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April 20, 2020

 Denial Of Reality Runs Rampant In 2020 America: Those Who Really Believe The Government Will Save Them Will Be Blindslided

- Stop Procrastinating and Delegating, Take Charge of Your Life Today!

By, M.C. Enginn for All News Pipeline

We have been living in a culture and society blessed by an inordinate amount of free and leisure time. Regardless of who you are, you have far more than those who lived a thousand years ago, or even a hundred years ago. Sometimes we forget to count our blessings and instead complain about all of those things we don’t have, most of which we don’t even need.

We grew up with free education available to all, the ability to choose our profession instead of having one foisted upon us because “it’s what our father did”. Women have had the chance to become doctors and lawyers. Most people could look forward to the possibility of a college education and a home of their own one day. These things were simply unavailable to most people before now.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Through the choices that we made, we found some of these doors closed as we grew older. For some, these opportunities were so far delayed that other priorities in life replaced them. However, by and large, these things were almost universally “available” even if not always “attainable”. There was very real hope in the hearts of most Americans that the “pursuit of happiness” was real and possible. But times are changing.

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As is often the case, we experience our lives on a day to day basis with only a far distant and removed view of the future. We dream of the upcoming summer’s vacation, graduation, our first job, marriage, kids and retirement in undimmed rosy glows. They give us guide posts upon which to pin our hope. But the road upon which these guide posts are aligned is set in the present circumstances. This creates a “normalcy bias” which warps the reality in which we live. We BELIEVE that the world will continue as it is and that all will be predictable. This is not so. Into every life, a little rain (or potentially thunderstorms, earthquakes and tsunamis!) MUST fall. Most people are unable to allow for this possibility. It is THIS mind set which must be addressed, right now, TODAY.

Fortunately, some people ARE aware of and have planned for changing times. Usually, these folks grew up under shakier circumstances due to parental, personal or geographical choices. If your parent grew up in the Depression, you were raised differently than today’s millennials. You learned to “make do” and “live without”. If you grew up in an area with hurricanes or earthquakes, you knew you had to have at least a few days of essential supplies in place and a route to get you to safety. If you or your family has ever experienced loss, you learned to “set something aside” for a rainy day.

These people are experienced in what today we call “prepping”. To various degrees, they do not RESIDE in the normalcy bias. They prefer living daily in the real world, but are aware that changes may come. Unfortunately, most people who grew up in America (or even the world) today DO reside in the normalcy biased view of the planet. They believe that everything will continue as before and if not, they will receive adequate training and warning and barring all else, THE GOVERNMENT WILL PROVIDE what they need. They simply cannot conceive of being caught blindsided and unprepared for any disaster.

Enter COVID 19 and America’s Lockdown

With the dawning of the pandemic COVID 19 crisis, the world has had to break out of its normalcy bias and take a good look at the landscape. This has caused quite a break between the generations. The concept of preparing for an uncertain future is a foreign one to most Americans alive today.

For a generation intent on finding fault with the world around them, instead of celebrating its prosperity and opportunities, the idea that it is not going to get better is unthinkable. The need to care for themselves is unimaginable and unworkable. The deniability of reality is rampant within the population of 2020. It is akin to the seven stages of grief, although I would add to the model below under “Anger” with “Blaming Others”.

I would place America somewhere between Anger and Bargaining in the stages listed below. Of course, individuals can be anywhere on this spectrum depending on their ability to perceive reality sooner than others.


Once someone is able to truly see the reality around them, then the hard work begins. That is the subject of this article. Look how long it took for me to get to this point! The vast majority of Americans are still struggling to get here. So many are still looking for a better way to label the problem (in politically correct terms, of course!) or affixing blame to everyone in authority (never themselves) or delegating their autonomy in self preparedness to another (You know them. They are constantly asking for information and assistance, but never stepping up to the plate to research anything for themselves).

These are the neighbors, family and friends who believe YOU can fix everything as you already prepared for such an event, like Aesop’s diligent ant. They forget that you didn’t take vacations, but spent your money and time on preparing for a rainy day while they spent their money and time like the proverbial grasshopper. Indeed, they KNOW it is YOUR duty to care for them should the government fail.

Before we get too far down this road of their attempts to impose servitude upon you, NOW is the time to enlighten them (yet again) that they need to step up and care for themselves and their family. In fact, it is way past time! It is time for some tough love. Don’t be delegated to by anyone. Regardless of what happens, you aren’t helping them if you enable their bad behavior. Time to face reality. If they don’t or won’t listen, gently disengage from them. Don’t join in their pity parties or indulge in their hateful rhetoric and blame games. Don’t accept responsibility for their bad decisions. Time to return to a moral foundation. They have their own family, just as you do. We are talking about adults here.

1 Timothy 5:8 - But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

By all means suggest websites, offer advice and instruction (but only if asked nicely first) and then turn them loose. Encourage, but do NOT engage. Lengthy discussions only provide the opportunity for further procrastination and delegation… YOU!

They say it is never too late to change, but is that really true? Surely you can think of a time when all of your past decisions and actions have created an insurmountable obstacle for you to overcome and you have had to deal with the consequences instead. If you love someone, remind them of this. Nobody wants to see a family member, neighbor or friend hurt. Everybody wants to help. Just make sure that your “help” is not compounding their lack of inertia. One day you will not be there to help.

May God bless your journey and equip you for the coming days of challenge. 

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