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December 16, 2020

 Viral Videos Prove The Insanity Of The World We Now Live In As Half The Nation Has Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We are going to start this article a little differently, beginning with an example video which is where the "The Insanity Of The World We Now Live In" portion of the headline came from.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet "Kevin" the screaming Mimi husband of "Karen," meaning people who constantly complain, think they have the right to tell others what to do and generally make a pain in the a** of themselves regularly.

As the woman stated towards the end of the short video, "I know who you voted for."

This is a scene we have been noticing play out over and over and over again,  in states from coast to coast, where people screaming at each other, and threateningly chasing some stranger through a store .

Another recent example comes by way of actor Tom Cruise in a leaked audio from the new Mission Impossible set, where he absolutely loses his mind, rants and raves and threatens movie set employees about making them "gone" if they do not follow COVID-19 rules and regulations.

The man sounds crazed! Listen for yourself.

Guess we know who he voted for also.

These example videos are all over the internet, every day new ones appear on social media, forums, comment sections, and YouTube.


If you are like me, you are constantly asking yourself how half the nation became so insane?

We have seen how liberal and RINO governors have instilled fear into the populace, but fear alone does not answer the question. If fear were the only factor here,  the man above wouldn't have been in a store, he would have been hiding out at home, and Mr. Tom "Kevin" Cruise would be hiding in his trailer on in between each scene. 

So, power-hungry politicians are not the root cause of the insanity

We have seen the studies, the books, all explaining that "liberalism is a mental disorder," but being a Democrat, or a liberal, can't totally explain the creepiness of what we are witnessing, and how fast said creepiness seems to be infecting others. 

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Think of the hypocritical positions radical liberals embrace. A few listed below:

• Liberals are against the death penalty, yet fight tooth and nail for the right to kill babies.

• Liberals claim to be supportive of the LGBT community, yet want to allow unlimited number of immigrants into this country that believe gay people should be killed outright.

• Liberals claim to be supportive of women, yet attack and shun any woman that is conservative, or Pro-life.

• They claim to be supportive of minority groups, yet call black conservatives "coons" or "uncle Toms' or "traitors to their race."

• COVID Related Insanity: Liberal politicians continue to insist on forcing citizens to comply with policies that the same politicians ignore, then apologize for once they have been busted.

• Liberals claim to be supportive of the #MeToo movement, yet ignore any liberal politicians accused of sexual harassment or attacks. 

I could go on ad nauseam, but I am sure readers can have some fun adding to the list in the comment section.

The point here is, COVID didn't start their insanity, it just increased it to certifiable levels.

For example: Liberal NY governor Andrew Cuomo was recently accused of sexual harassment, yet liberal media outlets refuse to cover the blockbuster story, because he has become the the "COVID hero" of the left, the "butcher of Albany" by families who lost a loved one in assisted living homes because of his policies.

For the record: I am on record stating multiple times that not all women should be believed, and no one should be presumed guilty just on the claim by another person, without an investigation and a trial. 

With that said.... liberals cannot have it both ways, either you believe all women or you believe in due process. 

So much for the liberals' "believe all women" rhetoric they spewed during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Liberal Cuomo is also responsible for at least 4,500 permanent restaurant closures in NY because of his policies, despite the fact that they are responsible for less that 2% of the spread, yet liberals continue to treat him as some sort of hero.

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Calling radical liberals insane is not based on their political positions, those are just ideological differences, where the right and left simply see the world differently.

Ideological and political differences do not cause scenes like the one below, which was embedded in previous article, but perfectly represents how crazed liberals have become.

Any guesses on who she voted for? You have three tries and the first two don't count. 

That is not just slightly unhinged, it is bat-crap crazy.

The proof of insanity is not only in the video coverage of people losing their ever-loving minds, but from another angle.

Those that consider themselves "moderate" Democrats, seeing this type of behavior, seeing the complete takeover of the Democrat party by socialist radical foaming at the mouth liberals (think Alexandra Ocasio Cortez), watching the hypocritical positions they take, seeing liberals willing to support LGBT at the expense of our nations children (transgender bathroom controversy," and much more, stay in the Democrat party.

Not saying they should run to Republicans, the ideological differences are pretty big, but they could at least register as an Independent or Libertarian, to protest the craziness of radical liberals.... but they don't.

That says everything we need to about their level of insanity.

Ok, rant over. 


The bottom line is just a question.

Who is crazier? The person who acts like those shown above, or those that ignore it all and support the party anyway?

The woman below learned about liberals and left the Democrat party, as should any thinking human being. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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