 million in bitcoin to the hackers, according to Wall Street Journal.

The company has felt an immediate impact from the attack, halting all of its beef and lamb kills across Australia, according to industry site Beef Central. Bloomberg News reported that some shifts have also been canceled in the US and Canada, citing union officials.

JBS USA Holdings Inc. paid an $11 million ransom to cybercriminals who last week temporarily knocked out plants that process roughly one-fifth of the nation’s meat supply, the company’s chief executive said.

The ransom payment, in bitcoin, was made to shield JBS meat plants from further disruption and to limit the potential impact on restaurants, grocery stores and farmers that rely on JBS, said Andre Nogueira, chief executive of Brazilian meat company JBS SA’s U.S. division.

They media and the Biden regime are blaming a Russian group, as others speculate it was China, but again, the who should take a backseat to securing our food supply. 

Via my recent piece regarding food shortages, just a few links to freeze dried meats, because if hackers can nail a company as huge as JBS Foods, as we are already seeing shortages, then there is nothing stopping them from going after more of our food supply.

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In mid-May we saw the reports of the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack. Colonial Pipeline delivers gas and jet fuel to the East Coast, instantly causing shortage of gas, out of gas signs at stations, with longs lines at other stations by those rushing to get gas before it is gone.

They paid $5 million in ransom money.

Blount said that shortly after discovering the ransom note, the employee notified a supervisor and the decision was made to immediately shut down the entire pipeline.

“At approximately 5:55 A.M. employees began the shutdown process,” Blount wrote. “By 6:10 A.M., they confirmed that all 5,500 miles of pipelines had been shut down.”

The decision to shut down the entire pipeline was driven by “the imperative to isolate and contain the attack to help ensure the malware did not spread to the Operational Technology network, which controls our pipeline operations, if it had not already.”

The shutdown caused major disruptions to gas delivery up and down the East Coast, as trucks struggled to restock gas stations, and long lines developed at pumps, especially in the Southeast. Airline operations also were disrupted.

As the media continues to highlight this attack was from a "Russian" group, the "coincidence" of the attack against our gas supply, along with all the others in just 2021, it becomes apparent that the "who" behind it, should come after the "how" and taking the proper steps to prevent it from every happening again.

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On June 6, 2021, the Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted that cyberattacks against the U.S. power grid happen "all the time."

She spoke the our grids vulnerabilities amid these latest Ransomware attacks, and when asked if foreign actors have the ability to make the power grid go dark, her answer was "Yeah, they do."

Experts such as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, as well as Independent Media, have been warning for years, a  decade even, about the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid, yet each Infrastructure bill, just as the current one being negotiated is full of funds for things completely unrelated to "infrastructure.

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The recent run of cyberattacks just begs the question is these are some type of Beta test runs to see how easily it would be to shut down our gas supply,  poison our water supply,  cause meat and other food shortages by attacking processing plants, and shut down the Internet all at once, which would basically cripple America. 

If our enemies feel that shutting down America can be done without risk, is there any doubt they would do so?

The amount of attacks on our most critical industries for survival in 2021 alone, indicates that something very strange is afoot.

Be prepared ,stay alert and God Bless.

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