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December 29, 2020

There Is No Cure For Stupidity - $7 Million For Butt Scanners And Anal Printing, Just One Item In 2020 The 'Festivus Report' 

 - $54 Billion In Wasteful Spending Highlighted By Senator Rand Paul

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The picture says it all, but after spending hours speechless over the sheer stupidity and utter insanity of spending $6.9 million on the development of a "smart toilet" that scans a user's butt and identifies a person by their "analprint," I finally stopped shaking my head in astonishment and started work.

This "smart toilet" is only a symptom of all that is whacked in this world today as tens of millions here in America are suffering job loss, and food insecurity, due to governor mandated lockdowns closing businesses, many permanently,  and yet, politicians are more than willing to spend nearly $7 million to develop a toilet that takes pictures and videos of your ass.

The website Verge was reporting about smart toilets and "analprints" back in early April 2020, and now by December 2020, we see grants provided to actually develop them as part of a health monitoring system.

Via CNS News:

For it to work, the "user would sit on the toilet, and the hardware’s three cameras would use 'biometric identifiers to securely associate the collected data with the user’s identity,' such as 'fingerprinting and a distinctive method of using anal creases … referred to here as analprint," states the report.

"That’s right!" it reads.  "The toilet would use fingerprint technology and a photo of the user’s nether regions to identify the user, and the toilet’s in-bowl video camera would track various metrics, including the time between sitting and first bowel movement, and other metrics relevant to bowel health.

And I thought it was bad in 2012 when they spent half a million on why a monkey flings poo.


$54 billion could help a lot of families forced out of work by dictatorial governors locking down their states and costing million upon millions people to become jobless.

I always believed that welfare, help for people in need, should be what it was created to be, a helping hand when tragedy strikes, a stepping stone to get back on ones feet.

Instead welfare has become ripe with abuse, people popping out baby after baby for the sole purpose of collecting more government money, or welfare recipients using their "helping hand" to buy booze, visit strip clubs and other activities that have nothing to do with survival nor feeding a family.  

With that said, tens of millions of Americans have been literally forced out of work, many incapable of even feeding their families without the help of a food bank or other food giveaways to the needy, and these are the type of people that truly need help right now.

President Trump had to insist that within a bill with $54 billion in waste, Congress up the already congressionally approved $600 to $2,000.

Of course the majority of Americans would rather have jobs again, want states to reopen so they can earn their own living, feed their own families, but the damage from previous lockdowns has already been done, so it is a start.

Imagine how much help decimated businesses that have been forced closed, or families who lost jobs because of those closures, $54 billion would give them and others that have been devastated by the tyranny of governors across the nation.

Paul's 'Festivus Report' for 2020 is 139 pages long, which is embedded below so readers can peruse the document and share what they find the most egregious in the comment section. 

Via Washington Examiner:

The "waste" spending varies from failed international missions, such as $8.6 billion spent in Afghanistan to boost counternarcotics efforts or $23.9 billion spent "trying unsuccessfully to replace the Bradley [Fighting Vehicle]," to oddities including $1.3 million researchers accessed to determine whether people would knowingly eat ground-up bugs or $2 million spent testing whether hot tubs lower stress.

The report identified $896,000 spent by the National Institutes of Health "to give cigarettes to adolescent kids to test their reactions to various levels of nicotine in the cigarettes."

"Sometimes one can start out with the best intentions but, by the time one arrives at one's destination, they are doing something so obviously wrong that it's clear to everybody but them," the report continued. "No matter what their intention was, manifestly, the Brown University researchers are using American taxpayer dollars to give cigarettes to children. It does not matter that the researchers sought out juvenile smokers, enabling their addictive and unhealthy behaviors."

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(U.S. Gov spends a million dollars on lizards on treadmills)

Independent Journalist Nick Short, highlighted some of his favorite waste spending.

• The craziest example of government of waste? Researchers spent funds from National Science Foundation grants worth $1.5 million to walk lizards on a treadmill!

• The Federal Aviation Admin spent over $19 million rebuilding a taxiway for airplanes on Nantucket Island, a posh summer vacation destination for America’s rich and famous

• Researchers used funds from NIH grants totaling $31 million on a study they allegedly faked to make it look like there was a connection between e-cigarettes and heart attacks

Other items in the report:

• $36+ million on why stress makes hair turn grey

• $217 million to federal employees duplicative Medicare customer service access

• $37 million to help deal with truant Filipino youth

• $10 million for 5 years monitoring elections in Zimbabwe

Note: Monitoring elections in other countries when our own elections are rampant with fraud.... now that is irony.

• $10 million on COVID test tubes that turned out to be unusable soda bottles 

• $4.5 million to spray alcoholic rats with bobcat urine

That and so much more in the embedded PDF below.

2020 Festiv Us Report uploaded by Zerohedge


There is no cure for stupidity, and seeing a report on the type of wasteful spending the U.S. participates in every year, also tells us there is no cure for stupid voters either.

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